Thursday, 6 March 2008

Welsh Assembly adopts BNP Policy

In a dramatic about-turn, the Welsh Assembly is today reported to have finally scrapped the shameful scheme of taxing the sick by charging for car parking at NHS Hospitals in Wales. Whilst describing the scheme as ' at best an inconvenience and at worst an unfair expense', (Daily Mail 4/3/08) no apology however has yet been given for the mindset and arrogance of a government authority that introduced this scam in the first place and then continued to milk so much revenue over the years from patients, visitors and staff alike.

By scrapping this lucrative and insidious tax, the Assembly has acted in accordance with BNP policy, as shown by the following extract from the BNP Welsh Assembly Manifesto 2007 - page 14:

"The revenue raising exploitation of patients by management trusts using taxpayer funded resources is immoral. We will end the practice of such rackets as 'pay and display' hospital car parking, extortionate charges for incoming and outgoing telephone calls for patients and 'pay-to-view' TV for patients etc"
With the recent appointments of various Welsh Assembly luminaries to senior and influential positions within the Communist 'Searchlight' organisation, dedicated to conduct anti-democratic and questionable campaigns to crush the legitimate opposition of the BNP during the forthcoming elections in Wales, it is inconceivable that the Assembly is unaware of the details of the BNP Manifesto. We therefore look forward to further policy changes being implemented by the Assembly in the near and not too distant future.

If you weren't already aware, the following Assembly members are senior officials of the communist searchlight organisation:
  • Dafydd Ellis Thomas - Assembly Presiding Officer. - President, Searchlight Cymru.
  • Mark Isherwood - Conservative AM - Vice-President, Searchlight Cymru.
  • Leanne Wood - Plaid AM - Vice-President, Searchlight Cymru.
  • Huw Lewis - Labour AM - Vice-President, Searchlight Cymru.
  • Michael German - Libdem AM - Vice-President, Searchlight Cymru
Details about the Communist Searchlight organisation can be found here:

Rebecca Host, South Wales BNP

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The Green Arrow said...

Now I wonder what all the Lib lab con and plaid members make of their people belonging to a communist organisation.