Tuesday, 18 March 2008

The Great Game

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In the novel "Kim" by Rudyard Kipling, reference is made to The Great Game that that was the strategic rivalry and conflict between Our Country and the then Russian Empire.

Well us bloggers of the truth, that I call the "Good Guys" and our Marxist enemies of truth that I usually refer to as "Scum" or "Traitors" also have our own mini Great Game.

As well as using physical intimidation, such as attacks on our canvassers, paper sellers and supporters they also attempt to silence the bloggers of truth by various underhand means.

Recently I let you know how the UAF, post extremist statements in newspaper columns and on forums purporting to be supporters of the British National Party. They then point to these posts and comments as being the true face of the British National Party.

Having finally grown aware that the British Public are aware of these tactics, they turn their attention to the bloggers of truth and try to intimidate them into silence or wear them down psychologically. To me these attacks are not even gnat bites. They are entertainment and I hope to entertain you with some of the childish methods they use.

They have a couple of ways of trying to wear down a blogger. There are the daily personal attacks on writing style that run like water of a ducks back. So long as the message gets out, I do not worry too much on whether I missed an apostrophe or two.

There are then the all so reasonable requesters for all relevant links to information posted requiring hours of time to provide. This usually ends up in a circular debate with endless requests for more information that will suck away the day of a blogger.

Then there are the endless accusations that because you have been forced into enabling moderation, that you are a denier of free speech. Yet they are fully aware that their obscene postings (not enough in themselves to warrant a police investigation) were the reasons for enabling moderation in the first place.

We have them then, creating alternative blog sites with identical names to the bloggers of truth and then stealing our identities, they haunt the online news columns using these identities to make wild and offensive statements. The bloggers of truth know that their regular readers will not be fooled by such tactics but of course the majority of the public are totally unaware of this little war that is going on in cyberspace and fall for it.

They join our forums professing to be supporters and act like normal people in order to gain information on the other members of the forums that they may use against them in the future. They hope that they may ingratiate themselves into finding out details of forthcoming meetings and events that they can pass onto their paymasters in the government and marxist trade unions. They are usually easily caught out in a tightly run ship and soon shown the door. As three found out on The Green Arrow forum last week. But they come back and the battle goes on.

Which leads me to their latest act of stupidity in this little game. They have taken to signing up The Green Arrow email address to numerous Homosexual Forums and Children's Chat sites. Now most of these places needs an email confirmation and those will never arrive but there are a few of the sites that will now have a fake Green Arrow posting because they did not employ the email verification. I shall of course be contacting them and letting them know and suggesting they change their registration process. But again it sucks up time.

But their latest move in our Great Game may wind up as game, set and match for the bloggers of truth, because what those stupid ignoramuses of the UAF did not take into account is that these sites record the IP addresses of those wishing to register and so I will be taking legal advice as to what steps to take.

Now a bit about IP addresses. Take a look at the image above, I know you were wondering what it was for so now I will explain. That map shows the recent visitors to the Green Arrow Blog. Each star represents people visiting the site from known regions of the world. That information is gained from the IP address of the visitor to the blog and I pay for software to store those I.P. addresses for obvious reasons.

The same information is on every single email sent and those who know how can track an email back to the machine of the originator. Those guys who posted about their vandalism of BNP venues will soon discover the truth of that statement.

So although at my end, all I know from a posters IP is that it is someone in say Luton, it also lets me know who the service provider of that person is. This information can then be used by the authorities working with a service provider to discover who was assigned that totally unique IP address at the time of the post. Easy stuff really.

So for all those homosexual sites who have seen the fake Green Arrow Blog and taken a fancy to me, I am afraid that whoever does post , it most certainly will not be me.


Anonymous said...

GA rejoice at your success and give a hearty laugh at the losers.

given the GLA will grant us 2 seats at least and that Nick Griffin will have a top selling book out soon.

the UAF have much to worry about, while we will be celebrating.

Anonymous said...

Too right. Red Ken is on Eddie Mair's PM as I speak bemoaning the nasty campaign of the Evening Standard that is sucking up so much of his time.

If only Red Ken had understood the meaning of the words "A True And Fair Accounting" then he wouldn;t be without his (fund-siphoning) pal in the coming fight

Anonymous said...

The LUAF have sold their souls for a few quid to the 'Searchlight' team. Gerry Fable may write gushing intros for their Yearbook but he will use his new 'friends' to carry material that he doesn't want to be responsible for. He can plausibly deny responsibility and use them for a proxy war. They are mugs.