Sunday, 9 March 2008

Petitition to the Queen - Her Majesty should listen

You may have heard that the Government plans to ratify the Lisbon Treaty, formerly the EU Constitution without holding the referendum which it promised on the subject. Please sign this Petition to Her Majesty The Queen, asking her to withhold the Royal Assent from the Act ratifying the treaty unless a referendum of the people has been held.

May it please Your Majesty,

We, the British people, request that should your Government's bill to ratify the EU Constitution (otherwise known as the Lisbon Treaty) be passed to you for Royal assent, that this assent be withheld.

It has been made quite clear by the authors of this document that the Lisbon Treaty is merely the EU Constitution with a few cosmetic changes. All major UK parties promised a referendum on the Constitution, which has now been denied by the Government.

In the interests of democracy we request that you intervene to prevent your Prime Minister so blatantly ignoring the wishes of the people whom you have trusted him to govern, and to remind him that you will only permit him to continue to govern should he do so in a democratic manner.

Your obedient servants,

Sign the petition here: Petition to Her Majesty the Queen regarding the Lisbon Treaty


defender said...

done with pleasure

Anonymous said...



ivan said...

cheers arrow have sent your link onto a few people to sign it

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Might care to include this in the petition

Pat Condell's latest salvo.

Got it from Sheik Yermami's place.

The Green Arrow said...

Thanks for the link SHM but I have already posted it on the Green Arrow Forum where we now have a couple of embedded video links.

Hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

signed with pleasure. Will send to all in my address book when I get into office on mon

Windsor Liz said...

Sorry dearies, but We cannot. Under the Act of Settlement (which allows One to sit on the throne) We have to sign whatever the government of the day sticks in front of One's nose.