Thursday, 13 March 2008

The BNP and the Croydon Advertiser

The Advertiser is very popular in Croydon, either to wrap chips or as toilet paper.

Ian Carter, the editor of The Croydon Advertiser, that is owned by The Daily Mail has a new blog. Currently the readership is 2. Ian and myself but I hope this post will increase it for him.

By all accounts, the British National Party was considering taking adverts out in next weeks issue of the chip paper of choice in that part of London.

Well as Ian proudly announced on his blog his position on free speech is clear:
We do accept political adverts, hence Steve O'Connell and Boris Johnson appearing on the back page of last week's paper.
And then reveals his real colours by making the most stupid statement I have read in a long time:
The Advertiser is strictly non-political
Then publishes for all the world to see, his love for democracy and just how non-political the Advertiser really is:
But we've turned them(BNP) away on the basis I'd feel deeply uncomfortable with any of their material appearing in our publications.

But whatever questions there are about asylum, I doubt the BNP's pea-headed policies are the answer..
Does that sound non-political? Now there is only one thing that makes people like Ian and the owners of the Advertiser and Daily Mail move. And that is sales and advertising revenue.

I urge all True Brits not to purchase either of the above newspapers or advertise in them, until they return to the path of democracy. If you must read them, then read them online. Donate the money saved over 3 months to the British National Party. Our Country's only hope for the future.


Anonymous said...

Tried to leave a message on git Carters blog, guess what????????? another one of those seemingly liberal types who dont quite believe in free speech for everyone. Unlike us nasty BNP knuckledraggers!!

ivan said...

the best one is the birmingham evening mail which was bought out by trinity group and is now run by a marxist called steve DYSON.he decided to scrap the saturday evening paper the pink argus which had ran for generations and was excellent in writing about all the local football especially non league.he then decided to get rid of some good reporters that held an opinion about the way birmingham was circulation dropped he then decided to rid all the city centre stands of the old traditional brummie folk and replace them with rap style hoodies trying to knock the papers out of an evening.the paper is absolutely crime free and never reports from the crown court these days where its office is a 3 minute only reports that brum is a great multi culture eutopia and he will never print letters of those that disagree.sadly steve we can see why your boss;s are trying to sell if off as its running at a loss and by the way most brummies like me have moved out and read their local newspapers in their new abodes and the true paper called THE VOICE OF FREEDOM.cant wait to see the bloke get his P.45 he really is a sucker from a vaccum.

Anonymous said...

I only Ever read online newspapers as the whole British Press is beholden to the Government.
I would never hear about the atrocitiers committed all over the world by the enemies of freedom if I read the Brit papers. Most people know that the media only report that which is palatable to the Left of Centre

es said...

Perhaps Croydon Organiser Bob Gertner could ask one of his co-racialists at The Jewish chronicle to run an ad,I'm sure they'd oblige.....