Friday, 14 March 2008

The fact is, if you are white you are going to be in trouble

The pink fluffy cloud brigade in their Ivory Towers can go on about how much the enrichers/colonisers improve our way of life as much as they like. But the real people, in the real world know the truth.

People like 74 year old Jean Mills of Chadderton and her young grandchild, who, sat on their garden wall watching the world go by were racially abused by a gang of 15 Asian youths who called them "white bastards" who then chased them into their own home in fear of their lives.

First smashing the windows at the front and rear of the house, half the gang then kicked in the back door, smashing another window, entered the house and threatened to burn it to the ground.

By all accounts this was not the first attack on the family. In the past their garden was destroyed, fences kicked down and cars vandalised.

Mrs Mills daughter, Janet had this to say:

“It seems there’s a gang going round causing havoc. People are being confronted by these youths. The fact is if you are white you are going to be in trouble. That’s not good for Chadderton.”
The truth is Janet, neither is it good for the Country. The more colonisers that come into Our Country, the more space they require. Just as the Gray Squirrel pushes out the Red Squirrel to take over an area, so to, do the colonisers push out the True Brits.

Churches are vandalised. Pubs burnt down and the white people put in fear of their lives, until eventually they are forced to move out of homes and areas they grew up in.

Remember that, all you readers who live in nice little areas that have not yet benefited from being enriched. If you want an halt to the invasion then you want to think about voting for the British National Party. Their members include people who have already learned the hard away about what it is like to be driven from their homes.


Anonymous said...

It's so infuriating to read stories such as this. A native Briton who lived through WWII now being forced to flee for her life.

What on earth have the British become?

If it's any comforrt - and I doubt it will be - the same is happening here in Spain. I was talking to a Brazilian bar maid who works in Port Olympic near Barcelona. Here's what she said:

"In 10 months I have seen EIGHT people killed, one man have his skull split wide open, a young girl have her teeth kicked out and about 20 people with mutliple stab wounds received when they were mugged. All done by Moroccans and Algerians. WHAT I CAN'T UNDERSTAND IS WHY THE POLICE DO NOTHING EVEN THOUGH THEY KNOW THOSE WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE."

The socialists have just been re-elected here.

When will the native peoples of Europe wake up and realise they are being attacked?


Anonymous said...

Islam has bloody borders.

Anonymous said...


Watch out for the next Eurabian sob story. We’ve had post-colonial guilt, now here comes post-industrial guilt.

Apparently millions of Muslims from Africa and the Middle east will be immigrating into Europe over the next 20 years because of climate change (nothing to do with the fact that they breed like locusts and rapidly increase beyond the capacities of their countries to support them).

This climate change has been caused by the evil Western industrialised countries burning all that coal and oil over the past 150 years. Therefore, to atone for our sins and the sins of our forefathers, Eurabia must welcome these climate refugees with open arms.

The vast majority of these poor unfortunates will be single unskilled illiterate men aged 18 to 30, who promise to have an immediate enriching effect wherever they settle.

Anonymous said...

Climate change + AGW = Marxist con. Yet another club to beat the white race with.

Man is not responsible for climate change, there is no science to support this claim and if anything, the earth is cooling and has been for 10 years.

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