Friday, 7 March 2008

Nick Griffin of the BNP on Newsnight

Nick Griffin, Leader of the British National Party was on excellent form as usual but how much better it would have been if the BBC had had the courage to allow him to join the panel of appeasers who revealed themselves to be the real enemies our Our Country.

A special Twonk award to the toad, John Gaunt who attempted to hunt with the hounds and run with the fox for purely his own pocket.


Anonymous said...

Nick was on top form, and made the BBC presenter look stupid.

she had every dirty trick and trap in the book set for Nick and he spotted them before she even finished getting them out of her mouth.

she had no combacks whatsoever.

Nick is a living legend.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this GA, I've been looking for it this morning hoping to find a link and you've delivered.

I was somewhat disappointed when I heard that Nick had been interviewed separately. There has to come a time when he - or other BNP leaders - are given the chance to debate just like the others.

That they continually refuse to debate openly says far more about them than the BNP and I hope come May, the cowards will get the bloody nose they deserve in London.


Anonymous said...

Gaunty is getting calls from BNP supporters giving him a verbal kicking. one business man was furious that gaunt called supporters knuckle draggers saying. your views show up your lack of knowledge regarding the BNP and it's growing support across the country. ended with time to crawl back under the stone you came from.
Calling Nick. then to share a platform with Bob Crow Marxist Said it all.

6Recruiting Station in New York Bombed
Posted at 08:18 Category: Military
At 3:45 this morning a bomb went off at a Times Square recruiting office shattering the glass front with an impact that was felt in surrounding buildings. No one was injured in the blast and police are looking into reports of a person on a bike who might have delivered the explosive.

Those who join the military expect that at one time or another they will be put in harm’s way, especially during this period in our history. It is part of the job and most accept it willingly despite what the idiots at Code pinko would have people believe. What our military does not expect is for this kind of violence to be perpetrated on our own soil, the very soil members of the military swear to protect with their lives.

Sure, there are protests against the military conducted by people who live under the very blanket of freedom provided by those protested, and those protests, while despicable, are a reaffirmation of the concept that our military protects our rights. Without the United States military, and those who have paid the ultimate price, protesters would suffer fates similar to those in China and other countries where public dissent is squashed by military forces acting on behalf of the government. The fact that our military protects protesters while military forces in other countries kill them is a testament to the concept of freedom our founders so brilliantly designed. These freedoms exist even if idiots like those in Berkeley California are too self absorbed to see them.

The bomb in Times Square elevates the resistance to our military to a new level. Certainly, this could have been an act of terror but I dismiss this idea because a terrorist would have wanted a detonation when people were around so as to maximize death and destruction. The person who did this in the early morning hours is a coward who was making some sort of statement. The bomber chose this particular time because he lacked the testicular fortitude to confront the recruiters with his violence, and act that would have allowed them to dispatch him in short order.

We live in a free country because our freedoms are protected by a class of people who are a cut above the average citizen. Our military is not out enforcing law or imposing the will of the government upon the people. It is protecting us so that we may live as we wish, within the confines of our laws and customs. This bombing shows that some people cannot live within the confines of our laws and must use illegal means to make a statement. It also has the potential to incite others to step up their attacks from nonviolent protest to something quite dangerous. How long will it be before the recruiting office in Berkeley is targeted by a “peaceful” protester?

Was this is an act of war perpetrated by a person or persons intent on disrupting the operation of our military and its mission or was it an act of violence that will not escalate or be mimicked? If it was the latter then the police need to catch the criminal and he needs to be sent to prison for a long time. If it is the former and war is being declared on our military by a cowardly force intent on disruption than they should be aware that our military specializes in war and the violent destruction of those intent on causing harm. If it is war they want, just say the word and we will give them more than they can handle.

The dope smoking, long haired, hippies were able to mistreat our military back during and after the Vietnam War. We will not allow this to happen again. No matter who the attacker is, aged hippie or the misguided youth, we will not allow them to attack with impunity.

Not on my watch.

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