Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Ex-Pats still have an important role to play

The link is actually lower down and I know you guys are prepared to travel

Most of us know people who have left the UK to get away from the mess that New Labour, and the Tories before them, have left this country in.

Even though they are now not directly part of our struggle to win back our country, they can still help us by voting for the British National Party in May. If they left Britain less than 15 years ago they are still entitled to vote and all they have to do is fill in the form at this link here and post if off. Why not make a donation at the same time?

Every single vote matters in the London and local council elections this year and the Euro Election in June 2009 so a boost from you ex-Pats votes could be vital for the BNP. Labour are counting on the colonisers of Our Country to keep them in power, we count on you to help us recover Our Country. Who knows we might make it good enough to return to.

Now, whist on the subject of Ex-Pats, the Green Arrow Forum is building links with our kinsmen overseas via their forums and blogs. So if you fancy finding out what is happening down under then check out the Australian Identity forum. Their link as also been added to our blogs Forums list on the bottom right.

If there any other Forums overseas, that broadly support the policies of the British National Party then we at the Green Arrow Blog and Forum would like to forge links in order to disseminate information between Our Countries. Just drop us a comment or an email and we WILL get back to you.


Sir Henry Morgan said...

Link emailed to my brother and his wife in Australia.

Suggested to him that he might like to print off and post on the notice boards at the hospital he works in. Also that he might like to spread the word around town as much as possible

The Green Arrow said...

Thank you Sir Henry.

That is a good idea.

We have already had a positive response from down under and a young Australian from one of their forums has submitted an article.

I hope to post it first thing in morning.