Monday, 3 March 2008

The Labour Party. Basket case or Charity Case?

Well if you would believe the Labour Party in Burnley, it is a Charity case.

For almost twenty years, they have, in my opinion been defrauding the rate payers of Burnley by registering as a charity way back in 1990 in order to claim rates relief on their Burnley Headquarters.

They claimed a 75% reduction on their prime site, town centre offices by registering as a charity on the grounds of their political aims:

"These were that they encourage membership from all areas of the community, and also that their aim was to significantly reduce or eliminate poverty."
Sounds like something a Miss World Contestant would utter. Who ever rubber stamped their claim should be dragged out of his care home and if dead, dug up and thrown in a cell.The granting of that claim was a spit right in the face of democracy and fairness.

And how did this dirty deed come to light? Why thanks to the Lib Dems of all people. But not for the reasons you might think. It came to light only when the Lib Dems tried to jump on the same gravy train and were refused access. Then the dummy was spat out of their mouth and the story revealed to the public.

And who was there to pick it up and run with it? The ever reliable British National Party in the form of Councillor Sharon Wilkinson, who said:
"I think that they should pay this money back because they have effectively got it under false pretences.

"They are making all these statements about council tax rises and the budget and they have been doing this all the time.

"That office of theirs is a business and it is open every day - can you imagine what would happen if the BNP did this - they would have us locked up."
Well done Sharon. But what the BNP needs to do now, around the Country is to find out if any other Councils are defrauding the ratepayers in the same way.


Anonymous said...

Hi there GA, here's something worth a read and maybe an article from yourself.


Anonymous said...

There is one good example of why the three parties want to keep the BNP out. They know full well anyway the days of just nicking our money willy nilly are coming to an end. we're waking up to see them for what they are a corrupt bunch of confidence trickster's and traitors.

The IXth Estate A La Resistance! journal E.Newsletter Please Circulate!
A Serious Appeal For Activists Guy Leven-Torres 3rd March 2008

Our country and civilisation is dying. The cause is complex but the perpetrators of this destruction are well known, namely the current elite in Westminster, Whitehall, Downing Street and in local authorities around the land. They also exist in schools and universities and within the Judiciary, Police, in hospitals and unfortunately it also appears in the military. That is the United Kingdom. In Europe a similar situation exists. In January 2009, national countries like England and France will cease to exist. For the first time in our long history, a foreign power will control us from Brussels. Not since 1066 has Britain been in such a position. Nobody seems to care. I find that very sad actually… Millions of men and women have given their lives to prevent this looming tragedy and their descendents are simply not interested in doing the same. Since New Labour came to power over 1,000,000 Britons have left the country fleeing the worsening crimes, over population, mass illegal migration that has turned much of this country into Third World hell-holes. Poverty and disease are increasing by the day and diseases like TB, eradicated in the 1950s are returned largely due to African and Asian migration. A number of people have been infected, including a friend of mine who contracted it on the London Tube, from a migrant coughing into her face. She nearly died, lost her job and her home. She now lives with her parents, a thin pale shadow of herself and nursed by her family. Migrants with disease are not screened on entry and a Doctor friend of mine tells me that they are forbidden to talk about it. In his surgery last year, seven migrants with suitcases turned up at his Practice and demanded treatment. He wanted to refuse but was told by the Local Health Authority that he must treat them. Two of them had TB it seems. In doing so, British patients were cancelled and the Practice lost a large slice of its budget. The Doctor is understandably very angry. I am not a racist in any form, simply because I do not understand racism. However I am not going to make excuses for what I am about to write. Everybody knows that I am married to a black Roman Catholic Panamanian. In the strict sense she is mulatto, a common blend of race in her part of South America. Delia and her family are very proud and hard working. Delia is a nurse and is well respected by the patients she treats. In many cases this respect is almost a form of love and it never fails to surprise me, when people cross the road in the local town where we live to say thank-you. She is in short a rare commodity in Britain today, a real Local Heroine. Never once has she faced racism except once from a new family, that had moved into the road where we live but our other burly English neighbours quickly pounced upon the culprits. These neighbours are solid working class too and it does not pay to upset them as these yobs found out. Delia has earned their love and respect over the years having nursed most of their dying relatives. As one of them told me last week, ‘You an’ yer Missus Guy is one of us!’ As an ex-public schoolboy that is quite a compliment I can tell you! Delia is a migrant through marriage to me. She has never sought help from the State yet hundreds of thousands come to Britain illegally every year simply to live off us, including settled hard working ex pats like Delia and my Doctor. How by any stretch of the imagination can this be right? Yet every time somebody mentions the dreaded subject of immigration the howls of protest and ‘Racist’ clang loud and clear like church bells from the usual suspects, most of whom live in areas wherein migrants and crime do not impinge too much. My children have had to pay through the nose for housing. We all know that immigration is fuelling the housing crisis. My daughter has had to move back in with us. She is not some impoverished clerical worker either but a highly gifted lawyer on a very good salary. She is not alone either. How can this be right? And why is it ‘racist’ to state what I have said above? My other concern is if the economy goes into free fall, what will happen to the migrants thrown out of work? The real migrant figure is around 5,000,000, if one includes the 2,000,000 or so the British Government admits to. Illegal migration is running at around 300,000 to 500,000 per annum. Our social welfare system and services are under incredible strain. It simply will not cope and unfortunately Britain cannot be the global hospice for the poor and diseased of the world; neither its criminals and terrorists seeking a free ride at our expense. My wife works seventy hours a week to pay her bills and the tax she pays is enormous. We know that the ‘liberals’ and leftwing ‘do-gooders’ are responsible in the main for this situation, most of them bearers of ridiculous false guilt for the problems in the world. The biggest complaint I have against them is that they do not seem to feel very guilty or concerned with the people or country from which they herald. Why? And on the contrary they seem to hate everything about Britain and ridicule those like myself that love England and its history. Orwell the Leftwing writer and philosopher failed to understand too, why it is that the Left in particular ridicule Englishness. This country is in terrible dire straits. Our elite is in the words of Terry Thomas the actor, famous for playing English cads with his handlebar moustache, ‘An absolute shower!’ In short I would also accuse them of being not only an absolute shower but traitors too. We must act now if we are to retrieve the situation. That is why I want volunteers to join with me and other members of La Resistance! In a forthcoming campaign of civil disobedience! We can win but we must act now! I have failed to be surprised anymore by the daily actions of our leadership and their madhouse politically correct decisions. In short they are a bunch of thugs intent upon our national destruction. Most of them are still unreformed Communists and I believe that the three main parties are in fact one party. Each of them is closely allied with the other, with the same policies and outlook that is authoritarian and far Left. I will vote for any other party except Tory, New Labour and the Liberal Democrats. I strongly advise you to do the same. They have systematically destroyed the education system in Britain, rubbished our culture, history and religion but most disgracefully destroyed the family and marriage that have been the bedrock of British society for centuries. In the place of stability and family life they have favoured perverts and foreigners over their own kind. How can that be right? And why do we allow it? And by foreigners I do not mean our own Commonwealth cousins from India, the West Indies or former imperial domains. New Labour now intend to scrap in entirety the rights of these and Australians, Canadians, New Zealanders to be able to come here and work and even to settle. As a South African pal told me yesterday, ‘An illegal Somali gangster can come here and get instant welfare benefits and housing’ while he the son of a Lancashire miner, cannot any longer. I find this whole situation an absolute disgrace. My friend Sati is also now seriously considering moving abroad. And as a West Indian chum I work with told me last year very sadly,‘It just ain’t my England anymore mate is it?’ alarmed by the fact his estate in Ruislip is now almost a ‘No Go’ zone populated and controlled by migrant gangs of Somalis and Rumanian Gipsies who hate each other and regularly fight when not thieving or running drugs gangs. So who is with me on this one? What have we to fear except fear itself? I already consider myself in a state of war with the Government. That is not a violent war so far. But even if I eschew violence, will the powers I oppose utilise it against us? And how will we respond? Each and every one of us has a moral and legal obligation to defend this land! Will you?

Anonymous said...

funded from public money. their own admit what kind of organisation it is............should be abolished!

The BBC is not impartial or neutral. It's a publicly funded, urban organisation with an abnormally large number of young people, ethnic minorities and gay people. It has a liberal bias not so much a party-political bias. It is better expressed as a cultural liberal bias", Andrew Marr, the Daily Mail, Oct 21st, 2006.


Sir Henry Morgan said...

I thought it was illegal for charities to engage in politics beyond lobbying for their particular cause?

Anyone good enough at searching to dig out the relevant legislation and clauses? Probably somewhere in the Charities Act.

Anonymous said...

Guy Has closed his website!
Go and read why.

A not so cheery

The Green Arrow said...

I agree Harry but how well publicised was that demonstration? I did not know until the day of the event and I am everywhere. How I missed it I do not know.

Yes. Guy is down now and I am sure we all feel like him, most of the time but I am equally sure he will fight back and return. It is not in the nature of True Brits to give up.

Anonymous said...

Guy will be back that is for sure!
I can't say too much but he has an awful lot to contend with from our various establishment offices. but he never has allowed them to stop him for too long being ex military he's a fighter and a true British gentleman.
Most of the population know very little of what is going on in their name also being planned for their futures. Guy tends to forget that were folk to know then i'd bet the story would be very different.
We know because we research it's not the BBC telling us they gave up that duty a long time ago.
We need some multi millionaire that cares enough to get up a TV station giving out the truth.
Maybe instead of ADS in the breaks of major football games.
Tomorrow. Guy i know will send around his newsletter then within a few days his site will be up again.
He's down but far from being out.

Anonymous said...

You Are Being Cheated”

by Baron Bodissey

We all know that success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan.

So the European Union must be a great success, right? So many people took part in the creation of the EU Constitution, and its fathers are the cream of the European welfare-state nomenklatura.

One of the proudest of the daddies was the former president of France, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing. No one was more determined than he that the whole of Europe should share his 400-page vision of the future of Europe — or 380 pages, or 200, or 500, depending on whose account you read.

But M. d’Estaing has changed his mind. The latest European farrago, the revised constitution masquerading as a “treaty”, is too much even for him.

Anders Bruun Laursen of the Balder Blog wrote me a couple of days ago with the news about M. d’Estaing’s cold feet:

I should like to draw your attention to a scandal published in the Danish newspaper Politiken on June 15 2007. This newspaper is no ordinary newspaper, since its editor-in-chief, Tøger Seidenfaden, is a Bilderberg member participating at the Bilderberg sessions of 2000, 2001, 2003, and 2006. Besides, he is a member of the Trilateral Commission according to the membership list of 2005 — i.e. handpicked by David Rockefeller.

Under the headline: “You are being cheated!” in this heretofore unseen kind of article, the father of the EU-treaty declares that “the EU citizens are being forced to join decisions that the EU politicians dare not present to the citizens. This treaty (to be adopted in Brussels on June 21-22) may be a good exercise if you earn your living being a magician — but it enhances the mistrust of EU-citizens”, Monsieur Valéry Giscard d’Estaing states.

Mr. Laursen writes at greater length, with translations of parts of the article, in a blog post on the topic:

Mr. Giscard d’Estaing warned that:

The EU-citizens unknowingly join some decisions which the politicians dare not present openly to their citizens.

Monsieur Giscard d’Estaing was the chairman of The European Convention that wrote the original draft of the Constitution Treaty.

According to the latest move from the German EU-presidency a solution is near which removes only the common flag, hymn and other emblems. Poland alone protests.

A Danish expert, Marlene Wind of the University of Copenhagen, agrees with Mr. D’Estaing:

The leaders have cynically told themselves : We must make the same treaty (which was rejected by the French and the Dutch) - but make it look like something different.

It is no pretty sight, for it forces them to lie.
- - - - - - - - - -

Mr. D’Estaing’s attack also strikes a nerve in the Danish Parliament, where many politicians are dissatisfied with Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s secrecy.

Nevertheless, on June 15, 2007 the overwhelming majority of Parliament chose to close the doors of Parliament and to send the media and the audience away, as the treaty was to be discussed. A person from the audience told the news paper Politiken:

What has happened today is in total accordance with this entire closed process so far.

But, at any cost the EU leaders will avoid referenda, which may delay a new treaty — as was the case in France and the Netherlands in 2005.

I can’t emphasize too often or too strongly that the EU Constitution, the amnesty bill here in the USA, the UN’s various schemes, and all the other transnational initiatives are being forced on the people of the countries involved, despite their opinions and against their interests. These non-democratic processes are rammed down the throats of the populace, putatively for their own good, by people who think they know better.

The bureaucrats who create these mind-numbing documents and impose them on us are the only ones whose interests are being served. The élite apparatchiks of the Western governing class, the Davos people and the NGO mavens, will maintain and increase their power. The people who manage the large state-subsidized corporations will benefit from the elaborate rules which protect their turf and drive out competition.

The rest of us are supposed to sit down and shut up and learn to live with it, to accept all the Multiculturalism, mass immigration, and the proliferation of regulations that govern our lives in increasingly minute detail. It’s a done deal.

We’re just supposed to bend over and take it. And up until now, both in Europe and North America, that’s what we’ve done.

How long will we go on this way? How much more will we tolerate?

Also at Balder Blog: a post about the Foreningen Dansk Kultur brochure “Free Muslim immigration into Europe — the secret EU-deal with ten Asian and North African countries”, which I posted about last month. It highlights the series of semi-secret agreements which laid the basis for the mass immigration of Muslims into what is now known as Eurabia.

Mr. Laursen has a translation of the brochure and extended commentary in English. It’s recommended reading.

A Nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious . But it cannot survive treason from within. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims and he wears their face and their garments…… Cicero

Anonymous said...

Euro Mediterranean - Secret EU agreement on Muslim immigration
Questions to the Prime Minister about Euro-Mediterranean
Father of EU-treaty, Giscard d’Estaing: Our Politicians cheat their citizens
The Silence of the EU and our Media about Eurabia
Die Euro-mediterrane Partnerschaft - Barcelona Erklärung: Verheimlichte Abkommen der EU
Fragen an Premierminister Rasmussen über Euromediterranien
Vater des EU-Vertrags, Giscard d’Estaing: Unsere Politiker Betrügen Ihre Bürger
Das Schweigen der EU und Unserer Medien Über Die Euromediterrane Partnerschaft - Eurabien
Hvad går Schengen aftalen egentlig ud på?
Euromediterranien Aftalen - Folder fra Dansk Kultur kendt fra Allerød
Ţent brev til statsministeren angående Barcelona og SIGNED 1995 UNDER TORIES.Euromediterranien
EU traktatens fader Giscard d’Estaing advarer politikerne: I snyder borgerne
EU Og Mediernes Tavshed Om Euromediterranien-Eurabien
Sarkozy har narret vælgerne - Dropper modstand mod EU medlemskab af Tyrkiet
Olaf Gerlach. Hansens tale i Rabat 13. Juni 2005 WHERE RULES COME FROM RE ISLAM.
Man tager os ved næsen. Og vi elsker det! For vi bliver rige derved!
Euromediterranië - Geheimgehouden EU-afspraken over Moslim immigratie
Racistische en Suprematistische basis van de Ideologie achter de EU
The Racist and Supremacist Roots of European Union Ideology
Rassistischen Wurzeln von der Ideologie der Europäischen Union
EU Ideologien har rødder i filosemitisk aristokrats raceteorier
English version only:
Background for the media spotlight on this folder; immigrant mailman refused to deliver, ‘racist folder’ WARNING DANES RE EU/ARAB AXIS
Euro-med Anders Bruun Laursens multilingual Blog
BBC 17 november 2007 - David Miliband in EU Parliament - Speech on European African Integration
BBC 15 november 2007 - David Miliband: EU ’should expand beyond Europe’ ALREADY HAS.
Politiken 27 oktober 2007 - Giscard d’Estaing: Ny EU-traktat er den samme
Politiken 27 oktober 2007 - Dokumentation: Giscard d’Estaings brev i sin helhed
Fjordman October 2 2007 - EU Wants to Increase Muslim Immigration and Internet Censorship
Fjordman 30 april 2007 - Naar een totalitair Europa
Underskriftsindsamling - Folkebevægelsen mod EU
Stort Set - Hold religions-pause og læs EU-traktaten
June 13 2005 Oluf Gerlach Hansens Speech in Rabat - Morocco
September 29, 2007: Anders Bruun Laursen - Eurabia Our liking for submission
Barosso caught off guard; told the truth about EU’s imperial ambitions
EU Referendum
Gates of Vienna - Highway into the Heart of Europe
Official European Union Documents at GREAT SITE AND VIDS.
13 Dec 2007 Europa-Parlamentets beslutning om bekæmpelse af den stigende ekstremisme i Europa
13 Dec 2007 Entschließung des Europäischen Parlaments zur Bekämpfung der Zunahme des Extremismus in Europa
13 Dec 2007 European Parliament Resolution of on Combating the Rise of Extremism in Europe
15 May 2003 2nd International Conference on "Educating for Tolerance: The Case of Resurgent anti-Semitism"
31 October 2002 - Paris The European Focus on Anti-Semitism EU Racist and Zenophobic Content on the Internet

Mc shane UK. Chris Patton UK. plus many others know...these two serve at the forefront.
But knowing what i do. Westminster holds mainly traitors.