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Strength in Unity

Strength in Unity

As regular readers know, I have been going on for some time now that The Home of The Green Arrow would like to publish more articles from Guest Writers. I have also recently been letting you know about our attempts to build links with our cousins overseas in places such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Anywhere in fact, where there are those of British origins.

So how pleased was I, when one of those many requests paid of with a new member to our forum who, despite living in Australia still feels the draw of her British Roots and felt the need to write the following article and had already put into words the reasons for why we must rebuild our ties with our Cousins overseas. Readers, please meet Archer.

Strength in Unity
The Ties that Nations within the U.K. and Across the Globe Must Reinforce

Contrary to popular opinion brought about by insidious Left-wing opinion formers, the White peoples of this once-great nation are all brethren, a family that to separate would be as damaging as dividing close relations. So too are our brothers the Irish and those British descendants to be found in countries like, amongst many others, Australia, New Zealand, Canada…even as far as the Falkland Islands. We could even go as far back as the Angles, Saxons, Jutes, etc., of Western Europe, or the Vikings and Norsemen of Scandinavia to trace our lineage –but here we shall focus on the essence of the British as we today know them. We British –and our descendants across the globe– are tied not only by blood but by a common history, ancestry, heritage and belief –both religious and in outlook. We are all, to a large extent, of the same stock, and this bond affords us all much strength in our unity. With this in mind, herein this article we must look closely at the essence and glory of ‘Britishness’.

In many ways we (the peoples described above) are different but somehow always the same. While each of the many peoples within the U.K. have their own distinct culture and customs, it is under the heading ‘British’ that ‘united we stand, divided we fall’. The different cultures and customs of peoples from around the United Kingdom should rightly be maintained and, indeed, celebrated. We all have our own particular idiosyncrasies; those sometimes humorous characteristics that help define us as a cultured people. It is amusing to reflect on this, while maintaining a facetious perspective: from the Morris dancing, cricketing, bitter-drinking English to the tough, hard drinking, kilt-wearing, industrial innovators of Scotland; not forgetting the mining, singing, great rugby-men of idyllic Wales to the loyal, fiercely patriotic bandsmen of glorious Ulster; each nation within these wonderful isles of ours has its own practices, traditions, beliefs and quirks that are characteristic to it. These eccentricities define each respective nation and attests to the distinction of its people. Let us not also forget the Cornish and the Manx peoples with whom we share these isles. These folk have their own way of living together with languages that are unfortunately dying out. We need to preserve the different natures that abound these isles: it is a strength that holds us all and makes us one.

While we must celebrate our individuality we must also not lose sight of our commonality, the collective ethos and traditions which must not be overlooked. Englishmen, Scotsmen, Welshmen, Ulstermen, et al –we are all in someway indebted to each other. We have all played a large part in the formation of the U.K. and the inevitable upkeep of it. No one nation is responsible for the success of the U.K. England might wish to take acclaim for heading the British state, but the other countries around these isles are safe in the knowledge that without them the U.K. would fold, and this would be to the detriment of us all. (Maybe this explains why the sub-Marxist British Government together with the EUSSR is seeking to dismantle it , to weaken us all and bring us to our knees so they can exert over us yet more neo-Communist dogma.)

Despite our differences that have led to conflict, our various peoples in the U.K. have over the centuries admirably pulled together. Throughout war and social advancement the British have united remarkably well. The English would not have won Crecy if it was not for their Welsh archers , or won the Battle of Falkirk where 10,500 of the 12,500 alleged ‘English’ foot soldiers were in fact Welsh. It was Scotsmen who contributed vastly to power Britain’s imperial expansion in the 18th century: at least half of the East India Company was Scots. Irishmen also made a large impact in Britain’s military force in the 19th century: 43 per cent of servicemen in 1830.

English pragmatism has dictated that they sacrifice a little of their identity in the name of upholding the entity of the Union for the greater good of the unity of the indigenous peoples within it. It was Winston Churchill who so vehemently emphasised ‘Britishness’ at the expense of Englishness to fend off the insidious meagre element of Irish and Welsh ‘nationalists’ who endeavoured to destabilise the U.K. to meet there own ends of disunity. In 1940, Welsh ‘nationalists’ sent a deputation to Berlin, and the Irish government of the quisling De Valera cost thousands of lives during the World Wars by refusing to allow his ports to be used by British shipping.

The age-old British character –that magnificent blend of wry humour in adversity, inspiration from the past and a stubborn refusal to duck a challenge– has made us one of the greatest peoples on earth. This spirit made Britain the most gentle, successful civilisation on the planet. Now look at us: we have been reduced to bickering children who cannot settle their differences. The Government are laughing at us all, playing us off against each other in the vain hope of dismantling the strength of British unity in Britain and across the globe. We must resist these sinister attempts to undermine us and reinvent ourselves as the proud British people of yesteryear. We must again embrace the British traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. The U.K. has worked marvellously well so far, and long may it continue. As the saying goes “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” We are all together in this state-enforced multicult, crime ridden, and social-anarchic mess.

The Union Flag is explicitly a flag of union, a constant reminder of our unity. It belongs to no country. It is a Christian flag displaying the saints of the England, Scotland and Ireland (Wales is not represented on the flag because Wales is a principality). We are all countrymen –“a family with the wrong members in control.” Let’s unite and rid OUR U.K. of the traitors that have seized control and declared war on us all.

This article extends and applies to our brothers and sisters across the globe. I see no reason why British descendents across the globe are in any way less British than those in the Motherland. Our people across the globe must retain, indeed, accentuate their links with their brothers and sisters in Britain and work together for mutual benefit. What is a problem for those in Britain is also a problem for us across the globe: international capitalism and the New World Order will single out no country in exerting its sinister and malevolent crushing arm over us all.

While it might appear that I'm writing from the standpoint of a Briton in Britain, I nevertheless wrote the article from the heart and as how I see things: as a Briton living in Australia who has her heart in Britain. I'm sure in this article I speak on behalf of most patriots living in Albion -English, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish alike.

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Anonymous said...

I am just listening to LBC radio where they are debating the epidemic of rapes in this country.
I knew the figures had soared but they have shocked me.
1 in 4 women are raped making a figure of 300.000.
Half the female population can expect to be raped.
Have we heard any concerns from our so called political elite?
It seems that this crime is acceptable because most of us know the main perpetrators of rape both here and across Europe.
How many never report their rape too scared of the shame?
This needs attention Britain must never accept this kind of behaviour unlike places like Sweden where political correctness has made the people dumb.

Sarah D said...

This is a great article Archer, it expresses a sentiment which a great many of us share and a self evident truth.

As a people we have contributed more that is good and more of true value than just about any other race, and yet we are under siege wherever we have settled, which is a reason why we need to remain a united people.

Welcome to the home of the Green Arrow.