Thursday, 6 March 2008

France. Serbia Solidarity

Manifestation Place de la Republique 02/03/08 12h 44 (UN resolution time)

The manif was very friendly, family orientated, and the speakers were good however at the end of the manif the French police charged and tear gassed us. I was right at the front re starting my camera when suddenly, just there in front of me the police had charged and were beating up a demonstrator. We had to run but at this very time I started to choke and my eyes were burning. I had no idea what was happening to me. Everything was totally disorientated.

I will upload some photos this afternoon.

Cheers, Godiva.

The above was posted by Godiva on The Green Arrow Forum.

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Anonymous said...

OFF TOPIC..Tonights news-night i have just heard that Nick Griffin will be on...although the other pompous gits refuse to appear on the same panel..who cares?
Panel union man.jon gaunt.margret hodge and some black guy standing for tory election. YL.