Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Lee Jasper. Coward of the Capital.

Not thinking about those honey glazed thighs now, are you Jasper?

Well when push came to shove, what did the roughie toughie, Black? hero of the Marxist UAF do? Did he push right back? No. He did what all cowards do when they know they are caught out?

He ran. He ran with his pants around his ankles as revelations of his relationship with Karen Chouhan who received huge grants of ratepayers money for the Black Londoners Forum of which she is a director.

By running away with the act of resigning, Jasper the Coward as he is now known, will no longer have to appear before the London Assembly tomorrow, when he was due to be quizzed over the grants scandal that will hopefully put him him behind bars.

The hunt is still on though Jasper and will not stop until both you and your former friend Ken are eating porridge and wondering where it all went wrong.


ivan said...

arrow quote from kenny rogers coward of the county "oh look old yellows leaving" this man jasper has more than admitted his guilt and and i hope the powers that be will investigate jasper and red ken until they are doing stir in wormwood scrubs.the nation must awake what is being done to our people.

Kinderling said...

Sadly, as with Peter Mandleson, they will bounce back into the heartland of NuLabour. Corrupt attracts corrupt.