Tuesday, 18 March 2008

What can I say?

Well what can I say? If you read this site and others like it, you already know the truth.

  • You know why the educations system was deliberately undermined.
  • You know that Labour has committed us to illegal wars.
  • You know that we bombed Belgrade in order to hand over a part of Serbia to the Moslems.
  • You know that Our Country has been deliberately flooded with Colonisers to destroy the identity and pride of our nation.
  • You know that all the Tri-Axis politicians do is accept their pieces of silver and remain silent whilst all this happens.
  • You know about the plan to create The New World Order.
  • You know about the lies spread by the Main Stream Media who for tax relief purposes and private profit remain silent.
  • All this and more you know.
And yet there are those amoungst us who do not know. Who have closed their eyes to the truth. Who have stuffed their ears with newspeak from the Government to drowned out the sound of those of you who try to tell them the truth.

And then there are those, the politicians, the journalists who stuff their mouthes with money provided to them by the state to remain silent. They are worse than the sheep for they know the truth.

All this you know. And you walk amoungst crowds of your fellow citizens, totally ignorant of the danger they are in. It is like standing in a field of cattle watching them get milked every day of the week to pay for their own destruction. And when the slaughter man takes a few away they lift their heads for a moment before returning to chewing their cud of Jeremy Kyle, Deal or No Deal and eating the excrement fed to them by their Masters in Brussels.

But you carry on. Because that is what the British do. They carry on. They never give in and like the British National Party they will never stop until they win their country back.

For years now the forces of Eurabia have attempted to silence the only truly patriotic party left in our sad country, the BNP. The years have passed and many members who served in the last great war have died as time took its toll. But their memory is not lost and their dream is not forgotten.

Because their children pick up their Banners of Freedom, they rally to the call of the British National Party and they carry on the fight of their fathers. Some of us will never see the end of the war to reclaim our land and turn Our Country into a paradise on earth. And it can be, but it is going to take decades to put right the wrongs that have been committed in the name of the mad Marxists idea of a mud coloured world.

But those of us who do not see the final victory will at least have died knowing that the BNP will not, cannot be stopped and will prevail. And that those who have betrayed our country will pay a very heavy price for their treason.

Join the BNP and stand with the men and women who fight not just for you but for your children. If you cannot join because of the Nazi laws of Nulabour, then vote and donate.

  • Cancel your subscriptions to your Newspapers. Get the truth here at UKTabloid.
  • Cancel your SKY subscriptions. Rip their wires out of your head. There are more than enough channels on Freeview.
  • Send the money saved in setting yourself free to the BNP to give them the ammunition to fight not just for you but for your children and their children.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."


Anonymous said...

Excellent piece GA, you have summed up exactly how I feel when I try to discuss all of these issues with the sheep. There's one here who told me: "Britain has ruined every single country its touched, sorry but that is a FACT." When I tried to show her that this was anything but, fingers in the ears "la la la".

The marxists have a lot to answer for and I long for the day of reckoning.

I love the quote at the end, do you know who is the originator?


The Green Arrow said...

I believe the quote was made by Mark Twain.

Anonymous said...

What is more mortifying than to feel that you have missed the plum for want of courage to shake the tree?

Anonymous said...

very nice GA.

Red Squirrel said...

This is excellent GA!
I'm posting it on Swindon Nationalists. I have been busy and away from the computer.
The fight for our freedom goes on!

Anonymous said...

58 billion euros missing....could be those given to Arab countries on the QT.

MEP expenses scandal: 58 million euros missing - thieving bastards - name and shame them (karma: 1) en>fr fr>en
By Dewi_Sant Comments: 10398, member since Wed Jul 06, 2005

On Mon Mar 17, 2008 11:34 AM

MEP expenses scandal: 58 million euros missing Tillack: "we are not talking about a few black sheep but a flock which covers half the parliament." Poettering counter-attacks British culture of nepotism Hans Martin Tillack reports on the growing MEP expenses scandal in Stern. The paper has seen a further report on expenses fraud. On his blog he notes that for a time MEPs were supposed to account for how they spent their 17,000 euro a month office allowance. But despite this for the years 2004 and 2005 receipts worth 58 million euros have not been produced.

Tillack comments that "we are not talking about a few black sheep but a flock which covers half the parliament." He says the decision of the Parliament's Committee to vote to keep the first report on expenses fraud secret shows how unreformed the EU is. He comments that "A serious discussion is hardly possible. Because the parliamentarians deny themselves the facts - or even insure that they are completely unknown to them." He notes speculation about various German MEPs cannot be rebutted because the facts are being kept secret. Since 2006 the problem has been "solved" because MEPs no longer have to produce actual receipts but just a log of what the money has been spent on. He comments: "Oh miracles, they now find it much easier to comply." He criticises the inhibitions of the Brussels media and the "reflexive" secrecy of the institutions for the problem.

On his blog Telegraph correspondent Bruno Waterfield notes that Parliament President Hans Gert Poettering brushed aside criticism at Friday's summit. He blamed the problem of different political cultures across the EU, singling out nepotism in the UK's political culture. He said: "The system is set up in such a way it can be applied across a complex EU. There are 27 members states, many of the assistants are working in the country of origin. In the UK apparently people often employ family members, which is often part of the problem... If I was to employ someone from my own family, and this person was one of my sons and he got money from me. I could say goodbye to politics. I would lose my job. Obviously it is different in the UK. This is a crude example of how different our cultures are."

Stern blog Waterfield blog