Friday, 21 March 2008

BNP hold Gooshays - with substantially increased percentage!

The British National Party, yesterday, not only held Gooshays Ward, in the London Borough of Havering, but substantially increased its percentage. This augers very well indeed for the London Mayoral and GLA elections in May.

The result is:

BNP 865 (38.0%)

Lab 741 (32.5%)

Con 489 (21.4%)

UKIP 70 (3.1%)

NLP 62 (2.7%)

Lib-Dems 52 (2.3%)

Turnout 22.6%

Well done to the BNP’s Mark Logan and his dedicated team.

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Anonymous said...

I was interested to see that the National Liberal Party (another Nationalist outfit) beat the Lib Dem traitors and came close to beating UKIP. The NLP argue that the BNP should seek to replace Labour and they aim to provide a Nationalist alternative to the Lib Dems.

It was also good to see that all the candidates fought positive campaigns on local issues and didn't do negative campaigning. The intervention of Gerry Fable and his gang of outsiders had little effect on local opinion.

Anonymous said...

Wot? no Labour vote rigging?, democracy allowed to flourish? Heads will roll in the Nu Labour camp no doubt.

the eyeballs in the sky said...

No wonder the others are panicking.

Anonymous said...

Great news.well done the BNP team!
just received my monthly BNP paper voice of freedom and see Donna came second in Upper Beeding parish council elections...winner 297. Donna Bailey BNP 277 Donna's percentage 36.0%.
The party is really gaining big time.
The worm is turning!
The snowball has started to roll!

Anonymous said...

well done BNP it looks like we may well get our country back, at last,

Anonymous said...

I was interested to read Gerry Fable describing his visit to the area prior to the election. He wrote an upbeat Keystone Cops drama. He really is out of touch with ordinary people. He lives in a fantasy world.