Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The Green Arrow forum - Its purpose

Come on guys. Lets start pulling together again.

Well the Green Arrow Forum is growing in membership nicely. Slowly but surely it is growing. Not as fast as the membership of the British National Party is growing agreed, but still growing. So where is it at?

The structure of the forum is still changing as we endeavour to get things perfect. But we will get there. There is still much to be done. So help is always welcome.

But before I go on to say what is new and to remind those of you who have not visited the forum, what it offers, a bit about the purpose of the forum.

Whilst The Home of The Green Arrow blog supports the British National Party and its leader Nick Griffin 100%, the forum is intended to provide a meeting place for supporters and possible supporters of the BNP who broadly agree with the policies of the only truly patriotic party left in our sad country but who are either unable to or not yet ready to join The Party.

On the forum, people are able to read the news from around Our Country and around the World that the average reader would not see in the government controlled press. The government does not want you to know the truth. They think you cannot handle the truth. We think different. So we post nothing but the truth.

Now, roughly 90% of the forum is open to "guests", the other 10% if open only to registered members. Those areas are where posts about the BNP policies, forthcoming elections and BNP related video clips are.

Now a forum is like a club. It needs members to survive and like a club, it is the members contributions that keep it alive and help make it grow. And the contributions a forum needs are posts. Posts about news, posts on opinions and posts on ideas. It is not enough to go into a club and just sit in the corner and listen to the "regulars". You must contribute to keep the club alive.

Today for example the forum enjoyed their highest numbers of readers online at any one time. 72 at 10:11. We are the BNP. We hide nothing.

Yet most of those reading the forum at that time were guests. And I hope they found the information available useful but it would be nice for those who take the time to find and write about the information provided that their efforts have been appreciated. You cannot do that as a "guest". Register. Get an hotmail or google online email account and register. Then tell them what YOU think. Information is the way we win Our Country back.

Now with regards to the future of the forum. We want to build links with overseas forums in the USA, Canada, New Zealand,Australia, South Africa and any other Country in the world that realises the dangers that the world now faces. So readers from overseas are not just welcome, they are wanted on the forum. Join us. The Australians are in. Where are you New Zealand? Our problems are yours?

We want bloggers with similar views to our to have their own areas on the forum to crosspost their articles and to let us know what is happening in their part of the country or world. Just ask and your area will be up within minutes. I promise.

Finally the forum will eventually become a campaigning forum. It will do this in pointing to petitions, protests, demonstrations and other ways of helping to wake up fellow citizens who are sleeping their way into slavery.

In short. The Green Arrow Forum intends to be a very sharp thorn in the side of the treasonous establishment. Join us in our fight and make the traitors bleed.

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Sir Henry Morgan said...

I'll be more regular once the local elections are past. I'm a bit busy with them. This is my first time as election agent for a whole bunch of candidates, so it takes me a lot of time.

And we've also got a Wigan BNP blog now

Currently trying to think of how I'm going to write my next post.

No - we will NOT be washing our BNP laundry in public. There are differences within the BNP as we all know - but they're a private BNP matter, and we don't help ourselves if we go public with those differences. Differences are normal within any political party. It could hardly be otherwise could it. And almost by definition, BNP members are the most obstreporous people in the country. We just have to work for the British common good and keep our differences to one side - arguing the toss in places outsiders don't see us.