Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The theft of Kosovo - Video

I think the speaker in the above video clips sums up the situation with regards to the future dangers we now face as a result of Our Countrys despicable action in allowing the theft of Serbias sacred homeland by the Moslems.

For the next few weeks. The Green Arrow blog will be putting out at least one video clip a day. If you think there is a clip that should be linked to then please email it to me.

Harry has just send me a link that he thinks should have been included in the original post. I think Harry is right, so here it is.



Anonymous said...

This has cheered me greatly, a US citizen who totally understands that what has gone on in Kosovo is wrong and that there will be severe conqequences.

If he and people like him can then make the connection between the marxists who run the governments and the media and who are creating the new world order by deliberately destroying the west then things may get even better.

They might even create a US nationalist party based on the BNP.

Wouldn't that be good?


Like The Roman said...

´But in the New World Order, where Orwellian words mean the opposite, The Minister of Cultures job is not to promote culture but destroy it and undermine the unity of the True British People.´

You hit the nail on the head there, GA.

Sarah D said...

That really is very thought provoking, I really had not considered the recent events in Kosovo in that way before, but it certainly is the equivalent of the Hispanic majority in California declaring independence.

Given that there are parts of the UK where immigrants will soon be in the majority, this is a more troubling than I had realised.

Anonymous said...

And here's a blog on Kosovo which you will find interesting.



The Green Arrow said...

Hi Harry, I have incorporated your link into the main post.


LeeSouthend said...

Spot on mate. I cant explan it any clearer either but plenty of people still cant grasp whats going on.

Anonymous said...

Check this out too GA. An article from 2003. The manipulation of our food chain is the part to get freaked out by.



Anonymous said...

Harry and GA:

Thanks for posting the link, absolutely excellent blog, essential reading for all of us who are supporting Serbia right now.


Anonymous said...

this guy is good, i watched all his youtube videos - about 15 with around 6-7 great ones.