Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Is this the Last Night of the Proms?

The barking mad MP for Barking, who is also the Culture Minister has launched an astonishing attack on the Proms, an event that is one of the few places left for the True Brits to express their feelings for Our Country.

But in the New World Order, where Orwellian words mean the opposite, The Minister of Cultures job is not to promote culture but destroy it and undermine the unity of the True British People.

"Just as culture pushes the boundaries it can make some people proud to belong, it can make others feel isolated and deeply offended,"
Now who do you know who gets offended? Your right, the turnip people. They get offended if they are not offended. Like the MP for Barking, they to, are barking mad. Click here for an example of what they do if they are offended or not shown enough "respect".

I do not know about you but I am fed up to the hilt with the madness of the Labour Party. They are classic examples of why care in the community just does not work. They need the straight jackets and the padded rooms for the lot of them. Maybe even the gallows.

Last year this maniac MP, trousered almost a quarter of a million pounds of Our Money in expenses of salary for helping to destroy our culture and our country. Is this what you want to spend your money on?

Any how, you can go read the rest of her rubbish if you wish and have the stomach for that kind of thing. Me? I am going to watch this following video of the Last Night of the Proms.

When I watched Our National Anthem being sung with such pride, it made me realise, that Our Queen should start acting like one and speak out for her True Subjects. Because if she does not do so soon, then we, the people will find a new Head of State and Charles will never be King.


Anonymous said...

Agree with everything you state including the ref to The ROYAL FAMILY!

“Youths” rioted in Paris last night (again)!
By News Team ⋅ March 3, 2008

It is reported today that four French police officers were badly injured after being shot at by hooded youths, believed to be of African ethnicity, on a Paris housing estate.

The vicious and unprovoked attack, which happened in the high rise Grigny estate on Sunday night, was described by Interior Minister Michele Alliot-Marie as an “ambush”. A police spokesperson is reported as saying that when the officers arrived they were confronted by “around 30 people whose faces were masked and several of whom were armed.” By armed, we assume he means with firearms.

Three officers were treated at the scene after being hit in the face by lead shot. A fourth was hospitalised with leg injuries again caused by lead shot and nails.

Calm returned late last night after the authorities rushed in massive police reinforcements to the neighbourhood.

Mr Alliot-Marie called for the youths to be identified and face “exemplary sentences.”

Regular visitors to this site will remember how several dozen police officers were similarly wounded last November by largely ethnic minority youths during three days of riots in the north Paris suburb of Villiers-le-Bel, which raised fear of a repeat of nationwide unrest in 2005.

Hundreds of French police, including special forces, raided Villiers-le-Bel last month, arresting and charging 19 suspected ringleaders of the violence, in one of the biggest operations of its kind ever staged in France.

Tensions have run high in France’s low-income suburbs, described by some as “ghettoes”, since the riots of 2005, the country’s worst civil unrest in decades.

President Nicolas Sarkozy last Month launched an aid programme for the suburbs, which are home to a high proportion of African immigrants and where youth unemployment runs at up to 40% It is reported that he intends to throw hundreds of millions of Euros at the problem in the hope that money will buy calm!
But the president also vowed a “war without mercy” against crime, which evidently hasn’t met with much success so far! Clearly French people are now paying the price for voting for Sarkozy rather than Le Pen!


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Published on The Brussels Journal (http://www.brusselsjournal.com)
White Need Not Apply
By A. Millar
Created 2008-03-02 23:27
It can hardly be doubted that Britain is currently in the grips of a revolutionary government, even if its revolution is protracted and in comparison with those of the last century. As with any such historic upheaval there has been an exodus of those who have found their social standing in rapid yet constant decline. According to recent reports nearly a million “Britons” have left in the last seven years, with most heading to Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Most of these emigrants are middle class, yet the White working classes – who have no such possibility of escape abroad – also feel that their position in society has declined further, if it were possible, from bottom to being buried far beneath the surface. As BBC boss Richard Klein has remarked in a recent article for the Daily Mail, “many of the white working class see themselves as an oppressed ethnic minority too, and lower down the ladder than other groups on the hierarchy of victimhood.”

But, do terms such as “Briton” and even “White” really apply in British politics today? No doubt many Pakistani-British and Chinese-British are emigrating with the economic growth of their familial countries, yet reports seem to suggest that the majority are British in the traditional, or ethnic sense of the word, which provokes another question. Do these emigrants, then, consider themselves British first, or Northern Irish, Scottish, Welsh, or English?

Over the last decade Britain’s Labour government and its so-called “multicultural” ideology has facilitated mass immigration from Eastern Europe and the Middle East and the rise of Islam as a political force within the country, in part by continually obscuring “Britishness”, British traditions, laws, etc., and in many cases portraying them as outdated or simply bad. Notably the government’s own website for promoting the country to U.S. citizens has a section entitled “multicultural Britain” which is almost entirely devoted to the Muslim community (and most especially to praising it) though supposedly representative of contemporary society. In the subsection on “Politics”, for example, do we find the rather one-sided view that “Muslims promote universal values and champion the causes of peace, justice, tolerance, human rights, democracy and co-existence” and for this reason have entered British politics.

The same multicultural section also boasts – among many other achievements – that the many different communities of Britain feel they belong and have shared values – an assertion that flies in the face of the exodus of British people from the country. The viewer is led to the Citizenship Survey where bureaucratic fudging is apparent. Notably, while South-East Asians are broken down into Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and Indian, and Black categorized as either Black African or Black Caribbean, there is only a single category for White people, so it is impossible to say what percentage is actually British-White. As Britain seems increasingly fragmented even among the traditional Welsh, Scottish, and English, it is also impossible to say what percentage each takes up in this inadequate category.

In every question asked Whites are either in the middle or lower, and thus far below the South East Asian groups who nearly always come top. (No doubt if Whites had been broken down along similar lines, White-British, White English, etc., would have been lower still.) Asked whether they felt able to “influence decisions in their local area and Great Britain”, however, Whites actually came bottom, with only 19 percent saying that they felt they were able to influence decision in the country, as compared to most other ethnic groups which were each in the 30 percentiles, with Bangladeshi the highest at 36 percent. Asked whether they felt able to affect decisions in their local are Whites were again by far the lowest at 37 percent, while Black Caribbean came out top, with 51 percent saying that they felt able.

In Britain indigenous ethnic nationalism is on the ascendant, with Scotland debating devolution and English nationalists calling for an English parliament and for St. George’s Day (the nation’s saint’s day) to be a national holiday in England. The rise of indigenous nationalism has undoubtedly been provoked by the government’s multicultural ideology which, it might be remarked, is really one of multi-nationalism, in which persons of every national and racial background are encouraged to speak and read their native language rather than to learn English, and to retain their customs, way of life, fly their native flag, etc. Consequently Britain is now a country composed of micro-nations, and for the first time in a millennium seems to exist in a near tribal state. But, it is also undoubtedly a reaction to the homogenization of the indigenous English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, etc. under the category ‘White’, or perhaps even ‘British’, which, under Labour, is supposed to give way to other ethnic groups and their cultures. British nationalism is thus taboo. Any suggestion by an MP that the British might have some legitimate concern about mass immigration, jobs, or housing is met with the mantra that he or she is “speaking the language of the BNP [British National Party]”, which is supposed to infer that the speaker has said something beyond the pale, rather than as endorsement of the nationalist party.

However, as England has historically been the center of power for the United Kingdom, and is often used as a synonym for Britain, English nationalism has come under fire from some politicians, even though Scottish and Welsh nationalism generally does not, and, as mentioned, ethnic nationalism of other, non-British communities within Britain, has been encouraged. Home Secretary Jack Straw has said – in the kind of language that would have got him fired if he had said it about any other ethnic group – the English are “potentially very aggressive, very violent”, and that they have historically “subjugated” the Irish, Welsh, and Scottish.

Of all of Britain’s ethnic groups, the English seem have been made increasingly politically invisible or helpless – a point that English nationalism has clearly meant to challenge. In 2007 the Steadfast Trust (then known as the Ethnic English Trust. The Steadfast Trust is Britain’s only registered charity for the ethnic English, and aims to educate young ethnic English children about their heritage, and to fight discrimination against the English) sued the Commission for Racial Equality alleging that it had:

(a) issued guidance in its codes for employers and public bodies which is wrong in law so as to conceal the legal recognition awarded to the English racial group;
(b) acted outside its legal powers by seeking to redefine the English racial group, and
(c) maintained, contrary to the Race Relations Act 1976, a policy, practice or rule of racial discrimination against the English racial group.

In fact it would seem that it is legal for employers to discriminate against an applicant on this basis, for, notably, in 2007 Abigail Howarth was barred for applying to the Environmental Agency for a trainee position because she was specifically “White English” (the indigenous White Scottish and White Welsh were nonetheless eligible to apply, as were those of every other ethnicity, of course).

Discrimination comes in more subtle forms also, and most especially in blanket labeling of different groups. It is remarkable indeed, that while the British government is able to break down Black into two groups and Asian into three it speaks only of Britons in regard to emigration and Whites in regard to problems of the youth of that large and ambiguous group. Notably, then according to several government and academic reports, poor ‘White’ boys are now the nation’s lowest achievers, coming far below those of other ethnic groups of similar income, though the Steadfast Trust contends that the poor ‘English’ boys account for the vast majority.

“British” and “White” seem now to be employed by the government in order to obscure the facts: the Bangladeshi is British and the Polish immigrant White. Or else – along with “English” – these terms are used as terms of disempowerment. The same government that champions ethnic groups from every other country seems to want to deny the indigenous ethnic groups of Britain not only their identity, history, and sense of worth, but even their right to be considered as ethnic groups. Notably, with the furor against mass immigration the Labour government has proposed closing down the ancestral visa scheme in which young people (largely from Australia and New Zealand) can apply to live and work in Britain if their father or grandfather was British. It is as if the government is saying to the near million Brits that have left, “and don’t come back”, and to those who have remained, “don’t think you are entitled to be thought of as an ethnic group or groups with historical ties and legitimate rights to this country; it’s not yours”.

Source URL:

Anonymous said...

I read what this cretinius marxist bitch said and yet again, the first words that sprang into my mind were "Common Purpose".

I wish the British would reach into their trousers, re-find their balls and start being offended about what these evil batsards - and the nutjob ragheads - are doing to our nation and START FIGHTING BACK.

Voting BNP is a great way to begin the fightback.


Anonymous said...


Please Circulate!

This Dreadful Government! The Devil Rides Out!

Guy Leven-Torres

3rd March 2008

In the light of the DVD sent to me by Brian Gerrish I am reissuing an article I wrote last November. The video sent presented an excellent expose of Common Purpose. So incredible is the truth presented with full evidence by Brian that I watched it no less than four times to satisfy myself I had the full facts and I was not dreaming. It should be compulsive viewing for every British citizen.

Brian described ‘Common Purpose’ as Evil. I would endorse that with the epithet Demonic and Satanic, run as it is by crooks, perverts and thieves hell bent on ruining this country and our civilisation. ‘Common Purpose’ it is clear is the real de fact Government of Britain, and the current New Labour front is a huge hoax as are the two other parties, Tory and Liberal. All are one Party, funded and taking orders from the Germans. I have even been told that German politicians simply refer to the EU as ‘Der Reich’.

1.25 million Britons died defending Europe against the Hitlerites and now it seems we are being conquered by them. I honestly do now believe, that only a popular uprising will win our country back or a well planned military coup by concerned patriotic British officers. Many of these, like their police colleagues are involved with ‘Common Purpose’ and the rot and corruption of our national civil and military institutions is so far advanced to make such an event, as a military takeover almost impossible. Treason has been committed and we are now occupied by a foreign Fascist regime.

Even more horrifying is the concentration by the CP cult on getting children to join its cultic indoctrination courses. Brian has established good evidence of connections with paedophiles and major criminals. A number of senior police officers, including Blair the Metropolitan chief are CP ‘Graduates’. What kind of ‘graduates’ we wonder of course- courses in perversion and fraud, drugs, terrorism, state control, theft of private property, extortion, laundering and misappropriation of public funds – it is all in the portfolio.

It appears both Brown and Prescott are CP ‘graduates’ and Cameron is said to have connections as does, former PM Blair. The Guardian revealed last year that Heath was a spy for the German DVD and it appears this has funded Common Purpose through the Deutsche Bank. I think once the Reform Treaty goes through, all hell will break loose and a resentful sullen British populace shocked when the full scale of betrayal becomes fully known, will react badly. It remains to be seen if the Army, or what is left of it and the lower ranks of the Polic will fall behind the public resistance or whether they will obey the orders of their German masters and open fire on fellow Britons. I am sure blood will flow unfortunately.

It is clear to us now that Archfool Rowan’s call for Sharia and the fact that Police too are being taught about Sharia law and the Koran, that the Government intend to use the extremists to further consolidate their power over us and deprive us of what is left of our ancient freedoms. The Moslems will become the scapegoats of course like the Jews in Nazi Germany. These in the main are simply dupes of the real power brokers mentioned above. In Britain why is it that one small section of perhaps 2-3 percent of the populace are being given so much assistance and help to Islamise the country? The thugs in power know this will antagonise the British Working Class. And in the resultant civil commotion that is about to ensue, the State will consolidate its rigid Stalinist grip through powers of National Emergency that already exist simply on the whim of a Minister……

I really do fear for the future in the next few months and year…

Original article updated....

I do not think in 54 years of life I have ever seen such a disgraceful Government as the current New Labour one, we are having to suffer at this moment. Apart from the level of stupidity and downright incompetence, its venality, lies and arrogance beggar belief. In a way though I am pleased, because now we can see New Labour and its dark designs upon the country in the full glare of day and this may well be the saving of the nation from a group of conniving traitorous despots, determined to hand us over to a foreign Communist State in the making in Brussels and that now openly acts against its own people.

Indeed such a Government only twenty years ago would certainly, have been under consideration by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for lawful dissolution and I believe we are now facing the gravest, constitutional crisis of the era, not dissimilar to the situation in 1974, when it was felt by the powers of the day that the corrupt Wilson administration faced the very real possibility of a military takeover ordered by the Queen on the advice of her Privy Council to prevent Wilson, thought to be giving us over to the USSR. In the event, Wilson was possibly planning to hand us over to the United States as the written records of the time released under the thirty year rule demonstrate. And even the USA is a better option than a Marxist super state in the form of the European Union. The USA at least is historically the same culture as Britain and shares a code of Common Law and language.

However, today this present Socialist Government drifts further to the Left everyday and now does not even bother to disguise the fact of its skulduggery. We are swamped by 5,000,000 migrants and probably more, illegal and legal, our intentions to travel and move about our own country are now under threat, and even our thoughts, that one would have believed immune until one actually commits an act, are now scrutinised and a situation now exists where an individual can be locked up for thinking the thoughts that the Government do not approve of! That situation only ever existed in states like the Soviet Russian and Nazi German and even more frightening is the willingness of the younger generation, even my own middle-aged one to accept it almost gladly.

Rousseau stated that when a Government acted against the interests of the people, the Social Contract between it and the populace was voided. I believe this situation to have come about within three years of New Labour’s election to power in 1997. It was certainly void the moment Blair and his cronies tried to limit freedom of speech through hate law legislation demanded by Moslems in Britain, making it an offence to criticise Islam as this single, thankfully foiled attempt showed illegal bias in favour of what represents, perhaps 1.5 percent of the population. The gerrymandering of election boundaries within Labour’s heartlands favouring the ethnic and migrant vote.

was also a dubious piece of social engineering that should have sent alarm bells ringing throughout the country. As for the various criminal inquiries over bribes, election funds, falsified statistics, refusal to consider Parliament, almost certainly illegal wars in Iraq (not so much the fact but the false intent), and the disgraceful repeal of the Treason Acts and other legislation slipped through a docile legislature, including the totally unnecessary dissolution of the Privy Council, any one of these of their own accord would have called into question the legality of a past Government acting in such a deceitful manner.

Personally speaking, never a day goes by without a feeling of powerlessness and absolute disgust when reading of the latest activity of this Brown Executive that is in very real terms and even legal, now an Enemy of the British People. The Tories are no better and I was shocked to see UKIP names within Common Purpose letters. I just pray the rank and file like me are aware.

What a state of moral affairs! Homosexual couples given preference in tax and adoption schemes, young children made to attend lessons on the latter and being taught about sex and drugs as young as three years old, parents not being informed about the sexual activities of their underage children, filth and pornography permeates our TV screens.

On the cultural platform, foreign beliefs and celebrations are now superior to our own: Christmas, Easter, Guy Fawkes are banned under ‘Ealf an’ Safety’ or because it offends against the EU inspired legislation requiring ‘Equality and Diversity’ programs, children singing carols banned from shopping centres as is Father Christmas, Remembrance Day parades of old war veterans banned for all sorts of petty spiteful reasons, that seem calculated to deliberately upset the British, as if to say, ‘We are in charge now and you will do as we say!’ Vicars have been arrested for complaining about sex on TV or homosexuality being pushed in schools, pensioners arrested or threatened for the same thing, even children for calling fellow pupils ‘Gay’!

One girl was even imprisoned in a dirty cell for six hours because she objected to having to attend a class with asylum seeker pupils who did not speak English, the lesson being carried out in Urdu, and believe me there are thousands of examples daily that are never reported in the tame media, especially the BBC.

As Peter Hitchins of the Daily Mail believes, this country and its people are under attack, the aim of which is to destroy this country through a program of deconstruction while introducing an entirely new State at the same time. That State is the Marxist-Leninist EU! And believe me the perpetrators have almost succeeded in achieving something that 1.25,000,000 Britons have died defending us from, namely a German-French controlled Continental Reich that could not be achieved through massed tank formations and Blitzkrieg. We are in fact now about to become an occupied county without a shot being fired if we cannot remove this rotten Government through dissolution or a quick Election called through a vote of no confidence in the Commons. I also happen to believe that should this not come about, there will be no more elections, worthy of the name.

We are already a Police State and just because those powers are being sparingly used at present, it will not be long before they are fully used. The current regime is probably a little reluctant at present to use them to the full to repress dissent but they have the authority already to hand to do so. Perhaps that is one reason they have not built gulags yet but do remember under the Reform Treaty and other EU legislation, individuals, even populations can be removed wholesale to another location. The CIA were using detention camps in Poland recently.

England no longer exists as a state, even if illegally. The English people as far as I can now fathom are simply citizens of the EU regions. In effect we may actually be stateless. A common ploy of the Left is to act then pass legislation after the fact, in order to ‘legalise’ a situation. This retrospective law was heavily criticised by Lord Denning, the former Master of the Rolls who stated it was bad law.

On the other hand though, the current incumbents of New Labour may find themselves charged with treason for the very act of legislating, that crime out of British Law, since Treason stems from legislation by King Alfred and King Eathelred and subsequently passed into Statute by Edward III in 1352. Statute Law is inferior to Common Law as is Parliament itself.

The Monarch herself is not above the Law but actually the representative of the British people and their protection under Common Law. Without Common Law, England would not exist, nor would the Church of England. Magna Carta and various other legislation, have reaffirmed these facts more than three times to my knowledge, the last major occasion being in 1701. Indeed a country called England cannot be abolished on the whim of a European Union or New Labour Government Act of Spite. A country is a self existing truth and like a company has a real legal personality in law. The abolition of Britain may be a de facto situation but in doing so the politicians have denied the Monarch, her heirs, and the British People their sovereignty and rightful realm. That is in fact the most heinous form of treason: the penalty for which is death.

The Briton like the Roman citizen was far more conscious of his citizen or rather subject status than any other nation that has ever existed. Liberty is the watchword of both, especially in the face od abuse by the powerful and despotic. The Common Law of England is in fact the only true survivor of Roman republican Law. Continental Napoleonic ‘codes’ stem from the time of the despot Justinian who codified the law, as all tyrants like to do!

The Roman State like the British, served the Roman People. The very emblem of Rome SPQR carried everywhere with pride wherever its legions marched was no idle boast, but like the British constitution enacted through statute, based upon Common Law represented like the British Crown, the democratic liberty and hope of an entire People. Let us hope that a Brutus or better still an Arthur is ready and waiting in the wings for the cries of a dispossessed and oppressed British race!

The BNP maybe about to have its day! They are ruthless enough to deal with those now in power! God what a frightful mess!


Anonymous said...

Margaret Hodge was involved in covering up a paedophile ring which abused children supposedly in her care in Islington during the 1980's. The whole thing was hushed up by mutual agreement because there were some very influential 'clients' from both sides of the house.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Hodge#Child_abuse_controversy

When the BNP comes to power, maybe the case could be reopened.