Sunday, 16 March 2008

Wow. Must have took some courage to do this.

I'm impressed. You UAF guys really are the business

Lets not muck about here lads. These UAF people are really up for it. Not for them, the hard grind of democracy. No they are into direct action.

Check out the kind of damage they can do when really riled. How much courage did it take to creep like a thief in the night and throw paint against some windows? And then, as if they had not already done enough. To creep around to the front of the building and squeeze glue, yes actually squeeze glue into a lock. Their courage amazes me.

Now I have been exposed to danger a few times in my life and there are many British National Party members who have seen real combat so I can tell you, those guys who threw the paint are going to take some beating. They have real courage. (He wrote with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek and his sides splitting from laughter)

No wonder they were so proud of their handiwork and courage that they trumpeted about it all over the internet for their cowardly supporters on the Moslem and state funded sites to read in awe of their bravery. "And genlemen now abed in Bradford shall hold their manhood cheap".

However, their need for recognition, may cost them their freedom. The police are involved now and knowing the British National Party will be looking over their shoulder to ensure they do the job right, the police will track these red heroes down by following their electronic trail. By all accounts the vandals could even be charged under the Terrorism act. What a laugh these clowns provide us with.

But joking aside, it shows the kind of things that the supporters of the UAF, run by unelected officials and chaired by Ken Livingstone the Mayor of London, will do to try and prevent freedom of speech from upsetting the Lib/Lab/cons pact of betraying the country whilst filling their boots with our money.

Moving on from that heroic raid on the Dog and Gun public house in Leeds, where the paint was soon cleaned up and damage repaired by volunteer activists from the local British National Party, we turn out attention to the Green Arrow Blog and Forums war with the UAF sites.

The UAF have become concerned at the increasing readership of the patriotic blogs supporting the BNP. They know that as these blogs continue to reveal the truth about what is really happening, more and more of our fellow True British citizens are becoming aware of the danger to their children's future and are starting to vote British National Party in increasing numbers.

They also know the power of patriotic forums. Forums are places where people can meet online, pass on news (such as the image above) about what is happening in their parts of our occupied country. A place where they can talk freely without being shouted down by the agents of the state.

They know these forums are places where people who are not necessarily BNP supporters can go and judge for themselves whether the BNP is the evil machine that the UAF portrays it as.

The UAF in the past as enjoyed success because they controlled the media. Just say the BNP were Nazis and the voters would continue to place their X next to the names of the Tri-Axis of Evil parties who they work for.

But now, Blog and Forums are by-passing the state controlled press and getting to the people directly and the people are learning the truth. And that is why the UAF and Searchlight thugs are trying desperately to discredit and close them down.

And so we see the reds, infiltrate the Forums to spread lies, widen splits and post inflammatory statements purporting to be from BNP supporters. Without the Nazis the UAF would be lost.

They have no policies. They stand in no elections. And considering they see themselves as being Marxists, they NEVER attack any other political party than the BNP. When was the last time you saw a red site speak out against the corruption of the Politicians? Never. Why? Because they act on their behalf.

Recently they have stepped up their attacks on this blog and on its sister Green Arrow Forum by making personal attacks on myself and the forum moderator, Brighton Rock. These attacks will increase as they see the membership grow. And it is. Slowly but surely it is growing and this frightens them and their fear encourages us to work harder.

They know that a patriotic forum with a large membership can help make a difference in the struggle for our country and this forum will not be allowed to fall under their control as others have in the past and so they fear it.

So help frighten them some more. Join the Green Arrow Forum, contribute to the discussions. It is not just a place for BNP members but a place where people who broadly support its aims can meet and discuss things without being shouted down or personally insulted. At least check it out. Most of the area can be read without registering so you can get an idea of what is going on there.

Finally a message for all patriotic blogs and their readers. please link the Green Arrow Forum to your sites. In return each blog that does so will be assigned its own area and moderator rights, where you may post articles from your sites, post information and run your own local comments area. We must increase our readerships and get the message out to more of our people.


ivan said...

arrow they cetainly are upping their antics,i had an incident a few months ago some reds drew a swatstika outside my local pub and then tried to pull me over it,you should have seen thier faces drop when i told them i was part jewish and how the bnp had had a jewish and turk cypriot councillor.these people live with their heads up their arses.the funny thing was though one of them started getting quite interested about the party.

Anonymous said...

did someone drink too much milk and have a piss?

was that really worth a criminal record and the end of decent employment prospects?

silly boys, they will grow up one day, lets just hope for their sakes it wont be in a prison cell.

Anonymous said...

How disgusting that the hard pressed resources of the police are having to deal with acts like this. If this kind of behaviour doesnt show the police that the BNP are the innocent party to most of the allegations and crime commited against them, then I dont know what will. If I was a serving policeman investigating this incident I would be so angry at these childish pseudo Commies, and angry at a state which has allowed them up until this point to do as they wish against law abiding citizens. It really is time that criminals, big or small, were dealt with irrespective of whether they hide behind Labour party/MCB backing

Anonymous said...

Is that the strength of their argument against the BNP?

oh dear, not very clever unless you want to boost the BNP support in the area.

no one is impressed by petty vandals.

more BNP publicity, more sympathy, great!

Simon said...

I'm quaking in my slippers lol. What numpties! I doubt they threw the paint, I am sure they were trying to write something, but couldn't quite manage it lol.

Anonymous said...

When last I stopped by UAF/Searchlight still had Cameron (hug a hoodie call me dave) as a signatory. as well as other well known figures

The Green Arrow said...

anon: 23:47

An excellent point about Cameron being a signatory to the UAF. But there are many others also from all the main political parties.

What on earth are Senior Officials of Plaid Cymru doing supporting the marxist thugs. Oh I remember Plaid is the Party that said that white faces were hideous.