Wednesday, 5 March 2008

A murder the media did not wish to report

Karl Taylor and Kate Beagley

By Sarah Maid of Albion

This was not the news story which the media wanted to bring you, which is most probably why you heard nothing of it until today, when those who bring us the news they want us to hear had no option other than to publish it. It is a sad story, sadder still because it is not the isolated aberration it will inevitably be presented as. A beautiful and successful woman, with so much life and potential ahead of her, has joined the growing ranks of those young men and women who have been sacrificed on the alter of an ideology.

Kate Beagley had only met Karl Taylor in a nightclub a few days before, and it was on their first date, sitting on bench at a beauty spot overlooking the Thames at Richmond, when she died in a frenzied knife attack ,committed by fitness instructor Taylor, who then stuffed her in the boot of her own car before driving across London and callously dumping her lifeless body in a patch of nettles. He later showed off his “new car” and sold Kate's mobile phone to a friend.

Even then Taylor was not finished with assault on Kate Beagly, in court, with no regard for the feelings of his victims grieving family, he produced the bizarre defence that he had dropped the knife, whereupon Kate had snatched it up and launched a violent and suicidal attack on her own face and neck, stabbing herself no less than 31 times. Unsurprisingly the jury treated this defence with the contempt it deserved and convicted him of murder, believing the police when they claimed that Taylor had brought the knife with him, with the intention of committing murder.

Justice decreed that Karl Taylor will spend the next 30 years of his life at the tax payers' expense.

Kate's family speak of her as a loving thoughtful daughter and friend to many, who lived life to the full. However, one has to ask why this intelligent 32 year old career woman felt able to place herself in such a vulnerable position with a man of whom she knew nothing. Could it be that, like so many others she had bought the media lie that interracial relationships between white women and black men are romantic and fashionable or, more invidiously, that rejecting the advances of a black man would be somehow racist, the ultimate sin in 21st Century Britain?.

We can not know what was in Kate Beagly's mind, and I will not presume to suggest otherwise. However, we can look at how the media have treated her death and the trial of her murderer.

The same media, which misses no opportunity to parade celebrity mixed race couples and fashion magazine images of glamorous white super models in the embrace of brooding black men smothered in body oil, which portrays black men as the ultimate sex symbol and the white women who sleep with them as free spirited and rebellious, whilst hiding the numbers of abandoned white single mothers living in poverty raising mixed race children, and those left, battered, broken raped and worse following an ill advised multicultural adventure, embargoed this case behind a frozen wall of silence until they could no longer hide it.

Compare Karl Taylor's trial with that of Mark Dixie the WHITE man who stabbed another beautiful young white girl, Sally Anne Bowman to death. That trial was on the national news every night and on the front pages of of every news paper day after day, whereas with Taylor's trial, until the verdict made publication unavoidable, the news media behaved as if nothing had happened.

What was the difference between Kate Beagley and Sally Anne Bowman?, they were both much loved beautiful young women who met similar violent and untimely deaths. The only difference was the evil men who murdered them, one the media wanted you to know about, and one they did not.

Be assured that those who shout the name of Stephen Lawrence at every opportunity, and yet try to erase the name of Kriss Donald from the public memory, will seek to consign this case and the memory of Kate Beagley to history with all the other white victims of non white violence as soon as they possibly can, we must not let them do so.

Details of this terrible crime have been added to the UK Enrichment News and The Fallen


Sir Henry Morgan said...

Just this minute heard that story on the BBC news.

Predictably ... no mention of race.

Anonymous said...

So insightful, so illuminating, so word perfect.

The bastards are killing us. No doubts now, no uncertainty, no hesitation. They've made their intentions crystal clear. THEY HATE THEIR OWN, THEY HATE US.

It is now the time for those of us who love our people, our once great country and our magnificent heritage to make our intentions perfectly clear also.

Make no mistake about it - war has been declared upon us. It's time now to take up the gauntlet. If we fail to do so, we lose everything.

I've had just about enough of these "enrichers" and their corrupt sponsors pissing all over my countrymen, my people, my heritage and the legacy my family fought and died for so freedom could prevail.

Did they and millions like them DIE FOR THIS?

Get to fuck. Not while I breathe and if its a fight they want these dirty bastards can have one - the line has been crossed, you tell me: NOW WHAT? How many more English Roses have to be defiled, spoiled, trampled upon - debased and destroyed by foreign parasites?

I make no apology for the emtional tone of my post. We have to wake up NOW or we will lose this war. Rise yourselves FFS, vote BNP at least but DO SOMETHING FOR YOUR COUNTRY. FIGHTBACK.

RIP Kate and Sally. WE WILL avenge you, of that I swear.


BFB said...

Sarah, I think I love you...(-;

Paul Weston said...


Beautifully written, concise, yet every point that needed making was made.

You and Green Arrow are now on my daily read list.

Paul Weston