Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Visiting the allotment

So what law is being broken here? Click for larger image

I know. Lets go down and see how the Turnips are doing. Round about this time of year you have to keep an eye on them. Actually, you have to keep an eye on them all the time if they have been infected with Madeemans disease. They just go bananas and being vegetables that is not good for anyone. Unless of course you have the mind of a cabbage and are responsible for the whole mess that the allotment has become.

The Turnip roots are really starting to take hold. Next year they will need even more space. I'm not sure we need so many. Maybe have to think about shipping the surplus off overseas.

I wonder who I could use for an export company? Some people have said that the British National Party would be the guys for the job, so I might give them a try sometime. If your having problems with Turnips you should to. If left unchecked they can take over an entire country.

So what else is happening, the Moslems have been holding their equivalents of the old Red Square parades we used to see in Moscow. They have been marching their troops in towns and cities all over their colonised lands and you can see some good images of what the March of the Green Ants looks like in what used to be Birmingham.

Recently they have been celebrating the birthday of some whacked out old Paedophile from the past. Which is a bit strange really as many Moslems do not celebrate birthdays because there is no evidence that the old goat ever did. Their cult states that they must live life according to the ways of their dead, brain dead master. Usual things, stonings, beheadings, child abuse. You know all the good things in life that go to make up a religion of peace. Pity he had not topped himself at the age of 40.

The image question? No fooling you guys is there. No seat belts. Can we expect the Old Bill to hunt the driver down and prosecute?



Anonymous said...

Hi there GA.
I thought you'd like to know the following on the subject of turnips. Note the origins.
I also like the word "rotabagge", sounds about right to me.

At this time of year, spring, the dormant weeds start to pop up in the garden so time to root them out, if you are the organic sort, or garden weed killer for a quicker result. I prefer to root out the weed, it's a better job, dont care too much for chemicals as there are too many in the enviroment already.

Turnip is a member of the mustard family and is related to cabbage.

Origins of the Turnip
It is likely that it originated in Northern Europe around 2000 B.C. although some sources indicate it may be of Mediterranean origin or even Asian. Records suggest that around 1500 BC forms of wild turnip were grown in India for its oil-baring seed as it is today in the form of oil seed rape. It seems the plant may have grown independently in more northern climbs and from the spindly long roots of the B. campestris

Neolithic farmers would have cultivated the round ‘roots’ we know today.

Contrary to popular belief turnips result from a swollen stalk of the plant and are not a swollen root as often thought.

In the Middle East in classical times the quick growing time, hardiness and drought tolerance of the turnip meant it was useful as an animal fodder. Similarly the Romans and the Gaul’s cultivated the plant for these properties and they would use it as an animal fodder. Primarily however it was used as a cooked vegetable throughout these two ancient cultures and would have existed in a very similar form to the vegetable we know today.

The tail of the Swede and the Turnip
There is often confusion about the differences between the turnip and the Swede. The Swede 'Brassica napobrassiac ' is from Sweden (unsurprisingly) and was introduced to the UK as the Swedish turnip and the name later became shortened to Swede.

To add to the confusion the Swede 'is often known as a turnip or neep in Scotland and the turnip goes by the same name. Indeed the word turnip comes from the Scottish word 'neep'. The Americans however call the Swede a rutabaga, which comes from the Swedish word - rotabagge. However in some parts of the States the Rutabaga is called the yellow turnip and the turnip is known as the white turnip.

Despite turnips containing quite a large amount of water they are quite nutritious and contain significant amounts of carotene.

They also contain 5% Sugar and

17mg/100g Vitamin C

Turnips can be eaten grated raw in salads or roasted.

They also make an excellent addition to mash potato or as a mashed side on their own.

Mixed with beans, vegetable stock, cabbage, other root vegetables and some thyme and sage turnips can be made into a delicious soup served with home made crusty bread.

The Green Arrow said...

Why thanks Harry. You might have hit on a good idea for when the food shortages that are to come really bite.

We just eat all the Turnips.

Turnips part of the mustard family. I did not know that.

Anonymous said...


The Miracle of Multiculturalism
By A. Millar
Created 2008-03-12 09:32
British politicians are now running away from “multiculturalism,” yet it refuses to die. It’s simply too entrenched in British life to be expunged. Conservatives might think that the Labour government has created a monster, but the truth of the matter is it has created a religion. Like Chinese State-endorsed Buddhism it is not a real religion, but a proxy that must pronounce government policy rather than spiritual understanding.

Not surprisingly, the multicultural religion has aimed itself at the softest target – the semi-Christian, or post-Christian, White-British community – though no doubt in the belief that Hindus and Muslims would come along later once they had seen the light. Notably, just as the Church once changed the name of Yule to Christmas and made it a Christian holiday, so Christmas has been renamed Winterval in some quarters,

and is celebrated by believers as a multicultural holiday. We must denounce our past which, it has been discovered, is full of ‘sin’, and thus we see tearful, public ‘confessions’ of guilt by London Mayor Ken Livingstone, the Church of England, Prime Minister Tony Blair, etc.

The idea of multiculturalism itself is God – omnipresent, frequently invoked by name, yet largely indefinable. Naturally there is a Devil which may appear in pleasing forms, and a myth akin to that of the Tower of Babel – any politician championing the British citizen is speaking “the language of the B.N.P.” In contrast, the working classes have no voice, because just as the Christians once looked at the pagans, so the multiculturalist views them as the great unwashed. They alone seem not to believe in the great multicultural miracle: try as he might, Livingstone cannot turn water into wine.

Anonymous said...

OFF topic but at last this very important aspect of jihad is receiving attention.
Tuesday, March 11, 2008
Shariah Finance-The Quiet Jihad
Allyson Rowen Taylor, a leading expert on Shariah Financing, files this latest exclusive report on the economic jihad on West. Atlas, you first, your last, your everything on the war on the jihad.

Shariah Finance-The Quiet Jihad Allyson Rowen Taylor

Terrorism has many faces. The bombing of the SS Cole, The World Trade Center, and the murder of Leon Klinghoffer in the Mediterranean. This is terror we can see, smell, and fear. But there is a new kind of terror that is invading the West, and it is clean, invisible to the smell, and seems savory in the way it is being marketed. This new terror is Shariah Finance. This is a way of banking that is growing rapidly in the Gulf, Britain, France, and the United States,Hong Kong, and worldwide due to the bulging pockets of burgeoning wealth from the profits of petrodollars. Every time we fill our gas tanks, we are not only contributing to the pollution of our air, we are funding terror in an insidious way that will effect us long after we go "green".

The London Nasdaq, stock exchanges, Loehmanns, Barneys, Travelodge, Madame Tussauds, Citibank, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, and Caribou Coffee are just a few well known names that now belong to the Kingdom of Dubai, Studies have put the total value of Islamic equity funds in the Gulf Region at about thirty (30) billion dollars. This is from a study by Khaled al -Masri, a partner is asset management at the Dubai based Rasmala Investments.

Products like "Interest Free Loans" are being offered at banks nationwide, and they are attracting not only the Muslim investor, but others who think that this is a service that circumvents having to pay the bank interest. However, it is just another way of structuring a loan that was not inspired by the Koran, but developed by the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1920's. Due to marketing, and companies like Goldman Sachs, Lehmann Brothers, Och-Ziff and others, the tantalizing smell of money trumps the security of the United States and our freedoms. The issue is not the way the loans are structured, it is that they are structured to follow the tenants of Shariah Law. Many of the laws of Shariah are benign, however when one reads into the laws, issues such as stoning, beheadings, amputations, and honor killings are also part of the Shariah. In addition, there is a requirement in the laws to "cleanse" the "haram" (filth) from the "infidels: (non Muslims) by donating a portion of the interest made to Zakat (charity). We have no records as to what these charities are. Could they support Hezbollah? Iran? HAMAS?, or other groups that are determined to undermine western democracy. There is no due diligence, nor transparency in these bonds and loans, so it is a mystery as to what is being done with profits made via the "Infidels". Has the SEC looked into these loans and bonds to see if due diligence is being done?

The basic principal of Islamic funds bans them from investing in companies associated with tobacco, alcohol, pornography, tabloids, pork or gambling These are all considered taboo by religious Muslims. In addition, countries like Israel, and products developed in Israel can also be forbidden. Boycotts of products develped in Israel have already been initiated, but major economic santions could be placed on the Jewish state by the UAE and Europe. Drug companies are not immune from laws of Sharia, and investments in companies that do stem cell research, or birth control will also be banned. Any products that are deemed "Haram" will be subject to the issues of Shariah. We must not just look at the moral issues of alcohol or gambling, but how this type of finance can have an impact on the development of life saving drugs as the investments of Shariah firms move into areas that do research. Truckers that carry pork can be affected, the suppliers of the paper that supplies the tabloids can be affected, thereby causing loss of jobs, and financial ruin, and then offering the Gulf companies bargain priced property, businessness,and a foothold into American and Western society. This is the danger, this is the goal.

Dubai, while run as a Kingdom, and a playground for the rich and famous worldwide holds double standards in its promotion of Shariah Law. While French, British, and Russian women sit on the beaches in bikinis, and the sex slave trade is proliferating, homosexuals are jailed, women are being stoned, and the money made off the infidels is cleansed by Shariah Laws. Dubai, has also invested in hotels in Las Vegas, but do not let this fool you. The desire for money and the moral dilemma posed by Islam seems to disappear when big money is available. As the Zakat (charity) dividends help supply "orphans" and other undisclosed entities, we risk our dollars going to fund the insurgents and suppliers of terror in the "cleaning process". In this type of investment, the end does justify the means.

Investments in the Islamic Finance Industry worldwide are now worth about $700 BILLION dollars. Moody's Investor Services estimated this in a report put out in February 2008. The countries that are the largest contributors to Shariah Finance are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar,Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and Dubai. These countries have seen this type of growth due to the rise of oil prices that we are now paying for. Every increase in the price of gas at the pump is a step closer to a life under Shariah law. A report by the investment firm of Morgan Stanley in February , 2008 put the outstanding Sukuk (bonds) market worth more than $90 billion dollars, and a projection that by 2010 it will be worth over 200 Billion dollars. While this is good news for the investors, the risk of Shariah law and the changes to the way we live our lives will be changed with this new system of finance.

The main problem is that the lure of riches, bigger homes in the Hamptons, private islands and Gulfsteam jets has the banks, investment houses and hedgefunders panting with desire while the future of our democracy, our children's future lives will be impacted by this insidious form of financial terrorism.

For more information of this, please visit the blog Shariah Finance Watch


Anonymous said...

So turnips are of the mustard family, eh? Fancy that. I do remember a certain man spoke about the power of faih even as small as a mustard seed. I wonder can one postulate from that that allowing even one turnip to take root will lead to a rash of the damn things all across one's grounds, and therefore even one is too many?

Aberdeen First said...

Brill post, and truthful.

Anonymous said...

Another note on the picture GA the driver does not have his eyes on the road, he seems to be looking down, probably texting on a mobile phone.

Anti-PC said...

" March of the green ants"

Image 6 in the slideshow looks like a good example of the danger in marrying your cousin.(as mentioned in the news last month)LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi GA you might want to add a link to the new BNP-Scotland website

We are getting organised and are making progress