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Enoch's Legacy

June 16, 1912 - February 8, 1998

By Like the Roman

John Enoch Powell is today treated with contempt by our 'liberal' media, and many politicians, who have never forgiven him for having the audacity to voice his constituents' concern over the unprecedented transformation of their community. The hysteria generated by his Rivers of Blood speech eclipsed the rest of his career and unfortunately he is remembered for little else.

Powell, was far more than a controversial politician, though. He was a poet, scholar, author and linguist, and unlike many other notable MPs of his era, he was not born into privilege. Indeed he won a scholarship to King Edward's School, Birmingham and went on to Trinity College, Cambridge from which he graduated with a double starred first in Latin and Greek.

In 1937 he was appointed Professor of Greek at Sydney University, though resigned his position to join the army and fight for his country. Tellingly, he started the war as the youngest professor in the Commonwealth, and ended it with the notable distinction of being the only man in the Second World War to rise from Private to Brigadier.

Enoch aspired to the position of Viceroy of India and to that end learnt Urdu, one of nine languages he spoke. His ambition was never realised after India gained independence in 1947 however, though he still took a keen interest in India and was horrified by reports of violence between Hindus and Muslims. It is this that fuelled his disdain for what he called 'communalism' (or as it is now known, multiculturalism), which he described as the 'the curse of India'.

His belief that multiculturalism was untenable was further entrenched during a visit to the United States at a time when the civil rights movement was in full swing. This must have been pivotal, as less than a decade before his Rivers of Blood speech, Powell had overseen the employment of a large number of Commonwealth immigrants in the NHS whilst Health Minister.

Whatever his motives, Powell knew that the speech he would make would cause controversy "I can already hear the chorus of execration. How dare I say such a horrible thing?", he said.

Prescience seems to be another of his considerable attributes, as the resulting furore led to Heath dismissing him from the Shadow Cabinet, though many polls showed that he had the overwhelming support of the electorate. Indeed this is something noted by Powell in a later speech in which he said there was a "gulf between the overwhelming majority of people...[and] a tiny minority, with almost a monopoly hold upon the channels of communication."

Powell's dismissal motivated a thousand London dockers to march on Westminster, so enraged were they with his treatment. In addition he received so many letters of support (nearly one hundred thousand) that the Royal Mail had to assign him a special van to deliver them each day. Conversely, he was vilified by the media - in a speech he made to the London Rotary Club several months later he said "No imputation or innuendo has been too vile or scurrilous for supposedly reputable journals to invent or repeat." Clearly then, his speech had struck a chord with the working man, and yet it appears he had broken a taboo held by journalists and politicians which ultimately cost him his political career.

In a speech made in 1970 Powell went further, suggesting the country was effectively being subverted by what he called the "enemy within":

Have you ever wondered, perhaps, why opinions which the majority of people quite naturally hold are, if anyone dares express them publicly, denounced as 'controversial, 'extremist', 'explosive', 'disgraceful', and overwhelmed with a violence and venom quite unknown to debate on mere political issues? It is because the whole power of the aggressor depends upon preventing people from seeing what is happening and from saying what they see.

Many parallels can be drawn between Powell's experiences and those of the leader of the British National Party, Nick Griffin. Was his recent appearance in Oxford not "overwhelmed with violence and venom"? Further evidence of the hostility shown towards the BNP by the media are encapsulated in Jon Gaunt's comments about Nick on Newsnight, he said "Putting on somebody like that knuckle-dragger. I don't really understand the point...the foul things he was coming out with there...just makes me want to puke."

Reading through his speeches, Enoch's real legacy is that he discovered this elite within our society hellbent on transforming our country beyond recognition. It is an insidious process, one that has clearly been ongoing for some time, it has manifested itself in various guises - Political Correctness, the stifling of debate and European integration (which Enoch vociferously opposed) being key examples. The latter of course is also something that is happening without our consultation.

As Enoch once said, over a chorus of chanting and booing:

You may think what you are seeing is an exhibition of youthful exuberance and bad manners. It is not. You may think it is harmless. It is not. You may think it is aimed at me. It is not. It is aimed at all of you. They are after you. All of you are their target. Its aim is to see the day to day way of life, the decent things of life, that the majority want, demolished and destroyed. It is a movement that is in its infancy in this country. It is world wide but no mistake about it, it is spreading.

Enoch Powell was a rarity in politics, a man with real integrity and courage - "All I know is that to see, and not to speak, would be the great betrayal." - unfortunately that was his downfall.


Anonymous said...

key present and former BBC employees with positions involving political influence - and links to the Labour party.

Here's an abbreviated list of known Labour supporters and the postions they've occupied at the BBC since the the early 90's:-

Chairman Gavin Davies (later Labour adviser)

Chairman Sir Michael Lyons (previously Labour council chief)

Director General John Birt (later Labour adviser)

Director General Greg Dyke (previously Labour donor and candidate)

C.O.O Caroline Thomson (previously Roy Jenkin's aide)

Head of Political Research Bill Bush (later Labour spin doctor)

Deputy Head of ditto Catherine Rimmer (later Labour spin doctor)

Director of Strategy Ed Richards (later Labour spin doctor)

Head of Corporate Planning James Purnell (now Labour Minister)

Head of Northern Ireland News Tom Kelly (later Labour spin doctor)

Scottish News Editor Tim Luckhurst (previously lLabour spin doctor)

Political News Editor Joy Johnson (later Labour spin doctor)

Political Editor Andrew Marr (student Labour organiser)

Home News Editor Celia Barlow (now Labour MP)

Head of European Affairs Chris Bryant (now Labour MP)

Newsnight Producer Phil Woolas (now Labour Minister)

Foreign Correspondent Martin Sixsmith (later Labour spin doctor)

Current Affairs Reporter Ben Bradshaw (now Labour Minister)

Current Affairs Reporter Lance Price (later Labour spin doctor)

"Question Time" Editor Gill Penlington (previously Labour researcher)

Many of them actually worked for the Labour party before, after and even during their BBC employment.

Anonymous said...

My goodness, I never realised that this man had such foresight. Everything he said has come to pass, he was obviously painfully aware of the evil that was growing (and has since matured)that was gaining a grip throughout the civilised world. I'm sure that Pat Condell would disagree LOL, but is this what the Bible warns us of, did George Orwell not prophecize that the third world war would a race war?.."turn brother against brother till man is no more" can be interpreted in many ways, after all the definition of man is civilisation, and surely by amalgamating cultures toward their eventual clash, wont that be the end of civilisation?

Anonymous said...

after reading this

where it states that Britain was no longer the USA top ally but it is now Germany and France according to Bush!

i was confused, and offended - very litle if any troop contribution from Germany and France for USA wars in the middle east! our boys are dying and Bush disregards us!

mmmm what could be going on i wondered?

then it all started to click, Bush is well aware that france and Germany hold all the influence over the EU, the EU is part of the NWO that Bush is also keen to impliment so its time to cosy up to France and Germany who will be the main players of the EU part of the NWO.

this also indicates how the UK will be disregarded by Europe once the EU gets full power.

Germany gets its third reich and the rest of Europe has to beg for all they get.

i say to bush if gernany and france are such great allys its time to pull our troups out and let you go it alone.

still bush knows that once the EUSSR takes full power of Europe then the EUSSR also get our armed forces most likely through conscription,
forget the horseshit Brown talks of RED LINES if Brown and his fascist friends know full well that with the final constitution/treaty signed, the EU can and will do anything they wish and can grant themselfs any powers they so wish, including the taking over of all armed forces, and this will be an EUSSR priority, The separate nations armed forces are the biggest to the EU should any nation wish to pull away as it would allow any nation wishing to withdraw to be able to protect themselfs fromany EUSSR agression.

so with our armed forces controlled by the EU in the near future, bush and his like will have control over us in the uk through the power of France and Germany who will control the EU an supply any forces the americans want as part of their New world order expanding system and we will be their poodle forever more.

and there is nothing anyone in the UK could do about it as all our young are sent off to fight wars for more globalist corporate greed.

who`s to say that the ever spreading EU will not at some point want to make a grab for Russia for its gas resouses etc?

it would be easy for the EU to engineer a war with Russia, perhaps the EU starts making grabs for Russian controlled Satilight states Knowing full well Russia will not be happy, so Russia cuts of gas to these states to bring them into line - the EU declares this as an act of war.

the EUSSR would know that they could raise a massive force with conscrption and hell what have the leaders got to lose? - a few million working class Europeans who never beileved in any agresion and never wanted any war, and after it all ends as a big game for the globalist leaders, the leaders will still be sitting pretty as heads of a fascist state knowing full well that they cannot be removed.

Anonymous said...

Red lines Brown speaks all the time about. what he fails to point out is that the EU Parliament will be in a poisition to Veto anything it does not like...Here is a perfect example of this in action.

Saturday, March 08, 2008
EU to Ireland: Drop Dead
by Baron Bodissey..gate of vienna.

“The mask, at last, has slipped.”

The creation of the post-Lisbon EU superstate requires two things:

1. The removal from the governing class in Brussels of any accountability to the people back home who ostensibly elected them.
2. The suppression of freedom of speech and the press, so that the vision of the EU as an Emerald City of Oz is never tarnished by the intrusion of reality.

To ram the Lisbon Treaty down the throats of the various European peoples, sufficient anesthesia must first be applied: lavish social welfare programs, entertaining dreck 24/7 on the state media, and a massive barrage of propaganda touting the beneficial wonderfulness of the European Union. Then, when the patient is adequately groggy, any feeble expressions of his wishes may be safely waved aside.

That’s what’s happening in Ireland: It looks like it no longer matters whether or not there’s an Irish referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon.

This story appeared a couple of weeks ago, but I just learned about it. According to Libertas, an Irish free-market site, the EU has voted to simply ignore the results of any Irish referendum against the Lisbon Treaty. To make matters worse, one of Ireland’s own elected MEPs voted with the majority not to respect the outcome of any Irish referendum.

Here’s the full story from Libertas:
- - - - - - - - -

Responding to News that Irish MEP Proinsias De Rossa joined a large majority of MEPs in voting to reject a motion that committed the EU to “respecting the outcome of the referendum in Ireland”, Libertas President Declan J. Ganley issued the following statement:

“Today’s vote is absolute confirmation that the EU Parliament is committed to ignoring the will of the people.

By a majority of 499-129, the Parliament has sent a message to the Irish people to say ‘we don’t care what you think’.

I condemn Proinsias De Rossa absolutely for this vote, and I urge him to give an explanation to the people who elected him.

This Treaty is designed to remove as much power from the people as possible, and today’s vote confirms the mindset behind it.

With this treaty, we will get a President and a Foreign and Defence Minister of Europe unaccountable to us at the ballot box. We will get a Europe that has power over Irelands Foreign Direct Investment policy, and can hamstring the valuable work of the IDA.

This Treaty is bad for our economy because Europe isn’t simply an economic partner, its an economic competitor as well. We need to be able to set ourselves apart economically, — that power is what has made us so successful, and this treaty removes that power.

Proinsias De Rossa’s actions today were disgraceful, and I condemn them, but at the same time, I welcome the fact that the mask, at last, has slipped”.

A Nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious . But it cannot survive treason from within. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims and he wears their face and their garments…… Cicero

Birt mentioned in first posters interesting list..BIRTS Son converted to islam.

As did Frank Dobbins former labour health ministers SON.

I wear my pin "POWELL WAS RIGHT" with pride BNP online shop supplies.
Someone on the BBC 2 programme said we were too scared to even mention Powell.
The man was a true patriot i celebrate him and salute his honesty.
I refuse to be intimidated by thugs and tyrants!

Anonymous said...


Ethnic cleansing in Bradford?
Author: Rashmee Z Ahmed
Publication: The Times of India
Date: May 16, 2001
A controversial BBC report on Hindus being driven out of the northern English city of Bradford by young Muslims in an act the Vishwa Hindu Parishad provocatively describes as "ethnic cleansing", has evoked sharp reactions all around.

Meanwhile, Britain's mainstream election campaign continues to steer away from the Asian debate over the religious divide, in a reminder of the chasm between race relations and the political centreground.

There seems no middle ground as Hindus and Muslims trade charges. Bradford's Muslims deny they are chasing the Hindus away, while sections of the Hindu community acknowledge the exodus was originally a matter of choice.

"We are almost like white people," Jiniah Parthasarthy of the VHP told The Times of India. "We have small families, the woman works. But not Muslims. So, we are all leaving those crowded Asian ghettos. Over the years it was our own free will. Now, some Muslims are harassing us".

Parthasarthy, a former finance ministry employee in Delhi, has worked in Bradford for nearly 40 years. He believes the Hindus initially left the city to escape the dirt and over-crowding, but now they want to escape the "Talibanisation of Bradford, the Khalifa movement, more than 50 mosques, 100 madrassas".

He blames the air of menace on the radicalisation of young Muslims by firebrand leaders such as Sheikh Omer Bakri, whose Al Muhajiroun movement boasts that it trains potential jihadis bound for Kashmir and Chechnya. Many believe that Bakri's quarterly excursions from London down to Bradford stir up trouble of the sort discouraged by the largely Pakistani organisation that runs Bradford's mosques.

But Pakistani community leaders reject all suggestions of anti-Hindu sentiment in Bradford. Ishtiaq Ahmed of the Council of Mosques, insists there is no "real" friction between Hindus and Muslims, who still live and work side-by side. Mohammed Ajeeb, a former mayor, who proudly testifies to protecting Hindu temples after the Babri masjid was demolished, says the two communities are keen to avoid re-creating India and Pakistan over here.

Even as police reject the VHP's charge of "systematic ethnic cleansing of Hindus", there is some incredulity among sociologists and political analysts about the use of highly charged words, which provoke knee-jerk responses from a Europe that has been fighting Balkan ethnic cleansing for a decade.

"Ethnic cleansing is a push-button word," according to a peace studies expert at Bradford University. "It doesn't exist in a developed western European country. Thank God for that".

Mainstream politics, meanwhile, continues almost to ignore the whole issue. Campaigning in the largely Pakistani northern city of Oldham, Prime Minister Tony Blair made no mention on Tuesday of the angst of neighbouring Bradford's Hindus and Muslims.

Tuesday's BBC report comes just six weeks after a bout of still largely unexplained trouble in Bradford, which police later said was not racial. Even so, it variously pitted mixed groups against whites and then Hindus, offering a confused picture of possible class-led hostility.

Anonymous said...

Enoch Powell had the support of a thousand London dockers, amongst others, and nearly one hundred thousand letters of support.

Where are those people now?

Britain First said...

Enoch was right. End of story.

Sarah D said...

This is a really excellent article Like the Roman, I hope we will hear more from you.

Powell was a great man, brought down by lesser men, he would have been a great leader and it is an insult that he was sacked by Edward Heath, surely one of the least impressive prime ministers of the 20th Century.

Ray Boyd said...

You can see my YouTube vid of Enoch Powell if you go here:

Rivers of Blood

I edited out the idiots like Roy Hattersley, so what you have is original footage only and the first half hour condensed down to 9 minutes.

The Green Arrow said...

Thank you for that Ray. I will put a permanent link to it on the right and also post on the blog and forum.

Thank you for the link. One day we will build a suitable monument to this great man.

Rhein said...

@anon 12:44

Russia is the most powerful nation on Earth at the moment, even the US are scared of them. Of course you won't hear that one in the news but i assure you it's the truth. Russia's new sunbursts missile cannot be intercepted because they travel too fast while the same cannot be said for the rest of the world. Furthermore China would ally with Russia if war was declared.

Russia is the biggest adversary of the globalists but there's nothing Bush and his ilk can do about it. If they declare war on them it's going to lead to a nuclear war that Russia is absolutely sure to win.

kerdasi amaq said...

Hindus are polytheists: in Islamic theology the lowest of the low. Of course they're running them out.

With any luck the instigatators and promoters of multi-culturalism will be hoist with their own petard. ie blown up with their own bomb.

Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

“We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.”

Genetics. 1979 January; 91(1): 163–176.

The Island Model with Stochastic Migration

Thomas Nagylaki

Department of Biophysics and Theoretical Biology, The University of Chicago, 920 East 58th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60637

The theorem doesn’t say you get a mixture of old and new. The theorem says you get complete replacement of the old by the new. The old goes extinct. This is pure genetic replacement. It doesn’t matter if there is an intermediate mixture or not. Over time, the initial stock is replaced completely. Promises of a mixture are false.