Monday, 10 March 2008

What can you say?

By all accounts, the mother of Rachel Whitear, an heroin addict, have condemned the British National Party for using an image of her corpse in the their continuous campaign against the heroin trade. A campaign that you would think, be welcomed by all people in our tormented country. But not so.

Rachel's mother expressed disgust and horror when they were informed about the use of her dead daughters photograph which showed the 21 year old slumped on the floor with a syringe in her hand. They have also objected to the fact that the leaflet apparently describes heroin addicts as pathetic parasites.

Well I hate to be unkind to the memory of Rachel but heroin addicts are pathetic parasites. Many of them live pathetic existences, selling their bodies, stealing and even killing to feed their addiction. They are truly pathetic. The Daily Mail describing Rachel as a victim of heroin. No the real victims of heroin are those whose homes have been burgled, the people mugged and murdered. They are the true victims of heroin.

Now this image had been placed in the public domain in 2000 by Rachel's mother, Pauline Holcroft to warn young people of the dangers of heroin addiction and so, you would have thought she would have been pleased that her daughters death was still being used in the fight against the evil of drugs. But she was not and that is her right but then I read that Rachels stepfather is seeking legal advice. Hmm. Makes you wonder who informed the family of the existence of the leaflets and for what reasons.

But a couple of other things are revealed by this sad story. The Daily Mail sees it as a case of the British National Party making capital at the expense of the young girls death. This is arrant nonsense. The BNP never seeks to make Capital of any event. All it ever does is seek to reveal the truth to the British Public. They do that because they care. Not for political reasons. They leave spin to the Lib/Lab/con pact. The BNP have no need of spin. They have the truth.

The other item in the the story, is their announcement that the thought police are investigating whether the BNP can be prosecuted for inciting hatred by pointing out the blinding truth that Asians are involved in the drugs trade that is helping to undermine the foundations of Our Country. Inciting hatred for speaking the truth?

The only hatred we should feel is towards the politicians who have brought us to this nightmare land. If the British People really want to see an end to the drugs problem then there is only one political party with the bottle to sort it out and you know who that is. The BNP says what it means and means what it says.
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With result of inquest and decision to publish photo in support of the BNP leafletters right to display information that is in the public domain.


Anonymous said...

The other item in the the story, is their announcement that the thought police are investigating whether the BNP can be prosecuted for inciting hatred by pointing out the blinding truth that Asians are involved in the drugs trade that is helping to undermine the foundations of Our Country. Inciting hatred for speaking the truth?
GA..They will make real arseholes of themselves should they attempt to do the above.
I have sent the BNP something of great interest regarding the above subject just incase it was denied.
Having copied this info just incase an attempt was made to disappear it by certain neo Marxist organisations it's kept very safely in my folder.
Watch your mail box! but don't publish allow the BNP call their bluff.

Anonymous said...

Any way of fighting the dirty war against the BNP. The criminals in charge will stop at nothing and resort to increasingly desperate means. Well you would, wouldnt you?, if you thought that all that you had worked so hard to destroy might just start fighting back. This is now only to be expected, and the BNP should be ready and able to deal with the lowest and most despicable acts against them by those low and despicable gangsters that have run the country for the last 40 years.

Anonymous said...

Are Britons Planning to Attack the U.S.?
By A. Millar
Created 2008-03-10 00:33
U.S. Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff has announced in the last few days that all British citizens flying across the U.S. to Canada, South America, etc., will be checked to see if they pose a possible terrorist threat, and will not be allowed to fly if they do. This will apply even if the plane does not touch down on U.S. soil. Chertoff’s recent statement is not the first indication of the U.S. distancing itself from the country, however. Notably, last year the Bush administration announced that Britain was no longer its top ally, and that this spot had been taken by Germany and France.

Sadly, this shift in emphasis makes sense. While many Americans cling to the image of the old-fashioned Englishman in suit, tie and bowler hat, the new Brit is radically different, and, it would seem, some are increasingly radicalized. It is a matter of statistical probability rather than bizarre coincidence that the day after the Daily Mail newspaper reported Chertoff’s comments it carried an article on the investigation of four London policemen by Britain’s secret service, MI5. The policemen in question are believed to be an Al Qaeda sleeper-cell that has been passing information to the terrorist organization.

Al Qaeda and related groups are probably more entrenched in Britain than anywhere else in the Western world, and plan to be there for the long haul. In recent months a DVD made by Islamic extremists, and teaching children about suicide bombing, has been found on sale there. Its Islamicized Tweety-Bird mascot betrays not only an understanding of modern Western culture but also that the intended audience was probably well under ten years of age. More immediately worrying, there are approximately 1,600 terrorist suspects at large in the country, constituting 200 terrorist networks working on 30 terrorist plots. Considering the hostility of Islamic militants to the U.S., it seems likely that more than a few are aimed at that country.

However, in marked contrast to the Bush administration, Obama – who probably views Britain as America’s quant little cousin across the sea – seems likely to try to build a better relationship with Britain, should he become president. He has already met Britain’s Junior Education Minister, David Lammy (heralded as Britain’s own Obama), though much to the surprise of the rest of the British government, which was apparently deliberately kept in the dark about their meeting.

But Obama would be advised to tread very carefully when it comes to cosying up to Labour, which has not only allowed Islamic extremism to grow, and Islam to become a powerful voice in politics, but which is also quite willing to “commend” the U.S.’s long-time adversaries. Notably about a week ago an early morning motion was made in the House of Commons, praising Fidel Castro, condemning the U.S., and urging the British government to, “resist the aggressive forces within the US Administration…” You may note, the sentiment is eerily similar to statements normally issuing the Iranian government.

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Anonymous said...

the BNP has to be careful to avoid implying that all muslims are involved, or we could have problems as well as looking ignorant.

just stating the fact that immigration appears to have made the drug industry the huge problem that it is today is enough,

we dont need blanket statements that make us look ignorant. i hope there were no blanket statements.

Anonymous said...

Just how did the family "discover" the BNP leaflets I wonder...yet another anti BNP setup in progress. I personally know of three serving police officers who have recently left the force, dismayed at what they were expected to do, disgusted at the increasingly politicised role they had to play. Never mind, I'm sure that Noo Labour can find many new potential recruits from overseas who wont mind discriminating against the indigenous population.

Anonymous said...

as powell had the foresight to say,the leftists have inhibited our right to free speech.asians are involved in the drugs trade,that is a fact.its not racist propaganda.the establishment are out to destroy the bnp,just as they destroyed Enoch powells career.