Saturday, 22 March 2008

5 Ways you can Act NOW to help the BNP win on May 1st!

Richard Barnbrook for Mayor of London. Make the establishment sweat. Vote BNP

This is it! The best chance for a really big BNP breakthrough so far! A win in the Greater London Assembly elections on May 1st will be the perfect springboard to victories elsewhere in the country in the European elections next year.

And the even better news is this: There’s something that you can do to help the BNP make this crucial breakthrough. We’re asking every reader of this site to pledge to try to find just five people who are each willing to take these five simple Acts to help Richard Barnbrook and the other BNP candidates win for London and real Londoners on May 1st.

1. Text Ken Livingstone out of London:

Copy the following text into one message and send it to all your contacts in London encouraging them to register to vote by 16th April. Text them again at the end of April reminding them to vote on May 1st:

Stop being part of the powerless Silent Majority. Help the BNP win a London assembly seat in May - register to vote by 16th April & use it to protest against years of PC bullshit on May 1st Pass it on!”

2. Email action:

Copy this text into your email programme where you would usually have a signature, so that every email you send is raising awareness of the BNP challenge to the out-of-touch politicians:

“*** On May 1st the BNP have a great chance to win in London Assembly and local council elections. You can help secure a Voice for the English - register by 16th April and make your vote count against PC bullshit - visit and see why so many people like us are voting BNP!*** ”

3. Days of Action:

While there are teams out leafleting and campaigning in London every single day between now and May 1st, the key dates for mass BNP mobilisations are Saturday 29th March, Saturday 19th April and Saturday 26th April. Please email London BNP here for contact details.

4. Adopt a tube station:

We’re asking London- and Home Counties-based supporters to ‘adopt’ local outer London tube stations and to spend just one hour in the morning rush-hour handing out leaflets to commuters. Order leaflets from Excalibur, contact your local Organiser, or email London BNP here.

5. Send a donation:

Everyone who wants to see ‘Red’ Ken out and Richard Barnbrook in can help by donating to our Election Fighting Fund, either using the Appeal forms recently sent out to everyone on our mailing list, or by clicking here.

Thank you.

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