Monday, 3 March 2008

BNP to sue South Wales Police

Usually when I read that someone is suing the Police, I think, here we go again. Another vexatious complaint. But his time I hope that the South Wales Police have to dig deep into the public purse to pay out on this case.

Back in May of 2006, five British National Party activists, out doing their bit to try and alert their fellow citizens about the dangers facing Our Country by leafleting in Swansea were arrested and held for 13 hours.

Now usually, you have to have committed a really serious crime like breathing the wrong way to be detained for that length of time but to todays political police, distributing the truth is equally heinous and so must be stopped.

The illegally detained activists were subjected to almost constant questioning about their activities who were trying to gather information about the activities of the British National Party in Wales.

The men and they are men, were arrested and bailed on suspicion of committing public order offences by distributing a leaflet headed "If only I could seek asylum" in which it contrasted the income of an elderly person with the benefits received by so called asylum seekers.

Despite having the Clown Prosecution Services legal eagles go through the leaflet for signs of thought crime, nothing was found and the men were bailed and no charges made.

As usual the state controlled press went running to the state controlled Marxist Searchlight for a quote and was rewarded with the required response:

“We sincerely hope that no taxpayers’ money will be provided to a member of this organisation to take action against the police,”
A bit rich coming from a part of the Islamic and Labour funded Urinate Against Freedom(UAF) movement. But there you go. They are only doing the job they are paid to do by you, the taxpayer.

The Police are on a hiding to nothing, for they are well aware that Political organisations do not require local authority consent to sell or distribute literature on the streets. This case will remind the police state that they have not yet totally removed all the freedoms our fathers fought for.

Evening all.

Footnote. The Green Arrow was banned from the icWales forum for posting a link to the Liars, Buggers and Thieves blog pointing out the wrongdoings of Lib/Lab/con councillors in response to an attack on BNP councillors. That was the same day I was banned from the BBC Wales forum for expressing support for the BNP


Anonymous said...

The Authorities trying to prevent the distrubution of leaflets from a perfectly legal party growing daily across the country,Yet allow to thrive in Libraries paid out of the public purse lessons for Jihadists, right across this country where moslem communities live books are stocked that preach hate and insurrection by groups well known across the world for their terror links.
Have sent the full text on GA to
you from a study carried out by a very respected group for social cohesion.
British libraries are funded by the UK taxpayer to educate and entertain the British
public. Their range of books reflects the breadth of interests of the nation. However
a number of public libraries in the UK stock substantial quantities of literature
preaching violent jihad in the most heavily Muslim areas of the country.
Although this problem exists in numerous public libraries, in Waltham Forest,
Birmingham and Blackburn, the following report mainly focuses on one such library
service – that of Tower Hamlets in east London which has the largest Muslim
population of any London borough. Tower Hamlets’ eight lending libraries contain
several hundred books and audiotapes by radical Islamists, stocking the works and
words of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and Jamaat-e-Islami, many senior
Wahhabi clerics and even preachers who have been convicted in the UK of incitement
to murder.
Many of these books stocked in the Islam section of libraries:

• Glorify acts of terrorism against followers of other religions
• Incite violence against anyone who rejects jihadist ideologies
• Endorse violence and discrimination against women
In a number of cases these books are not only on library shelves but are also given
special prominence in displays. Such books abuse traditions of rationalism and
tolerance and risk damaging community cohesion. In the worst cases they are the
tools of radicalisation and increase the risk of Islamic terrorism.
Two examples are particularly striking:
Abu Hamza al-Masri is currently in prison, serving a seven year sentence for
incitement. His sermons in Finsbury Park Mosque influenced, among others, Zacarias
Moussaoui, the convicted ‘twentieth hijacker’ of 9/11, and Richard Reid, the ‘shoebomber’.
In Tower Hamlets libraries several copies of Abu Hamza’s writings on jihad are
freely available and are uncritically presented on open shelves.


Anonymous said...

"The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend"

Normally I wouldn't have much truck with guys like these, because when they're done with islam, I'll be next.

But while they are out there fighting the good fight, we might as well have a read.

Good stuff on the right to preach and distribute religious literature, and the exemption clauses that allow that have another right underneath for political meetings , speeches and literature.