Friday, 21 March 2008

Richard Barnbrook, of the BNP for Mayor


Anonymous said...

I was reading some of the comments for this video, and it really came home to me how out of touch the lefty bandwagon has become. One set of utterings was so insane that the particular loony lefty should be locked up for his/her own sake, it becomes all the more apparent that the followers of the "Hate not Hope" movement are under a dillusional spell, almost some type of illness, perhaps the effects of long term drug taking?. Ok I can understand someone with a vested interest, be it Labour party official, immigrant who doesnt want to assimilate or those poor souls who have never been accepted by mainstream society for whatever reason, wanting to destroy what is left of being British, and following the Marxist evil-but what I cant get my head round is normal everyday people, admittedly very much in the minority, who fight the BNP with such venom. What is wrong with them?, why the suicidal lemming mentality, cant they see that the country is about to collapse, that corruption has become the standard for our children to aspire to, thanks to devious and unscrupulous politicians, and a media complicit in their silence to mention the only real solution to our country's ills?. Take a look at any anti facsist demo and you will see those who have been to the fringes of society, and bear the scars of being the odd one out, those who believe naively that a world under Islam will suddenly be all bright and shiny, when in fact they will be even more ostracised, if not completely outlawed. Time for them to put away the bottles of Buckie, pack the magical herb and papers away, and see which way the water might just be in their interest to fight to keep what remaining vestige of British decency there is left, because this is the only culture that shows tolerance for those who do indeed follow diferent lifestyles and life choices. They have been warned.

Anonymous said...

More like this Sir,
Might put some backbone into the Don't Knows.

Inns Trapp

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Off Topic, but you'll all love this

ivan said...

on an even better note richards video outside parliment has now recieved over 140,000 hits

Anonymous said...

GA Great video!
Tears streaming down my face hearing "I vow to thee my country" my heart just saying how i wish!
The red arrows streaming at the end would make a great BNP poster.
I saw them in action during a visit to the isle of man and thought i'd burst with pride this is what this country needs today more than ever before PRIDE.

Anonymous said...

In Harrow, if I sent my son to my old school he would be in the minority there! He would be picked on, he would be discriminated against, he would have no teachers who where born in England teaching him. He would have no hope of doing well. He would be surround by drug pushers and the fear of knife crime, gun crime, and untold violent threats.

I'm middle class, and have been forced to move, and will be voting BNP.