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oh dear me they wont like this one bit will they. has the rioting started yet from the followers of the so said religion of peace.wont be long now!!!

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Netherland's Prime Minister states. "The film equates islam with violence. We reject that".

What more does he want....we've had mass murder, beheadings, assassinations, death threats to critics...and the recently come to attention white British children used as sex slaves, Panorama last night.

Has not enough blood been spilt and not enough lives ruined?

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The Association of Muslim Lawyers (AML) has been active since 1993 but was only officially founded in 1995. It organises regular seminar, lectures and social events for its several hundred members.

Since its creation the group has campaigned for UK laws to be changed to become compatible with the Sharia - arguing that failure to do so will breach the human rights of Muslims.

In addition, the group's members have said that they also wish for Sharia to become the dominant law-code in the UK, laying out a rough three-step strategy to impose Islamic law in the UK:

Step 1 - To make UK's laws compatible with the Sharia (on issues such as polygamy and inheritance laws for instance).
Step 2 - To set up a network of parallel sharia courts (ruling initially on personal and family law for Muslims) whose authority is recognised by the government.
Step 3 - To help sharia courts to gradually supplant existing secular courts as the Muslim population increases to the point that they become a majority.
The group's plan to gradually Islamicise the UK is approximately consistent with the policies of other groups which its members have associated with. These include the Jamaat-e-Islami, the Islamic Foundation, the Islamic Society of Britain and the Murabitun.J-E-L ARE MCB.

The organisation has also supported the campaign for criticism of Islam to be outlawed as well as campaigning on behalf of Muslims detained for plotting attacks or supporting Muslim militants in Afghanistan or Chechnya.PENDING AT THE U.N.

Ahmad Thomson, the group's most high-profile member and its deputy-chairman, has said that he believes the world is run by Jews and Freemasons. He has also said that the Iraq war was caused by Jews.

Thomson, a white convert born in Rhodesia, is also a member of al-Murabitun, a small Sufi group that has been accused of having neo-Nazi sympathies.

Thomson has advised the government and ministers on Islamic issues. He also sat on the government taskforce 'Preventing Extremism Together' which was set up after the 7 July bombings in 2005.

The Association of Muslim Lawyers is not a registered charity and replies for funding on an annual membership fee paid by its members, donations and revenue from advertising on its website and in its magazine. The membership ranges from £40 per annum for barrister, solicitors or judges to £15 for law students and legal trainees.

At present, the AML is run by volunteers and its operating costs are likely very low. It has no full-time staff and its postal address is a PO Box in High Wycombe. However, the organisation says that it is expanding and its website contains a page appealing for more donations which will enable it to hire two full-time staff.
Islamicisation of UK laws

The Association of Muslim Lawyers has campaigned for Islamic Sharia law to be gradually incorporated into UK law while also advocating the creation of parallel legal system of Islamic Sharia courts.

The AML members have told parliamentary committees that UK laws should be altered to incorporate Islamic elements in order to protect the human rights of British Muslims.

However at the same time they have told Muslim audiences that the incorporation of Sharia into UK law is an important step towards the UK becoming a nation government primarily by Sharia law.

- Campaign for outlawing "incitement to religious hatred"

The Association for Muslim Lawyers has supported the proposals to criminalise "incitement to religious hatred" while also seeking to make legal definitions of "bone fide" religions compatible with Islamic teachings.

The group has urged the government to alter the definition of religion in UK law to include "bona fide" religions based on the worship of "God and His Messengers and of those who seek to obey Him and follow them" but to exclude faiths made up of "animists" and "idol-worshippers".

In October 2002, the Association of Muslim Lawyers, claiming to act "on behalf of all Muslims in the UK" made a submission to the House of Lords Select Committee on Religious Offences.

The AML told the committee that existing Blasphemy laws should be re-defined to protect religions. However it only advocated protecting religions which are compatible with Islamic beliefs and said that faiths such as "idol-worship" by Muslims should not be given similar protection:

"Since the offence of blasphemy is inextricably linked to protection from vilification of God and His Messengers and of those who seek to obey Him and follow them, it follows that this protection cannot be extended to afford protection to those whose beliefs and practices involve whether explicitly or implicitly rejection of God and His Messengers."

In addition, the AML said the law should specifically define a "bona fide religion" as "any religion based partly or wholly on a revelation from God and whose principal purpose is the worship of God"

It also said that the law should define as God as "the Creator, the Sustainer and the Destroyer of all that exists".

The AML further suggested that "animists", "idol-worshippers" and "druids" should be legally categorized as "individuals or groups who formulate or fabricate a 'religion' out of beliefs and practices which derive from other than a bona fide religion."

Through these measures, the AML effectively proposed that UK law should adopt an Islamic definition of God.

The AML definition of a "bone fide religion" would exclude faiths such as Taosim which believe in multiple gods and others such as Zoroastrianism which are not based on a revelation from God.

It could also potentially categorise Hindus as idol-worshippers - in accordance with the mainstream Islamic view of Hinduism as idolatry.

AML's intention to make UK laws compatible with the Sharia is made clear towards the end of the group's submission to the House of Lords when the group said that:

"Wise laws are laws which are in harmony with divine laws."

- Calls for recognition of Muslim Marriage

The Association of Muslim Lawyers has campaigned for UK laws to be changed to recognise Muslim Nikah marriages (the product of Islamic ceremonies which currently have no legal standing in UK law).

The group has said that Muslims who marry in a Nikah Islamic marriage but do not register the wedding are being denied the same rights and benefits as people who do register their marriages.

On 2 October 2006 Nazia Rashid and Ahmad Thomson, acting as representatives of the AML, attended a discussion on the government's proposals to reform the law on co-habitation.

They said that the AML's proposals to legally recognize Nikah marriages could help "women who are unaware that their religious marriage is not recognised in this country and as a result, have few financial remedies available to them if their religious marriage breaks down …. Quite often, 'wives of religious marriages' are left in very vulnerable positions when the marriage breaks down."

The AML warned that the government's failure to grant full legal recognition to Nikah marriages "will trigger the loss of support from the Muslim community."

If the government took the AML's advice, this would effectively grant legal powers to Muslim community leaders and Islamic clerics and allow them to act independently of the UK legal system.

However the AML has rejected compromises which would give Muslims married in nikah marriages the same legal status as co-habiting couples regarding issues such as the division of couple's assets in the event of separation or death:

"The belief that extra-marital sexual relations and same-sex sexual relations are not permitted for Muslims is strongly held by a large number of Muslims in England and Wales and therefore, accordingly many Muslims will have no desire to be placed in the same category as hetero, gay or lesbian co- habitees."

The AML has also opposed plans to grant homosexual couples the same rights as married heterosexual couples:

"We do not agree that opposite sex couples and same sex couples should be subject to the same regime. We feel that not only will large sections of the Muslim community object to this, but other members of the wider community."

- Calls for recognition of polygamy

The Association of Muslim Lawyers has said that the UK should recognise polygamous marriages and that a failure to do so will breach the human rights of Muslims by not allowing them to fully practice their religion.

The group has suggested that the problem can be solved if the government creates a two-tier legal system under which Muslims cannot be charged with polygamy but members of other religions can be.

In March 2004, the Ahmad Thomson (acting as a representative of the AML) told the Union of Muslim Organisations of the UK and Eire that once Muslim marriages were recognised in the UK, it would easy to amend UK law to include other aspects of the Sharia:

"If Muslim marriages conducted in the UK are to be recognised as valid marriages in the eyes of the law, this means that the laws affecting bigamy will have to be amended to permit a Muslim man to have up to four wives at any one time without being charged with and convicted of a criminal offence - even if the number of men who actually exercise this right are relatively few. "

Thomson added that a parallel legal systems should be set up, allowing Muslims to marry up to four wives but ensuring that members of other faiths could still be prosecuted for bigamy if they took more than one wife:

"As regards those Christians and secularists who believe that a man should only have one wife, as well as any other bona fide religious group (such as for example the Ashkenazim) who think the same, the law can continue to be applied as it is at present, including liability to a charge of bigamy where a person is legally married to two partners."

Thomson also suggested that if more people became Muslims (and therefore entitled to practice bigamy), many high-profile celebrity scandals would be avoided:

"We live in a society where princes, prime ministers and football managers are given a hard time in the media for committing adultery, whereas if they had been Sephardhic Jews or Muslims they could have been married to both women with-out any need for secrecy or dissimulation and without having to divorce or reject one in favour of the other - and without attracting salacious media attention."

- Call for Sharia courts

The Association of Muslim Lawyers has told its supporters that in addition to incorporating Sharia Law into UK law, it also wants to see Sharia courts established whose judgements are legally binding under UK law.

The group said that initially these courts would only deal with personal law. It said that the present system of giving primacy to secular law unfairly favours Christians over Muslims.

Speaking to the Association of Muslim Social Scientists on 22 February 2004, Ahmed Thomson said:

"What is being proposed is the recognition by the law of not only the personal law of the bona fide religious groups but also legal recognition of the decisions and rulings of their religious courts. The Christians have their Ecclesiastical Courts, the Jews have their Beth Din, the Muslims have their Shari'a Council, but their judgments are not usually recognised as binding or enforceable in the secular courts.

"There should be a system of registration of bona fide religious courts, including civil Shari'a Courts for the Muslims, in order to ensure that standards are maintained and imposters are excluded. Once registered as a religious court, the decision of any of these courts should be recognised as legally binding on the parties and legally enforceable in the County Courts and High Courts.

"Given the differences between Sunni and Shi'a fiqh, and also the differences of fiqh between the different madhhabs within these two main groupings, ideally it should be possible to have Shari'a Courts which represent all the madhhabs."

The AML has also sought to defend its proposals for Sharia courts against accusations that Sharia laws' intrinsic discrimination against women will end the UK tradition of making all people equal before the law:

"At the moment the UK legal system favours Christians and secularists over and above members of the other religious minorities. If everyone is equal before the law, then this biased imbalance should be redressed."

- Technique of introducing Sharia into UK

The Association of Muslim Lawyers' policies are deliberately aimed at introducing increasing levels of Sharia law into the UK - through changing existing laws and setting up a system of parallel Islamic courts.

Ahmed Thomson, the group's deputy chairman, is one of the few Muslims in Britain who have openly described how Sharia law could become the dominant law in the UK.

In 'Muslim in Europe - Religious freedom in a secular society' an article published in the AML's April 1998 newsletter, Thomson wrote that the government could be forced to introduce Sharia law if Muslims could prove that being judged under Islamic law was an essential part of their religious observances.

To support his argument, Thomson quoted the second clause of Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights:

"Freedom to manifest one's religion or beliefs shall be subject only to such limitations as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society in the interests of public safety, for the protection of public order, health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others."

He then explained that if it could be proven that the UK government had breached Muslims' human rights - as defined by the EU - in preventing them from voluntarily judging each other in Sharia courts, then the way to setting up official sharia courts would be open:

"It follows that if the British government does not secure inter alia the rights to have religious belief, put that belief into practice, and educate one's children in accordance with that belief - and if it does not ensure that there is an effective remedy for anyone whose rights, including inter alia these rights, are violated - then clearly the British government will be in violation of its duties under the Convention, and in effect it will also itself by default be guilty of religious discrimination."

The EU's human rights convention, Thomson said, states that if the UK government is found to be in breach of the convention, it is legally obliged "to ensure that there is an effective remedy … for everyone whose Convention rights are violated."

In other words, the EU would then force Britain to set up a national system of Sharia courts.

In September 2005, speaking at a conference in London Central Mosque in Regent's Park, Ahmad Thomson explained why it was necessary to Islamic laws to be incorporated into UK laws:

"At present Muslims in the UK face hardship in that their personal law is not recognised by the secular civil courts… [in addition] as regards commercial transactions generally, Muslims are often obliged to follow practices and accept terms in their contracts which are contrary to the Shari'a. In other words, Muslims find themselves following a deen which is not Islam. One way of overcoming these difficulties will be to incorporate Muslim personal law into UK domestic law."

However, Thomson has elsewhere said that the introduction of Sharia law is part of the transformation of the UK into an Islamic state. Speaking to Emma Newton, another convert to Islam, in the summer 2005 edition of Ar-Risaalah, the publication of the University of Cambridge Islamic Society, Thomson said:

"We are attacked by the kafirun because we have an alternative way of life to them and we do not worship what they worship … there is some of Allah's humour in Islam's continual rise in Europe and America, because everything that's happening now is a direct result of the colonial era. If you look at history, the people who colonise, in the end are always themselves colonised by the peoples they once colonized … I look forward to the day when the majority of British people have voted in favour of being governed in accordance with the Sharia of Islam.'WHO DID THE SWEDES COLONISE?

Stance on key issues:

The Association of Muslim lawyers usually only involves itself on legal issues related to Muslims in Britain. However this has brought it into conflict with the government over issues such as the detaining of terror suspects.

At the same time, the group has worked hard at a grassroots level to promote the idea that Muslims in the UK are both entitled and obliged to live under Sharia law - an stance bound to increase religious segregation and sectarianism.

- Condemnation of suicide bombings

The Association of Muslim Lawyers has also strongly condemned suicide bombings against civilians - even in Israel.

A fatwa entitled 'Shahid or Suicide - Martyr or Murderer? The Muslims' Rules of Engagement' written by Ahmad Thomson and published on the AML website said:

"As in the case of most legal systems, the Shari'a of Islam permits Muslims to fight in self-defence if they are attacked - but even in times of war, it is forbidden to kill non-combat-ants, especially women and children and old men."

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The enemy within are condemed by there own words and deeds.
Watch how the main media will condem this film as rascist , etc .

and they will do all they can to stop Europeans from seeing the truth.

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

I suppose it was to be expected that LiveLeak would 'sh*t can' the movie but it is all over the P2P and torrents abound. The moon worshipers can't stop it now. I was linking to it but there's not much point now it's gone.

I retrieved my copy from my Linux ./tmp literally moments after LiveLeak pulled it. A most factual, disturbing and compelling film. I am in the process of disseminating copies to everyone I can think of and suggest everyone else does the same.

As the saying goes "if you only get to see one movie this year ..etc etc. Well it really has to be this one. Ignore it at your peril.........

Pip pip

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Liveleak has pulled FITNA due to death threats

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What puzzles me is just what have all the European governments been promised to promote Islam, i.e. Netherlands Prime Minister. Why do they believe they will survive if their own people are threatened with slaughter, anyone know?