Saturday, 15 March 2008

Moslems show their respect for Churches

Christian church set in flames by Albanian Muslim Fanatics 2004. Killing of non-muslims is legitimate. The crosses are still fallen - not in Iraq, in Europe. It was just one of nearly 200 destroyed or desacrated churches and monasteries. There is growing concern that Kosovo, a disputed region in the southern province of Serbia, is emerging as a bastion of radical Islam. 90 percent of Kosovo's population is ethnic Albanian Muslims. Serb Christians, for who Kosovo is an ancestral homeland and the site of many important Serbian Orthodox churches and monasteries, make up roughly 10 percent of the population. Kosovo is part of Serbia but majority of Albanian Muslims want independence.

Kosovo-Metohija is the cradle of the Serbian Orthodox church and of Serbian culture. The towns, cities, and villages all have Serbian names from the medieval period when it was part of Serbia. The oldest Serbian Orthodox churches are located in Kosovo. Albanian settlement and colonization during the Ottoman Turkish period could not erase its Serbian heritage. Moreover, Kosovo-Metohija was never a part of Albania. In fact, there had never been an Albanian state until 1912.

In Kosovo, the small Jewish population was ethnically cleansed out of Kosovo in 1999 along with Kosovo Serbs and other non-Albanians after NATO troops occupied the Serbian province. The Kosovo Jews fled to Belgrade. There are no more Jews living in Kosovo today, which is under NATO military occupation. So the islam is getting closer to europe step by step - but in this case the eyes of the UN are watching it.

The United States should not support a misguided course of detaching Kosovo from Serbia to create an independent Muslim Albanian state dominated by terrorist and criminal elements! Doing so would --

_ Lead to the elimination of the remaining Christian Serb population;

_ Strengthen global jihad terrorism and organized crime; and

_ Fatally undermine the rule of law in international affairs.

Say "NO" To Kosovo Independence!

Crucified Kosovo/ Shame In The Face Of Christian Europe


Anonymous said...

The below article was taken from the Friday edition of the Evening Express March 14th. It raises a few questions.

A group of men have appeared in court accused of an assault in Aberdeen. The five men were alleged to have assaulted a man in Union Street.

Mohammed Dawod 17, Abdul Majoub, 21, Hosem Mbarki 20, Riyadh Nacef 16, and Muhammed Yussof 21, all denied the alleged attack. It is alleged the men attacked Stuart Rennie by grabbing him and repeatedly kicking him on the head and body, knocking him out.

Dawod, of 2 the Haughs of Clinterty Kineller, Majoub, of 256 King Street, Mbarki, of 75 Ardarroch Road, Nacef, of 2 Clerk Maxwell Crescent, and Yussof, of room 2, 262t Old Fire Station King Street- all Aberdeen- are due to appear in court again in May

Anonymous said...

Ah it must have been a mistake, cuddly old Mo and Mu wouldnt do things like that, Mr Bliar told us so...anyway I bet that Rennie guy made some racist comment or "offended" our guests in some way, and of course he would then be deserving of any punishment that our heroes decided to give him.

Anonymous said...

the good news is a small part of mohamads european street fighting arsenal just blew up?
and that is only a fraction?
god help us matelot?

Hannah said...

The Aberdeen incident was a misunderstanding. As was said above, a racist comment was made towards them first, and they fought back only in self defence. As for the other incident -- the burning of that church -- you can't go on blaming Islam for everything a Muslim does wrong. Everytime a Christian man does something wrong, it's not stated that he is Christian and that Christians are bad people. Please don't do the same to Muslims. Muslims want peace, and do respect other religeous groups such as Christianity.

Deucaon said...

Not in Kosovo, they don’t.