Tuesday, 25 March 2008

The myth of the lazy, white Briton

By: Like the Roman

Over the last ten years there has been a surge in the number of immigrants coming to our shores, resulting in the rapid and unparalleled transformation of many of our towns and cities. The Office of National Statistics' figures indicate that in 1992, 164,000 migrants from outside the EU came to Britain; by 2006, this had almost trebled to 468,000! Those figures do not include British citizens or those from EU countries.

As the floodgates have opened and Britain has been submerged under a tidal wave of immigrants, our politicians have remained silent. Prior to the 1997 general election, senior representatives of the three main parties signed a pledge not to make 'race' an election issue, and in 2001 The Commission for Racial Equality requested a similar pledge was signed by individual MPs, effectively stifling debate on the issue.

Of course, discussion of immigration has been taboo since the 1960s, when Enoch Powell was hectored and pilloried by its left-wing exponents, the media and even his colleagues. Actually, that's not entirely true, discussion of the negative aspects of immigration and multiculturalism are taboo, we are forever being told about the benefits they bring.

Amongst the many spurious reasons cited for the need for mass-immigration, is that immigrants do "the jobs nobody else wants". We are frequently told that there are lots of lazy, indigenous Britons languishing on state benefits, rather than getting a job. The media perpetuate this myth by stereotyping benefit claimants as white, working class and uneducated - known in popular culture as 'chavs'. In contrast, ethnic minorities are usually portrayed as hard working and often entrepreneurial.

The government's own statistics, however, paint a different picture. As you can see from the graph below, Muslims, per capita, are far more likely to be unemployed than Christians, who after Jews, are the least likely to be out of work.


Even if the stereotypical hedonistic, feckless chav has turned his back on God, the above graph shows that per capita, a person of 'No religion' is more or less as likely to be unemployed as their Sikh or Hindu counterpart.

In addition to being lazy, the white underclass are also portrayed as having large broods, too. However again this is contrary to the statistics, which show that the highest birthrate in the UK is among Pakistani-born women, who have an average of 4.7 children compared to 1.6 for British-born women.

If indeed there are jobs that people don't want to do, basic economics suggests that this can be remedied quite simply - by increasing the wage. In fields that are more specialised, the higher wage will motivate people to get the skills required. By merely importing people with the necessary qualifications, we are suppressing wages and depriving other (usually poorer) countries of their skilled work force.

It is obvious to anybody that an immigrant from say, Poland, who is sharing a house (and thus the rent and bills) with several of his compatriots is likely to be willing to work for less than a Briton with a family to feed and clothe. When one also takes into account the fact that if he is sending money home, or saving it up with the intention of spending it in Poland, his income is in real terms much higher due to the cost of living being much cheaper there.

The truth is there is most definitely an underclass in the UK that is dependent upon benefits, though it is by no means exclusively white. More importantly, it is more the result of mass-immigration than its cause.


Anonymous said...

I think you hit the nail on the head with this GW, also how are the poor buggers supposed to bring up a family when they can't get any where to live in the first place. Is that part of the plan to get rid of us? Who do they think they are going to get to fight for them when the white working class is a minority? The turnips won't be willing, & most of the black people who I have meet will not either, when its to late they will find them self's up shit creek without a paddle!

johnofgwent said...

Don't forget the false evidence put before the Home Office to allow the Fast Tarcking of visa's for skilled workers from outside the EU. It took years for the lies behind that scam to be exposed. I am proud to have played one small part in helping a House of Commons Select Committee discover the truth and censure the liars whose agenda was to fill the boots and coffers of foreign companies and "Software Houses" at the expense of british pasport holding entrepreneurs and employees alike forced out of their jobs and contracts so these "FTV" cases could take the work and the money instead.

Remember the nurses imported from Spain, and just as swiftly exported when Gwent HHS found the new doctor's and consultant's contracts left no money to pay them.

Remember EDS and Siemens, the shambles at Swanwick and the Passport office.

Remember FI and the bounty to terminate british born entrepreneurs.

And above all Remember British Telecom and Mahindra.

Anonymous said...


Very interesting stuff. I'm not aware of much of what you say so please would you be prepared to provide more info via an essay for GA?

This curious alliance between marxists who use immigrataion to colonise the UK and global capitalists who benefit from a never-ending pool of cheap labour is something I think we all need to be much more informed about.

What on earth will the UK be like in 20 years?


Anonymous said...

Don't forget this myth of the unemployed Muslim male is usually a load of tripe as when night falls they all get into their taxis or head for their brothers/uncles restaurant/take away.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, your article echoes what I've been thinking for a while now. We should beware of writing off whole sections of our people as "chavs", "white trash", "scum" etc. Yes there are problems in certain areas, particularly with our youngsters turning to drugs and booze, but it's a mistake to join in unthinkingly with the media-inspired sneering at the once-proud white working classes. Like it or not, these are our people. The questions to ask are, how has this situation come about, and what can we do to turn it around?

I also like to remember those lines from Kipling's poem 'Tommy':

For it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' "Chuck him out, the brute!"
But it's "Saviour of 'is country" when the guns begin to shoot.

Anonymous said...

immigrants `not working` figures by country of origin
institute for public policy research 2007

Somalia 81% (muslims)
Turkey 59% (muslims - EU membership endorsed by Labour)
Bangladesh 56% (muslims)
Pakistan 55% (muslims)
Iran 48% (muslims)
Cyprus 32% (EU)
Jamaica 31%
China 31%
Portugal 30% (EU)
India 29%
Poland 15% (EU)
Austrailia 11%

council/social housing taken by immigrants

Somalia 80%
Turkey 49%
Bangladesh 41%
Portugal 40%
Jamaica 35%
Iran 33%
Zimbabwe 20%
Cyprus 16%
Pakistan 15%
China 9%
Poland 8%
Australia 5%

Anonymous said...

The above from Kipling says it all really doesnt it. And just who are those who despise Tommy in peacetime but praise him in times of war, well no other than the sneering classes, inluding HRH, who has shown her utter contempt for Tommy's grandkids with her silence to all that is going on. The irony of it all, is that those once aristocratic and elavated sneering classes have now largely been replaced by opportunistic Labour cranks crooks and backstabbers, who have crawled their way up the snakes ladder, and without whose affiliation to the Communist party/EU would have remained as small time bullies in their working class back yards, think two Jags!. And old Tommy is still being treated with sneering hatred, one minute they were calling the kids chavs, now they are desperately trying to recruit them into dying in Afghanistan. And only the fact that they know the youth of today, along with their parents, would rightly go ballistic at the thought of conscription, then they would be setting up poor old Tommy again. ps I have no objection to a form of National Service, but I do have an objection to seeing our youngsters herded into fighting illegal wars for the likes of Bliar, especially when mainly young fit male imigrants are being allowed into the country to do as they see fit with total immunity.

Anonymous said...

its all the hallmarks of my native ulster called "jerry mandering"once 7,000 to 9,000 english/scots were forced to leave their homes by the then british goverment to make way for a more equal vote in that area of belfast.most ulstermen on leaving their homes burned them down.this is all the hallmarks of serbia and kosovo and will happen in our motherland