Tuesday, 4 March 2008

All or nothing – Diversity is not a buffet

By Sarah: Maid of Albion

In 2000 Jack Straw, the then Home secretary, made the notorious statement that the English as a race have a “propensity for violence and aggression”. There may be some merit to this claim, it is certainly true that the British soldier has a long and well earned reputation as a ferocious fighter. Furthermore, it would be disingenuous for any English person to deny that a number of our young men, and progressively more of our young women, have a propensity for binge drinking and hooliganism, albeit we are certainly not alone in respect of the latter, as various examples of football violence across Europe demonstrate.

However, ignoring the accuracy, or otherwise of the statement, and the fact that the English are one of the few races on Earth about whom a Western politician would dare make such a comment, it is an unequivocal acknowledgement of the fact that individual racial and cultural characteristics exist, and that some of these characteristics are less than desirable.

This fact that other races might have undesirable characteristics is something which is always ignored by those who sing the benefits of diversity and multiculturalism. Invariably they will highlight the perceived benefits whilst seeking to obscure the disadvantages. This is, of course, somewhat dishonest, a multicultural society is not a buffet table from which you can pick and choose small spoon-fulls of the dishes you prefer, whilst leaving the less appetizing offerings untouched. Diversity does not offer a pick-and-mix option, when you opt for multiculturalism you have to take the whole carcass, including the horns, offal and stomach content.

Although it may not be politically correct for the likes of Jack Straw to make a similarly blunt appraisal of the cultural or racial propensities of other races, it would be ludicrous to claim that the English are the only race on earth to have undesirable characteristics. It follows, therefore, that because of mass immigration, instead of having one cultural problem to deal with we have now imported dozens more. Furthermore, the problems we are importing not only make existing problems worse, but they are introducing us to a whole new range undesirable issues, albeit some quite exotic ones.

This is even more the case in relation to immigration from third world countries, many of which have serious social problems, including high levels of crime, corruption and violence. There are various reasons for those problems, and some could be the result of culture and ideology. If so, only a fool would imagine that people would or could change their culture or ideology by the mere process of getting on a plane and flying to Heathrow, indeed the supporters of diversity would be appalled at such a suggestion, they insist that new cultures and ideologies brought to our shores by the new arrivals, enrich our culture and must be embraced. Unfortunately, we are consequently, obliged to embrace things which damage our communities in addition to those which allegedly enhance them. Let us consider some examples:

The heavy involvement of those of Jamaican and Somali origin in both street and gun crime is not merely anecdotal, the levels are now so overwhelming that even the Community cohesion censors in the media can no longer hide the fact that members of the West Indian and Somali communities feature to a staggeringly disproportionate degree as both the victims and, even more so, as the perpetrators of such crimes. Indeed the very existence of Operation Trident is official acknowledgement of the seriousness of the levels of gun crime within those communities.

As a possible explanation for this it is worth remembering that Jamaica and Somalia are two of the most dangerous countries in the world, with terrifying rates of crime and murder, indeed Somalia is all but a bandit state. If we are to accept that, as Jack Straw tells us, the English have a propensity for violence, is it then racist to wonder if either Jamaicans or Somalis have cultural propensities which might have contributed, in some measure, to the state in which their countries find themselves? Is it further racist to wonder whether, when we welcome them to our land we are welcoming the bad side of their culture as well as the good?

Almost nightly on our TV screens we see horrible scenes of inter-ethnic violence in Africa, in the Middle East or amongst rival groups in Pakistan, do we really imagine that there is something in the water in those countries which makes them behave in the way they do and that as soon as they have drunk a glass of good old Thames water they will suddenly develop moderate western ways?.

From these links to various “isolated incidents” over the last six yours, it seems not. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4989202.stm

I know that whenever race riots are mentioned the apologists remind us of Teddy Boys and Rockers fighting in Brighton during the '50s, but did they really use machetes?

This is not to deny that all races have good and bad amongst them, however, just like the English each nation and each race has its own unique cultural problems, so, by tolerating such high levels of immigration as we now do, we are inevitably adding new and diverse problems to our home grown ones.

There have always been indigenous white criminals, who have committed a variety of crimes, but we are now seeing new types of crime, which were not previously common in Britain. Muti murder, female genital mutilation and honour related violence, only effect small sections of the immigrant community, however, other forms of imported crime impact on all of us.

For instance a highly controversial, and long suppressed, Channel 4 documentary during the 1990's
revealed how the numbers of gang rapes committed by the indigenous white population was statistically minute, in fact they could find no record of any gang rapes in Britain in the ten years leading up to the programme, which had not been committed by a black or mixed rape gang. Yet the numbers of gang rapes are increasing each year.

Those who remember that programme, may also remember the outcry it caused, not unlike that which happened when they attempted to expose the problem of under aged white girls who being groomed for sex by Asian men. However, once again, the main thrust of the complaint was not that the allegations were untrue, but that making them, was in itself racist, would cause racial tension. (You can be sure that if it were white people committing gang rapes and grooming Asian girls, these same people would be shrieking for its widest possible exposure and community cohesion can go hang.)

The Advertising Standards Authority and The Financial Services Authority issue rules and codes of practice requiring firms to give equal prominence to the disadvantages of the products they advertise as they do to the benefits.

It seems that no such rules are applied to those who wish to promote racial diversity and ever increasing levels of immigration. Whereas although the supposed benefits of inward migration are trumpeted as undisputed fact, any mention of the very many disadvantages is all but prohibited, and as the Bishop of Rochester discovered can result in howls of outrage and death threats.

It is time that those who make the laws which have such impact on our lives, and who have opened our boarders to allcommers, admit that this multicultural social experiment they have inflicted upon us has a downside, because, by the day it is becoming clearer just how deep that downside is, and that, by comparison, the alleged English propensity for violence pales into insignificance.


Anonymous said...

Another excellent article,thankyou.

Sarah D said...

Thanks! Here is a link to the comments I mentioned by Jack Straw

Anonymous said...

Good article Sarah. The header picture is spot on too GA.

The state of multicultural agression and actual physical violence is all part of the great plan to lead us to the prison gate of the one world order.

Racial and religious tension and violence will be brought, manipuluted, to such a stage that joe public will implore, beg on their knees, for the authorities to "do something" to stop the madness.

They will

With blunt brute force and laws so oppressive that will make todays politically correct world look like a utopia.
An interesting word is utopia. It can mean an ideally perfect place, or an impractical, idealistic scheme for social and political reform. Take your pick, depending on which side of the multiculti razorwire fence your on.

It's all going to plan people, but we can change that plan, we must and we are changing it along with dedicated people like GA. Thats why we all must do our bit and talk down this mad multiculti one world order to any and everyone that will listen. Change a mind and change the world. Saraha changed her mind and changed her world. Good on you gal. Now work on your friends Saraha, create the ripple effect.

As Churchill said, "better jaw, jaw than war, war".

I think you mentioned the Politically Incorrect site a while ago GA. If not here's a link for the history of political correctness.


Well worth spreading that link around the blogs and your address book folks.

Change a mind, Change the world.


BFB said...

Brilliant article, Sarah, keep 'em coming.

Anonymous said...

Where diversity leads...........

Hizb-ut-tahrir’s demonstration for a caliphate in Denmark
Posted by Sitemaster on February 16, 2008

Copenhagen: When the fundamentalistic organisation went on the streets on friday, it was not only a demonstration against the reprinting of the muhammed cartoons, but just as much a call to impose the islamic state in Denmark.

The leader of the organisation Fadi Abdullatif said in his speech: A state that rules with the sword, not with words. A state that shows the penalty for insulting the prophet.

Another message was: It is nessesary to convert Denmark into an islamic state to prevent deliberate insultings of islam.

This is Denmark anno 2008:

Ed (UKT) said...

Brilliant report’ told as it is!

Whereas columnists in regular mainstream tabloids are motivated by politically correct reporting, these issues will remain watered down in interests of cultural cohesion and will never highlight the growing criminal trends of the multi-cultural communities.

With immigration its own brands of crime, never seen before in Britain until the last ten years are imported at an unprecedented rate. These criminal activities cannot be tackled with appropriateness and effectiveness unless the pc blanket is removed and dropped.

It’s refreshing to see a report in its rawness, and unless tabloids in the mainstream arena follow suit, this will always be an uphill struggle to tackle these issues at root level.

At this point we must ask ourselves what is more important, following political correctness? Or dropping this PC charade and tackling these issues head on?

Unless the shyness of raw reporting is shunned and reports being presented accurately, these issues will never be overcome and the spiralling vortex of Multi-Cultural crime will continue to spiral way out of control.

Well done, Maid of Albion for the fantastic analyses and the Green Arrow for this blog.

Thankfully not everyone is infected by the PC virus!

Ed (UKT)

Anonymous said...

I see old Jaspas name mentioned in the report on gang rape, hollier than thou as always, wonder if he was paying d cash for his leg over at that time?

Anonymous said...

Good article.

Harry has hit the nail on the head. Multiculturalism is just one weapon used by marxists to destroy the west.

They know exactly what they are doing and creating a multi-racial harmonious society is the last thing they want.

What's being done is deliberate, of that I have no doubt and it is something I never ever thought I'd say.

We are being attacked by an evil force. We have to stop it and we have to stop it soon.

A reminder of the Common Purpose threat and note the aims of marxists and see how they tie in with Sarah's article:



Bert Rustle said...

The U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs has produced a series of spreadsheets here . They are referenced in article by Laurence Auster in Frontpagemag.com The Truth of Interracial Rape in the United States .

... In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man.

What this means is that every day in the United States, over one hundred white women are raped or sexually assaulted by a black man.

The Department of Justice statistics refer, of course, to verified reports. ...

The same pattern occurs with male rape. Human Rights Watch reports Male Rape in US Prisons .

...Past studies have documented the prevalence of black on white sexual aggression in prison.(213) These findings are further confirmed by Human Rights Watch's own research. Overall, our correspondence and interviews with white, black, and Hispanic inmates convince us that white inmates are disproportionately targeted for abuse.(214)

... African Americans typically face sexual abuse at the hands of other African Americans, and Hispanics at the hands of other Hispanics. Some inmates told Human Rights Watch that this pattern reflected an inmate rule, one that was strictly enforced: "only a black can turn out [rape] a black, and only a chicano can turn out a chicano."(215) Breaking this rule by sexually abusing someone of another race or ethnicity, with the exception of a white inmate, could lead to racial or ethnic unrest, as other members of the victim's group would retaliate against the perpetrator's group. ... The causes of black on white sexual abuse in prison have been much analyzed. Some commentators have attributed it to the norms of a violent black subculture, the result of social conditioning that encourages aggressiveness and the use of force.(217) Others have viewed it as a form of revenge for white dominance of blacks in outside society.(218) Viewing rape as a hate crime rather than one primarily motivated by sexual urges, they believe that sexually abused white inmates are essentially convenient surrogates for whites generally. ...

I am not aware why this pattern of crime should be markedly different in the UK; it is similar to the comparison of non-sexual violent crime. Such crime patterns are typically attributed to poverty; however I am not aware how rape can be so excused. Is this why it is largely excluded from public discourse?

Regarding black crime rates in Britain, the USA and indeed worldwide see Cross-national variation in violent crime rates

From the discussion:

"These results first corroborate predictions ... that Blacks average higher rates of violent crime than do Whites and East Asians and ... people
of East Asian descent commit relatively fewer acts of violent crime than
do those of European or African descent. Present results show that the population patterns in crime found within Britain, Canada, and the United
States are more generalizable than is often supposed. This implies that some of the causes of race differences must be sought beyond the local conditions of particular countries or even groups of countries."

If you have the time and the interest, various other references can be found in my comments at Gates of Vienna here and here


A typical comment from the slavic jew ,straw,he does not even possess the imagination to choose a decent surname.
The romans knew of this immigration disaster too,
Terra mutata non mutat mores.