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Moslems and Marxists threaten to stop the RWB

What the UAF want to destroy. Our childrens future

The Unite Against Freedom(UAF) thugs have vowed to stop the annual gathering of members and families of the British National Party at their annual Red, White and Blue festival that is due to be held later this year.

The RWB, unlike the Notting Hill Carnival, that is sometimes referred to as the Murder and Mugging Carnival, is a family affair where those attending can partake in sporting activities, listen to good music and join in political debate without worrying about being assaulted.

Alarmed by the phenomenal growth in membership and the increasing support for the BNP, an alliance of Marxists, Stalinists, Moslems and even homosexuals have united under the banner of the UAF to try and intimidate people into staying away from the event.
The Unite Against Fascism conference was an excellent event, with a fantastic range of speakers from Daud Abdullah from the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) to Derek Mumm from gay rights group Stonewall.
At last years, RWB the only violence was Mr Punch being well out of order in the Punch and Judy Show, for which he was duly punished. How many people have been murdered or mugged at the Notting Hill Carnival? We shall never know. The Metropolitan Police will not release the true figures.

The state paid agents of the likes of Searchlight and the UAF, who recently saw one of their Leading Lights, Lee Jasper scuttle away from an inquiry into the whereabouts of large sums of London ratepayers money are even prepared to threaten violence. This is what they are saying over on their Websites.
ends justify means said...

Although anti-fascists in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire have been working together to harass the BNP, we need to hit them where it hurts most, like close and personal with their kids.

These Nazis try to maintain the appearance of a family fun celebration just like an old style Butlins holiday camp when actually its like the Hitler youth.

If they wiil bring their children along to such potentially conflict-provoking events then it wouldn't be surprising if some of them got accidently injured in the conflict.

Spread this news around and see how the attendance drops off.10:29 PM, March 04, 2008
The above comment reveals the mindset of the Marxists who seek to strangle free speech so they may continue with their pipe dream of building a Marxist Eurabia in alliance with Global Business.

They are not prepared to stand in elections, they are not prepared to debate, for they know they would lose in both. It is by physical intimidation that they seek to silence the voice of the True British People in the form of the British National Party.

Last year the only thing they could do to disrupt the Festival was to muster just ONE lone protester at the gate to the event who was treated with respect by people passing by. In fact he was even offered refreshment.

This year a few "local" people have been prompted into making statements about their concerns for noise but these are suspected to be purely vexatious and not the views of the True British people from around the area who welcome the event.

Those students and union members offered a free ride to the festival and who might disagree with the policies of the BNP should not allow themselves to be used by the paid agitators organising this attack against a Family Weekend with hundreds of children present. If they really must demonstrate at an event then they should protest at the government and Moslem funded Love Music Hate Racism event which is being organised again by the UAF. An event supported by the likes of Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse, both notorious drug takers who are hardly role models for our young.

The marxists, knowing that one of the things that most motivates the decent people of the BNP is love of family as well as country. They hope to provoke a violent reaction by people defending their order to point to the BNP as being a violent organisation. They will not be allowed to do this. The BNP is not and never has been a violent organisation. It is a legal political party seeking to make changes via the path of democracy.

Let us hope that there are lots of cameras around to take images of the paid UAF troublemakers and those duped into attacks on what is a weekend to celebrate Family Values and British Culture. Because those who do attempt to disrupt this event will be shamed for ever in the eyes of the True British Public and never forgiven.

News report here.


Anonymous said...

Fjordman the great Norwegian writer and anti jihadist wrote that when the Marxist realised that the majority were waking up to what was really going on then violence would be threatened and carried out unless we accepted our place.....which is Dhimmitude.


Brititude Dhimmitude
The celebrated Jew hater Ken Livingstone has proposed a surrender doc to Islam. Here's the PDF link.

Ken Livingstone commissioned a report called "Common Ground". Here's some extracts and also attached is the report:- (hat tip Liam)

From Livingstone:

The research undertaken for this report highlights examples of good practice and makes recommendations to news organisations as to how they can play a role in morefairly portraying Muslims and Islam through self-regulation and the development of codes of professional conduct. Increasing Muslim representation in the media is essential to overcome theelementaryignorance upon which so much Islamophobia – as with other forms of prejudice and bigotry – feeds.

Other gems:-

"4 Foreign policy
Much of UK foreign policy works to the disadvantage of Muslims overseas. Examples include the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, support for the government of Israel in its dealings with Palestinians and ; Lebanon, insufficient criticism of the US creation of Guantanamo Bay, and exploitation of natural resources, particularly oil, in Muslim countries. "

"Western and Islamic values are not incompatible. For example, the objectives (maqasid)and essential interests (masaleh daruriyah)of the Shariah (Islamic Law) – namely, the development of individuals, social justice and communities through the protection of life, intellect, religion, family and wealth – are little different from the deeper values and principles that underpin European human rights law, as captured in the European Convention of Human Rights. "

"Consideration should again be given to amending the Press Complaints Commission’s (PCC) terms of reference so it can consider distorted and inaccurate coverage of groups and communities as well as of individuals, and can consider complaints from third parties."

"The term ‘Islamophobia’ in its current sense was coined in about
1990. Itcan be a useful shorthand term for referring to coverage that:
• presents narratives about Islam and Muslims as threats at the same
time as ignoring or misrepresenting alternative narratives
• does so with closed not open ways of thinking, talking and engagement
• is likely to increase insecurity and vulnerability amongst Muslims
• is likely also to provoke anxiety, fear and panic amongst non-Muslims
• is unlikely thereforeto help diminish levels of hate crime and acts of
discrimination against Muslims
• is unlikely to contribute to an informed debate about ways of
maintaining and developing Britain as a multicultural, multifaith democracy. "

Freedom in England R.I.P.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone and everyone attending the RWB festival should make sure that they carry a full loaded camera.
We need to stand up and be counted otherwise before much longer we shall be being forced to don islamic headgear also start wearing badges like the Jews were forced to wear in Germany.

7th-21st century. The notion of Dhimmitude, originating in the 7th century, still applies today to non-Muslims under Islamic rule—whether Jews or Christians, whether in Saudi Arabia or in Sudan. Dhimmitude began in 628 CE when Mohammed and his forces conquered the Jewish oasis at Khaybar. They massacred many of the Jews and forced the rest to accept a pact (”Dhimma”) which rendered them inferiror to their Muslim conquerors. Over the centuries, the ideology of Dhimmitude expanded into a formal system of religious apartheid.

Institutionalized apartheid. In Shari’a law, there are official discriminations against the Dhimmi, such as the poll-tax or jizya.

No legal rights. Jews may not testify in court against a Muslim and have no legal right to dispute or challenge anything done to them by Muslims. There is no such thing as a Muslim raping a Jewish woman; there is no such thing as a Muslim murdering a Jew (at most, it can be manslaughter). In contrast, a Jew who strikes a Muslim is killed.

Humiliation and vulnerability. Jews and Christians had to walk around with badges or veils identifying them as Jews or Christians. The yellow star that Jews had to wear in Nazi Germany did not originate in Europe. It was borrowed from the Muslim world where it was part of the apartheid system of Dhimmitude.

Conditional protection. The protection of the Dhimmi is withdrawn if the Dhimmi rebels against Islamic law, gives allegiance to non-Muslim power (such as Israel), refuses to pay the poll-tax, entices a Muslim from his faith, or harms a Muslim or his property. If the protection is lifted, jihad resumes. For example, Islamists in Egypt who pillage and kill the Copts do so because they no longer pay their poll-tax and therefore are no longer protected.

Coalition for the Defense of Human Rights

Anonymous said...

As a family man, I am reporting this threat of child abuse to the police. In this day and age this kind of thing simply cannot be allowed to happen. I think it would be in everyone's interest to take that quote and send it to the newspapers too. And how about Childline?, This just goes to show the type of people who have been allowed to flourish unhindered in this country "If you tolerate Blair, then your children will be next"

Anonymous said...


London’s Chelsea Barracks bought by Qatar with $2.5 Billion Loan-The Largest Islaimc Finanacial Deal in the UK
Posted by allysonrt on March 3, 2008

Qatar takes $2.5bn Islamic loan for Chelsea Barracks
Publish Date: Monday,3 March, 2008, at 01:36 AM Doha Time

DUBAI: Qatar’s $30bn property investment arm said yesterday it borrowed $2.5bn to finance the purchase of the Chelsea Barracks in London in one of the UK’s largest Islamic finance property deals.
Qatari Diar, owned by the country’s sovereign wealth fund and partner CPC Group, bought the 12.8 acre (5.2 hectare) London property from Britain’s Ministry of Defence for £959mn in January.
They said the deal would be the largest Islamic financing on a property in the United Kingdom.
“Our inaugural syndicated financing represents a major step in the advancement of what is certain to be an important development for all of London,” chief executive Ghanim bin Saad al-Saad said in a statement.
The loan was underwritten by BNP Paribas, Calyon, HSBC, Qatari Islamic lender Masraf Al Rayan and Qatar National Bank, Diar said, without giving pricing or maturity of the facility.
The 3.5-year-loan complies with Islam’s ban on interest and is structured as an Ijara, or lease agreement, and would also be used to help cover development costs, three bankers said on February 12. Diar plans to build homes and a luxury hotel on the site.
Ghanim had said on Thursday, the developer had invested $30bn in property worldwide, which it planned to double with expansion focusing on the US and the Far East.
Shariah, or Islamic law, prohibits charging or paying interest, so bankers and lawyers have developed a rapidly growing financial market by restructuring conventional products to make them compliant with Islam.
“The financial structure developed here has allowed us to deliver a truly innovative financing solution for the global real estate sector,” said Patrick Chenel, chief financial officer for Qatari Diar.
“We have broken new ground with our advisers, by creating and setting up Islamic financing of a scale not seen before in a major real estate acquisition in (the) UK.”
The red-brick fronted barracks built in the 1960s will be demolished. The troops who once stayed there have already been relocated to Woolwich in southeast London.
“This is the most important redevelopment scheme in London in the last fifty years and therefore it is fitting that together we have secured this historic financing,” said Christian Candy, founder of CPC Group. – Reuters, Zawya Dow Jones

Anonymous said...

People's Socialist Republic of Eurabia
Submitted by ovalteen on Wed, 2008-03-05 14:02.
"Divide and conquer" is the policy at work. They're trying to create an empire like the old Soviet Union, which was divided by race and religion but held together by authoritarian Marxism. Look at the background of some of the leading figures. Miliband is the son of a Marxist "philosopher" called Ralph Miliband. His colleague Peter Mandelson, one of the UK's Euro-Commissioners, was a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain:

Interviewed by writer and broadcaster David Aaronovitch, the former Northern Ireland Secretary even felt free to joke about his relationship with Tony Blair. Mandelson's one-time, if brief membership of the Young Communists is well-known but only now has he publicly revealed his motives for joining.

Aaronovitch is also an "ex-communist" and is one of New Labour's leading propagandists. These people have no loyalty to Christian Europe and its peoples and no respect for democracy. Islam is the battering ram they're using to smash down the old order.

Anonymous said...

European Leaders Agree to Create Eurabia
By Fjordman
Created 2008-03-05 11:26
Bat Ye’or in her book about Eurabia documented how European leaders have for years been quietly planning to merge Europe with the Islamic world. This has been denounced as a “conspiracy theory.” Only a few months ago the British Foreign Minister David Miliband said openly that the European Union should expand to include the Muslim Middle East and North Africa. Now French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are saying virtually the same thing. The greatest betrayal in European history is fact, not fiction. And to think that many people supported Sarkozy because he should “halt” Islamization. Now he is speeding it up:

Merkel and Sarkozy Find ‘Club Med’ Compromise (Der Spiegel, 4 March 2008)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced jointly that they had reached a compromise regarding Sarkozy’s proposed Mediterranean Union. At a press conference held jointly with Sarkozy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel added that the ensuing outcome should be called the “Mediterranean Union” and that it “should be a project of all 27 (European Union) member countries.” Merkel was referring to her position that any deal to create a union with the Mediterranean states that border the European Union should be negotiated and drafted in conjunction with all EU member states – not just those that border the sea, as Sarkozy had initially proposed.

The Eurabia Code

How was a project as big as the creation of Eurabia pulled off? I have thought a lot about this question, and come to the conclusion that it succeeded precisely because of its size. St. Augustine tells the story of a pirate captured by Alexander the Great. “How dare you molest the sea?” asked Alexander. “How dare you molest the whole world?” the pirate replied. “Because I do it with a little ship only, I am called a thief; you, doing it with a great navy, are called an emperor.” It’s a matter of scale. If a small group of people sideline the democratic process in one country and start imposing their own laws on the public, it’s called a coup d’état. If they do so on an entire continent, it’s called the European Union.

The European Union and the Islamization of Europe

The British Foreign Minister David Miliband in November 2007 stated that the European Union should work towards including Middle Eastern and North African countries. The EU involves the free movement of people across borders. If it expands to the Middle East, hundreds of millions of Muslims will have free access to Germany, Italy, France, Britain, Sweden and the Czech Republic. If Turkey becomes a member, it means that Greeks, Bulgarians and others who have fought against oppression by Ottoman Turks for centuries will now be flooded with Muslims from a rapidly re-Islamizing Turkey. The same goes for Poles, Hungarians, Romanians and others who fought against Muslims for centuries. Appeasement of Islam is so deeply immersed in the structural DNA of the EU that the only way to stop the Islamization of Europe is to dismantle the European Union. All of it.

Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis
Author: Bat Ye'Or,Bat Yeor
ASIN: 083864077X

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Off topic I know, but here's a bit of Enrichment News for you

My brother just emailed it to me; to calm me down a bit, he said.

The Green Arrow said...

Thank you for that Sir HM. I will update the UK Enrichment News and I will add this poor girls name to the fallen list.

I may well post this also as it deserves a bigger audience.

Thank you.

Have you joined the Forum yet?

Anonymous said...

Dear Correspondent,

Thank you for your email.

Neither the Labour Party nor the Labour Government are pursuing the policy towards England or the English that you claim.

England, as opposed to Britain, has an unfortunate history around the world and within the British Isles and please do not say that it is all past.

It is a fact that the right and extreme right in Britain cloak themselves in the English flag, the cross of St.George and claim to be the true representatives of the English.

Wherever there is hooligan behaviour, usually linked to extreme right-wing political groups e.g. at football matches here and abroad, it is the flag of St.George that is displayed and that, I would imagine, is the reason why the MP referred to this type of 'Englishness' as a threat to democracy.


Terry White
Communications Unit
The Labour Party


Anonymous said...

If Terry White (isnt that a racist name?) believes the English have an unfortunate history around the world, then why the hell do he and his commie comrades want to associate with it, let alone run it. I have a sneaking suspicion why, could it be to do with the wealth, the power, and carte blanche to act above the law that all others have to adhere to?. Why on earth are we allowing traitors who have this negative view of our country to be those who represent it?... madness they call it madness

Red Squirrel said...

Well I shall certainly be attending the RWB, armed with camera! Our membership is growing exponentially in the South West, and we are not going to be put off by the scum in the UAF and Fanlight. How dare they threaten us and seek to endanger our children at a family event!
I have been reading an excellent post on UP Pompeii,

It covers all the sordid plans of the marxist's et al,
An excerpt:-


Infiltration from the top.

"In Britain in 1940 at a meeting in Oxford the speaker Harold Wilson explained to the understanding audience how they could help make World Government happen. They should not join the Communist party they should join the Conservatives or Labour parties and lean to the Right and Left of those parties, so that when the time was right they must then create a smoke screen and come together as a party of national unity. He said confidently that one day he would be Prime Minister and so he was."

"A Nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious . But it cannot survive treason from within. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims and he wears their face and their garments"… Cicero

Cicero is describing the Traiorous Lib-Lab-Cons and if they are allowed to get away with it, it means farewell to Civilisation and Freedom.
But we are no longer a 'small band of resisters' we are an ever growing army!

Anonymous said...

Please don't tar all homosexuals with the Urinate Against Freedom brush. I support the BNP, am homosexual, and want the desecration of my home by the multiculti's stopped as much as anyone of you.

We are all British, and all fight for the same cause. I don't see what sexual orientation has to do with anything.

I would never support any party in the Lib/Lab/Con-spiracy, and I think that the only reason that other gay people would have done so is for the recognition as people in England.

The Green Arrow said...


My feelings with regards to homosexuals are perfectly in line with those the BNPs. It is none of my business what people do in the privacy of their own homes.

I was just a bit surprised when I read that the homosexual group Stonewall would be working with Muslims groups to attack the BNP given their Gods word on the matter.

Man Of The Woods said...

There are currently Stonewall billboard adverts all over Swindon. Set on a very red background in very large letters:


I didn't have a problem with homosexuality before they started their 'anti-bullying' in schools campaign and I still don't. But I do find it ironic that they stand side by side with Muslims.

I wonder if the Stonewall campaign covers Islamic Schools too?

Hey! Look over there on the horizon. It looks like reality! But yet its so far away....

It's more likely they will turn a blind eye to homophobic Islam and work together to plan their campaign of bullying and intimidation against the British parents, schoolchildren and babies that will be attending the RWB family event.

I shall bring my DSLR and most powerful zoom lens. It can capture a lot of faces very clearly from a distance or close up. I'm sure the BNPtv team will be present too.

It will be a great family day out. These Unions And Fascists will not deny us our day and I believe the number of people attending the event will now be higher than ever.