Thursday, 6 March 2008

Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad

Someone is on acid and it is not the children

If there was any more doubt in the minds of those who continue to support the Lib/Lab/con pact that the lunatics have control of the asylum, then the above image should make them think again.

Headmistress Clare Reece, of Cann Hall Primary school has ordered the covering up of pupils faces on the school website in order to protect them from paedophiles.

Is this how far down the road of madness we have allowed our treasonous leaders to push us?

What next? All children to be covered up when walking to school in case someone sees their young faces? Why not just put veils on them now and have done with it.

Barking, barking mad. And to make it worse we are paying this stupid foolish woman and thousands like her.

God only knows how long it will take a British National Party government to winkle the wonkers like her out of our edukation system but when they do they should revoke their pensions before sacking them.


Sir Henry Morgan said...

Back row, fourth from the left is my kiddie. I recognise the smile.

The asylum has been taken over hasn't it.

Anonymous said...

Just when you think things cannot possibly get any more ridiculous...

Headmistress good old Clare Reece proves there is no boundary to insanity. Way to go girl!

What on earth are people thinking when they see idiotic incidents such as this over and over again?

The BNP is the only way out of the madhouse and every good Brit simply has to wake up and join us the sooner the better.

As an aside - can you imagine beiong married to this woman? Don't have nightmares now...


Anonymous said...

Are these pictures racist??