Tuesday, 25 November 2008

BNP - We ain't gonna take it

A year of BNP activism

Still angry after watching on BNPTV the video of British National Party Liverpool Activists being led away in handcuffs(can someone get that over to Youtube please) I was somewhat calmed down after watching the video header of this article that was posted by bnprenaissance.

With a sound track that might not be to everyones taste, it gives a real good montage of images of British National Party activism over the last year from all around Great Britain and shows clearly that we are not the knuckle dragging thugs that the media would have people believe.

I personally found it very motivating. If those elderly gentlemen with rows of medals can still fight for their country then so can I and so can you.

I think this video sums up the mood of the BNP at this moment in time

Now back to those illegal arrests and torture of one of the Band of Brothers who were "detained" and endlessly grilled whilst their homes were ripped apart, property seized and family members insulted by the behavior of the Gestapo of the state ransacking their homes.

If the state thinks that they can intimidate the Activists of Liverpool by these actions, then they know nothing about the people of Liverpool. In fact they know nothing about the True British People, which is why they have messed up the country in the first place. Because they never listened to the Voice of the People.

No British National Party activist from any part of Our sad Country is going to be intimidated by the states acts of oppression. All they have done is encourage us to greater efforts. The BNP have the hardest working, most determined patriots the World has ever seen.

The patriot volunteer, fighting for country and his rights,
makes the most reliable soldier on earth.

They think by publishing an outdated and incorrect Members list that they can intimidate people into not joining the British National Party and not taking their place in the Shieldwall of Resistance. They are wrong again.

Membership has increased. True, there have been a few casualties. Some of our people have been frightened by late night callers and others are suffering at their places of work. Some of us may even lose their jobs.

But the British National Party does not leave their comrades behind, nor do they ever forget them. Those who have suffered now will be compensated and those who have persecuted them WILL be punished. The political wheel is turning in Our Favour.

Now as we know, quite a few Patriotic sites have posted the entire mailing list of the state sponsored communist Searchlight. Copy that list. Use that list and find out who these Enemies of the People are.

On that list are many politicians of all parties. Email them and ask them their views on the death threats made to Our members and supporters. Ask them why they are on the mailing list of a communist run organisation?

Be polite in your tone and let me know what you have emailed and if you get any responses. I will then publish them with your details removed. Word of Honour. Here you go. Start typing please. I shall also be writing one myself.


I know that real British National Party supporters would not email abusive message to others on that list. That is not our way. Ours is the British way. The fair way.

However expect to read in the press, their press, that people on their List of Shame have received threatening emails. These will have been created by themselves.

By the way Barnsley Nationalists have some topical T Shirts for sale.


Anonymous said...

The world seems to be a very difficult place to be in or to understand these days.

Here's a link I found over on Simon Darby's blog comments that may help with understanding.


When you read through this you will perhaps think that some force has indeed been let loose in the world that will only stop with the complete destruction of nations and mankind, perhaps the world its self.

I think it is very much time for the world and its peoples to call time out and look at what has been created. This creation is of no value to man nor beast.

Too much dark negative energy has been created and released and it is devouring all in its path. (I think Ill have to see what remedy is in the latest Finbarr Books catalogue) All energy, for good or ill, is the same energy applied in a different way, I'd rather use my energy constructively.

The human mind instinctively knows right from wrong, good from evil, and I do feel that the human race is searching for a way out of the mess we, collectively, have created through political correctness, and the madness of Tranzis, but is too afraid, too tied up in our own noose of PC lunacy to know how or where to start, who, or what to ask for help.

The answer, I feel, is to speak the truth of the wrongs we see on our own doorstep every day, wrongs that affect all, no matter colour race or religion.

Some of the truths are being spoken by the BNP and its supporters that's why the forces of Beelzebub are being visited upon them.

In the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke), Beelzebub is who the Pharisees accused Jesus of being because he could cast out demons.

Cast out the demons by speaking the truth or be consumed by them.


Anonymous said...

They don't like it when its done to them.


We are now being bombarded with emails from the reds threatening legal action if we don't remove their names from the list.

Standing Firm...As always