Monday, 24 November 2008

Well at least one journalist sees part of the truth.

Pussycat Dolls not qualified to protect Our Chairman

Bernard Dineen of the Yorkshire Post started of with an attack on the British National Party as the heading of his recent article but then moved on to speak some sense in the rest of his report.

Whilst recognising the stupidity of the state, via its cats paw of the incompetent Crown Prosecution Service in launching a dodgy prosecution of our chairman, Nick Griffin, he loses the plot somewhat in criticising the appearance of some of the BNP Security Staff assigned to protecting Mr Griffin.
But one look at Griffin's bodyguards could tell you what kind of an outfit the BNP is. The last time I saw expressions like that was on the faces of Nazi Brownshirts in the 1930s.
Of course our boys look tough and mean. They are supposed to. Their presence alone will hopefully deter attacks by the red rubbish and dupes set off by the establishment press. If they looked like the Pussycat Dolls they would be encouraging people to think they could get through to our man.

The Chairman wishes he did have the freedom to go as he pleases. But he does not. Most of us on the Role of Honour have been getting our fair share of attempts to intimidate us into silence. How many does Nick Griffin receive? Quite a few I bet. He is the BNPs greatest asset and must be protected and protected well.

But then Bernard, does have the decency, unlike many of his colleagues in the national press, recogonise that the British National Party are a legitimate party and the peoples right to support it if they choose and that the persecution of their members and supporters is clearly wrong.
The witch-hunt against them is intolerable: a policeman suspended, a radio DJ sacked, an academic fearing dismissal. There have been threatening phone calls as well.
Good stuff Bernard but you excelled yourself with your closing paragraph:
It is not hard to see the influence of the Trotskyite Socialist Workers Party, which poses as our "protector" against the Nazi hordes – hence the Anti-Nazi League, which was an SWP front. The BNP and the SWP are equally detestable, but the SWP is more dangerous because of its sabotage of the Labour Party.
Well done that man. Clearly a person capable of seeing the truth should he just look a little harder. By the way, he also speaks a bit more sense when he writes about other matters.


Anonymous said...

Did you notice the comment "until the bnp is banned......." does he know something we don't.

The Green Arrow said...

Indeed I did Anon and wondered what others would make of that.

Anonymous said...

tough looking security guards??? Well go figure Sherlock.
Of course they are and look tough. What a clown.
He had to mention the Nazis didn't he? Is it compusory to mention the Nazis in a BNP article? Is there a journo rule about this?
Do the journos know that 'Nazi' is short for 'Natinal Socialists'? A left wing socialist movement, not exactly the BNP is it?
Yes, I noticed the mention of banning the BNP - they may very well try to do so - but we will fight them if they do.
Theya re very scared of losing their grip on power and being exposed by a BNP government for all they have really done. Scared people are dangerous.

Airborne said...

I wonder if there is a plan in place just in case the party is banned. A name change should do it!

Unrepentant British Nationalist said...

I saw Martin Reynolds at a meeting in which Nick gave a speech, and he seemed to be a thoroughly decent chap - though definitely not one to tangle with!

Anonymous said...

Tranzis... ...very illuminating.

The Green Arrow said...

Anon. Tranzis. Thank you for the link and as you say. Illuminating.

I look forward to returning to it in the morning.


johnofgwent said...

THEY may not be as capable GA, but a chap by the name of gadaffi has always used the 'fairer sex' as his own personal bodyguard, because of the distraction factor and also because he, I and you all know that when scratch comes to gouge .......