Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Jacqui Smith and the BNP

Never mind Jacqui, you have the BNP list now. Much more useful to you.
By the way, do those clowns know it is illegal to impersonate a Police Officer?

Jacqui Smith, the marijuana smoking Home Secretary, revealed how far she was off in cloud cuckoo land the other day when she was quoted as saying this about the stolen, edited and outdated BNP Members and general enquires list:
It probably says something about the BNP that people don’t want to have it known that they are a member.”
No what it says, is that the membership of the British National Party have the same rights of every other member of any political party and the right to not fear for their lives or property.

And by making such a foolish statement she is condoning the attacks on individuals, organisations and businesses that support the only hope for Our Country. No surprises though, as a quick glance over on They Work For You one can see exactly where she is coming from and where she has been.
  • Voted against a transparent Parliament.
  • Voted for introducing a smoking ban.
  • Voted for introducing ID cards.
  • Voted for Labour's anti-terrorism laws.
  • Voted for the Iraq war.
  • Voted against an investigation into the Iraq war.
  • Voted for the hunting ban.
  • Voted for equal gay rights.
But I think nothing better reveals the true character of this parasite who draws a salary of £138,724 per year plus "expenses" of £156,313, tootaling a staggering amount of £295,037 per year, then what I write next.

On a private trip to Paris earlier this year, with another two adults and two children she purchased Standard Tickets knowing full well, that Eurostar would upgrade them to First Class.

What a cheap and tacky whore she is.

Marijuana is an addictive drug which produces in its users
insanity, criminality, and death.

Broadcast information

Lee Barnes on Moral Maze tonight, BBC Radio 4 at 8pm(2000hrs)
Going to be hot stuff


Anonymous said...

''insanity, criminality and death''

Thats the Liberal Marxist New world order Labour regime to a T7

They propogate it in everything they do!

Anonymous said...

another public spirited member being victimised as a result of this illegally obtained list. I hope he sues.

Paul M

Anonymous said...

2 really great items

"any serviceman/woman is entitled to join ANY political party he/she wishes INCLUDING the BNP and to attend political meetings etc. However they must not attend in uniform or indulge in behaviour that will bring the forces into disrespect. They must not attend marches or demonstrations or be involved in an official capacity with any political party."

So to summarise this means that the BNP is now being treated like every other political party in the country as far as the Armed Forces are concerned.

Her Majesty expressed her best wishes to all of our members and told them all to keep their chins up at this trying time. The Duke of Edinburgh told me that he regretted joining under a pseudonym and that he would love to have "given those cowardly Trot' journalists a piece of his mind"

Anonymous said...

Good news for Liverpool Patriots!

Although you are no longer allowed to fly the Cross of Saint George or the Union Jack because these are offensive to Muslims, you will still be allowed to fly the Flag of Saint Rowan, which consists of a white cross on a white background.

Allah Akhbar!

Anonymous said...

Or you could look at it this way, that the powers that be know there would be a massive backlash among those soldiers who are out there dying in foreign lands to allegedly prop up "democracy". Or that the lovely cuddly "powers that be" dont mind BNP members doing jobs that may cost them their lives, I suppose it saves the NWO order having to do the job themselves!.

Anonymous said...

"Lee Barnes on Moral Maze tonight,
Going to be hot stuff"

This must be the under-sratement of the week!

He was RED hot and spot on. A terrific performance. A man of true conviction and honesty.

Well Done Lee.

bernard said...

The Moral Maze was good, and Lee Barnes certainly articulated the anger which joe public is increasingly feeling.
All in all, the panel unanimously agreed that it was a slippery slope towards dangerous censorship if the BNP were not allowed a voice.
The other guests were, quite frankly, bizarre.

bill.p said...

A very good post G.A, keep up the good work m8

p,s and very funny

Anonymous said...

Would she like her home phone number, address, email account published?
It is not that we want to hide anything, that is absolute rubbish.
It is that we know that there has been a media hyped hysteria about the BNP that means some idiots actually believe that we want to gas people or something, and may phone disturbing our families etc. Also, there are the leftie thugs who have been phoning and scaring old ladies, children etc.
This woman is an idiot. I can't wait until the BNP are elected and she is unemployed (and unemployable looking at her!).

Anonymous said...

The gall of Jacqui Smith knows no bounds. Her comments about BNP members objecting to their personal details being placed on the internet should be considered in view of the fact that she won't even venture into a kebab shop in her 'diverse' inner cities without minders accompanying her!

If politicians and members of other parties feel that they have nothing to be 'ashamed' of then I suggest that they post their own personal details and political affiliations up on the internet and see what kind of response they get from the general public. They'll soon find out that they're not as popular as they kid themselves to be!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon of 26 November 22:11

I might use a copy of the list to contact everyone in Dawn Primarolo's Bristol South constituency, and see if I can find one who'd do us al favour.

You see, when some nutter used a now defunct address lookup website to find Dawn's personal address and telephone number that she'd stupidly neglected to make ex directory, and then went on to make threatening phone calls against her for her tax policy in 1999, she was WELL PISSED OFF.

It would be interesting to hear HER views on the publication of the list, and once we have them (I think I can guess what she would say) it would be useful to expose any hypocrisy would it not.

Anonymous said...

NuLabour quango wants to sack BNP members from university teaching posts

Anonymous said...

Lee Barnes sounded like horrible scum bag. He was a cunt. He shouted everyone out. And bulied the panel. He confimrs my view the BNP are party of devious dangerous bullies. Only cunts and paedoes insult I.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon of 27-11-08 at 15:22

What did you make of the words of Michael Portillo before LJB's appearance on the programme then.

I thought his sentence 'Have you no faith in the power of argument' rather eloquent.

Indeed for having the brilliance and intellect to say that and thus soundly deflate the pompous windbagess I could ALMOST forgive his written response that when his boss Norman Lamont said in his last budget that defence prime contractors would be forced to pay their suncontractors in 30 days he was speaking figuratively of guidelines and not definitively of actions.

Well I could ALMOST forgive him. But not ENTIRELY. He is after all the slimy git who stood by and let many of my friends go to the wall through unpaid invoices sent to his big business friends.

Anonymous said...

"do those clowns know it is illegal to impersonate a Police Officer?"


Anonymous said...

If labour are so bad, and your country is going down the proverbial toilet then why haven't they been voted out of office? What's wrong with you Brits? News just in that "British" Muslims were involved in the Mumbai attacks??? Are you Brits now supporting terrorism? Do you want America to bomb your socialist asses?

I understand that there are some good BNP British but soon you may become an enemy of the USA due to your supporting world wide terrorism and your unwillingness to address your home grown terrorists. The killing of Rashid Rauf, British muslim in pakistan I believe was a message to the British government to wake up and smell the coffee. Next we may be forced to launch air-strikes over Luton or Bradford. What is wrong with your country?
You have the likes of Choudray spouting crap after 160 westerners and Hindus are murdered in Mumbai and the British governemtn instead chooses to harass BNP members.
I love Britain and my heart goes out to y'alll patriots but if you seriously dont reign in those radicals you could be on the receiving end of some awesome American justice.