Saturday, 22 November 2008

Real Heroes

I found the above video whilst browsing on YouTube and it brought it home to me the real meaning of courage and sacrifice and what little regard the global marxist really have for the lives of others.

Our Children and Grand Children are dieing in illegal wars. Wars they would probably prefer not to fight but do so because it is their Duty to Their Country.

And yet where is the mass outcry from the press? There is none. They are to busy attacking the British National Party. The only party that has called for the end to these wars and the return of troops to Our Country and their families. The only party that would ensure that those injured and disabled in the service of Our Country would receive the homes, the help and compensation they need to live outside of the forces.

No, this is the kind of thing the press really think of our brave brothers and sisters. Be warned the link will make you angry.

One last thing. The press said that there were not as many ex-servicemen on the Role of Honour as they expected. That is because the Role of Honour only contained information mentioned by members and supporters. I am not listed on the list as an Ex-Servicemen but am proud to say that I am. And I am just as proud to say I am BNP. No there are many more Ex-Servicement on the list than they know. Let us hope they never have to use the skills learned in foreign wars on our soil.


Anonymous said...

Very moving tribute video.

Indeed, great people of a great land.

These 'people' who call themselves politicians and the so called journalists, purveyors of their perverted truth and contempt for teh armed forces and indeed the many people of this land. Yet the elite liberals and the media lackys are nothing compared to the character, quality and heroism of the armed forces who are wise and know better than the aforementioned weak cowardly denigrators of true life! One as only to look hard into the faces of our the political masters and compare them with those pictured in the video and indeed anyone in the BNP to see who is good and who is for the greater good.

God save our armed forces and the BNP and people of this land from our Marxist elite!

Anonymous said...

wasn't it the mirror that faked a photo of a squaddie urinating on a raghead?

Anonymous said...

You want offensive? How about a Labour MP openly mocking wounded soldiers who complained about abuse in a hospital from you-know-who.

"An Army sergeant was verbally abused by a group of Muslim women at a Birmingham hospital where British troops injured in Iraq and Afghanistan are treated, it was claimed yesterday."

"Lynne Jones, Labour MP for Selly Oak, refused to back calls for more secure facilities for injured military patients."

"The soldiers seem to want a little empire consisting of their own designated staff and facilities, a fiefdom," she told the MoS."

Ah, those pathetic little whiney soldiers eh?

AbertaweBNP said...

They are the real HEROES and God bless them one all, both men and women.

Why does our so called government send them to fight in an illegal war.

We owe them more than this, LIEbour should be ashamed of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Just heard 11 been arrested in liverpool for handing out "racism cut both ways" leaflets.

Anonymous said...