Friday, 14 November 2008

BNP Victory in Lincolnshire

Well done David to you and all your activists

David Owens, British National Party by-election candidate in the Fenside ward seat on the Boston Borough Council, Lincolnshire, has beaten all comers, piling up more votes than the Tories, Labour, Lib-Dems and UKIP combined.

The incredible result, achieved on a 22.1 percent turnout in Thursday’s election, saw Mr Owens cruise to a comfortable win with 279 votes. The second placed candidate was an independent, who polled 141 votes. Next came the Tories, with 119 votes, Labour with 64 votes, UKIP with 24 votes and the Lib-Dems with 23 votes.

The BNP campaign was fought on national issues, and on immigration in particular,” said Councillor Wayne McDermott, the BNP’s East Midlands election officer.

“There are two important implications in this result,” Mr McDermott continued. “The first is that there are a large number of similar wards in and around Boston, in which this result could easily be replicated. Boston therefore has the potential to become a key area for the BNP.

“The other important factor is the total collapse of UKIP. In the 2004 Euro elections, Lincolnshire was one of the strongest areas to come out for UKIP, and it is clear that the BNP has now surpassed that group as the premier anti-EU party of choice for those voters.”


Just as an avalanche starts with just a few small pebbles starting to slide down a mountain, so also does the avalanche of the BNP start to gather momentum with every new councillor.

The British National Party will gather such momentum that it will sweep away the traitors, perverts and pedophiles currently shaming Parliament and make Our Islands the land fit for heroes that our Parents and Grandparents fought and died for.

If you are one of the few decent Lib/Lab/con Councillors who genuinely became a councillor to serve your community, then start thinking about moving over to the British National Party whilst you still can. You will be made welcome.

Whilst here. Commiserations but a big well done to John Hoodless and his team who put up a good showing in the Darlington North Road by-election. Next time John, next time. We are still proud of you.

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ivan said...

43% of the vote ! what great news on the eve of the party conference.gordon brown will be that livid he will be resorting to "boston breaks" Well done to Dave and all the team in Boston

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Great start to the day!Urban11

Anonymous said...

What a great result,i would like to add my congratulations to David and his team of activists.

watling said...

UKIP's hopelessly poor showing in Boston is poetic justice for their snubbing the BNP election pact proposal. I hope the BNP are able to put up candidates wherever UKIP do so that we can continue to ram the lesson home.

UKIP are sure to lose all their MEPs next year and will shortly afterwards fade back into obscurity alongside Veritas.

Anonymous said...

Fantastique! on a dreary wet miserable day, after problems with my boiler (mechanical one not the mrs!), to come home to this news, brilliant!. I see old Crude-Ass didnt waste any time, though in a town where 25% of the population are immigrants, I bet theres been plenty of racial troubles such as mugging and rapes already, but that's only against the indigenous people, so in Crudass' mind its ok.