Saturday, 8 November 2008

Show Solidarity with Adam Walker, BNP

Adam Walker

Nothing reveals more clearly to me today, the fact that the persecution of Adam Walker of the British National Party is nothing more than political persecution of the most vicious kind, then an article I have just read over on The Telegraph.

Adam, who as well as being an excellent teacher, is also the President of the only patriotic trade union in Our sad Country, Solidarity. He is currently in danger of losing his livelihood because of using his school laptop to check email and post to an internet forum during a lesson, whilst his students were engaged in a project that he had set them.

Those after Adams job, if not his head are the NUT and the General Teaching Council. Both "friends" of the state paid agents of Searchlight and the UAF, who have both stated that "No member of the British National Party should be allowed to teach."

So who should be allowed to teach? Well Daren Adamson, the head of English in a school in Tyne and Wear should be allowed to teach. After admitting to using school computers to log onto pornography sites and using school phones to ring premium-rate sex lines at a not inconsiderable cost to the school, all he got was a slap on the wrist from the same General Teaching Council that is seeking to deprive patriotic people serving as teachers.
A conduct committee of the General Teaching Council (GTC) for England said the case was "particularly serious" but ruled that he could return to teaching.
Breathtaking hypocrisy of the highest order. So what can we do to support Adam? Well first there are two petitions going around, one is fairly new. You can make sure you have added your name to both of them here and here.

Then if possible, you should help go make a Noise for freedom on the 17th of November. Details here.

One thing now about Solidarity the trade union. There is now NO EXCUSE for any patriotic person to belong to any other union than Solidarity. To remain with other unions and to continue to pay them subscriptions is to pay for your own destruction.


Anonymous said...

The Common Purpose scum would rather the kids be taught by someone who looks at porn in the classroom (what he does in his own time is a very different thing), than by someone from the BNP who might just influence them to think for themselves. Now if that doesnt show the real agenda of those in charge then I dont know what will.


We have a very good reason for not joining solidarity,namely that a union purported to promote the rights of the indigenous population of this country,has no tick box on its application form for the only form of English people that exist,and that is WHITE,until this is addressed ,the price is far too high.

GreenPleasantLand said...

The man is a bloody pervert and should not be working with children... end of.

Ludicrous double standards.

Anonymous said...

He is head of ENGLISH(!) looks at pornography in a school and dials sex lines...

This is the quality of character and integrity that the Teachers Union et al and the Labour Government would have teaching our children?

Anyone in touch with decency and truth would sack him now.

Anonymous said...

I am not going to comment on the case of the other worker except to note that his sentence was not harsh and he continues to teach. I don't know the details of his case or his psychological state. I would say, however, that having looked at a number of cases and sentences from the GTC they don't seem very draconian! I suspect that some of them would love the opportunity to act differently in Adam's case though!

I hope that all lovers of freedom will do their best to turn up in Birmingham on November 17 and help Civil Liberty, The National Liberal Party, Solidarity, the British National Party and others who want to 'Make a noise for freedom!'. Be in there in Victoria Square at 9am or be square!

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. The lack of male teachers of the calibre of Adam Walker is one reason why young white British lads are too often failing. I remember just after WW2 when myself and most of my mates were being swamped in our pre eleven plus school by the girls who left us floundering. And then we were taken over by a demobbed soldier who taught us about the Spartans who defeated Xerxes, who played football with us and coached us at cricket and athletics. We dare not fail in our studies under this man for we admired him too much. We listened to him in school and out of school, he was a hero figure. And when the time came, we hopeless cases all passed the eleven plus,having overtaken most of the girls(except for the brilliant swots!) and one of our number even passed as top student in the whole of the Rhondda area. At the present time, that primary school has only one "male" teacher. He's a "proud" homosexual and more feminine than the women teachers!! And most of the young boys are out of control, need one to one lessons, bunk off whenever possible and spend their leisure time in wasteful and harmful activities. May Adam walker win his case. He is far too valuable to be cast aside and far from banishing him, he should be in charge of an enrolement campaign to get more people like himself into our teaching system so that young white British lads can make the most of their youth and their opportunities.

Anonymous said...

'Englishman', your comments are diversionary. They remind me of the worst 'Left' factionalism. If you don't see that Solidarity is worth supporting you are blind or muddled.