Saturday, 15 November 2008

BT Job losses and the CWU betrayal

Ian Livingston. Enemy of the People

By now most people are aware that the British Telecoms giant is cutting 10,000 jobs in order to make even more profit for their directors and shareholders.

And boy did some of those shareholders make a killing when the news of the job losses became public. Share prices rose by 7.5% overnight as the company extorts £75 a second in profits from over charged customers.

And what will Chief Executive Ian Livingston, get in return for putting thousands of workers onto the street and onto benefits that will have to be paid by the few remaining workers left in our sad country?

He will get a nice little earner of £8 million Great British Pounds. Invest it wisely Ian, we the people will want that back one day.

And what a cunning little rat our Ian is. Knowing he was about to deprive 10,000 people of their livelihoods, several months ago, supported by his people inside the Communications Workers Union (CWU), reduced BT's redundancy package from 2 years pay to 18 months. That saved BT a fortune you can bet. Clever little Ian. Shite little Ian.
BT has agreed a deal with its trade unions to alter the terms of its pension scheme to save it around £100million a year.

This will see the retirement age lifted to 65, larger contributions from employees and a switch from final salary to average career salary pensions.
And what did the CWU do? Nothing. A big fat zero, like their ex workers future wage packets. In accordance with their Master wishes, they send out a letter to all members, before even consulting them, advising them "to agree to the new proposals" and the sheep members agreed. Deluded and lied to fools who probably still vote for the Lib/Lab/con.

And those still lucky enough to have a job working for BT will have to work until they are 65, if they live that long and pay more pension contributions for less money. God how I bet they wished they could have got a job working for the state with all them Golden Handshakes and Inflation Proof Pensions.

Of course, ideally under the New World Orders plans, Ian's work will not be completed until BT workers are paid the same as those in their Call Centres in India. £10 a week. No wonder their staff in India are selling off Our Credit card details to anyone for the price of a chapatti. But at least their jobs are safe.

And something else that BT is upto, that we should all be concerned about. Rumors are, that it is BT's intention to sell OpenReach BT off to the French. Not only then will a Foreign Company control the power needed by Our Country but also our access to the world via the internet.

Now in my opinion, going back in time, the government had no right to sell off and enrich beyond dreams the individuals who now own BT and OpenReach. These companies, along with others should be taken back into public ownership and their shareholders receive the same amount of compensation as the workers who have lost their jobs. Peanuts.

And some advice for those workers still employed by BT. Resign your CWU membership and join a real trade union that will fight for your rights and protect your jobs. A trade union like Solidarity. They would never have taken the BT blood money or allowed your pensions to be stolen and your jobs exported.

Big Hat Tip: Merseyside BNP


JPT said...

I WAS in the CWU.
I'm now in Solidarity.
I would advise any patriotic citizen of this country who is in the CWU to resign.
If you're not convinced just take a look at the CWU website and look at all the organisations they are linked to and support.
Also have a look at their 'activities', ie: what events they are attending and what jollies they are going on.

Fyrdist said...

"...when I see that union man walking down the street...

"..he's the man who decides if I live or I die, if I starve or I eat..."

"...Then he walks up to me and the sun begins to shine..."

"...Then he walks right past I know I've got to get back in the line..."
-Get Back in the Line, The Kinks.

Forceful lyrics highlighting the utter treachery of the Red brigade unions. Any f**king idiot that is still a member of any union other than Solidarity ought to hang their head in shame.

The greatest lie of all time was the one that convinced the masses that Judeo-Bolshevism -and the union structure that emanated from this genocidal regime of butchers- represented the workers. In reality, the workers worked for the Communist party who in turned fed the gluttonous filthy mouths of the Politburo -just as the workers now work for the unions that fund the Labour Party.

It is really quite simple, people -switch on for fucks sake. Leave the dense Reds to betray the workers by funding a regime (New Labour) that actively invites cheap labour to undercut the national workforce. This, unquestionably, is modern-day slavery and the REDS ARE KNOWINGLY PARTICIPATING IN IT.

WORKERS!: your home is with Nationalism and the protectionist economic policy and co-operative structure it would implement to safeguard your jobs and ensure the consequent welfare of you and your family.

Don't see any unions or Establishment political parties wanting to to look after their workforce with protectionist economic policies and co-operative measures, do you? Clear evidence, if ever it was needed that what I say below is not open to conjecture and is in fact -FACT.




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