Friday, 19 December 2008

Ibstock and Kells and Sandwith by election results

No reason. Just caught my fancy

OK guys here are the results from the two by-elections we fought yesterday. Not victories it is true but certainly results to be proud of.

Rest assured that both Zanu Labour and the small conservatives are having waking nightmares around about now. The writing is on the wall for them.

North West Leicestershire District Council
Ibstock & Heather Ward
Virge Richichi (Con) 660
Ivan Hammonds (BNP) 645
Corinne Male (Lab) 614
David Wyatt (Lib-Dem) 174

BNP Percentage: 30.9%
May 2007: Con 737,731,599. Lab 707,620,559. UKIP 411 Lib-Dem 222
Jan 2008: Lab 699 BNP 637 Con 515 Lib-Dem 411

Cumbria County Council
Kells & Sandwith Ward
Wendy Skillicorn (Lab) 434
Simon Nicholson (BNP) 418
Brigid Whiteside (Con)190

BNP Percentage: 40.1%
May 2005: Lab 1367 Ind 357 Con 350

First. A big well done to the candidates Ivan Hammonds, Simon Nicholson and all the Activists who assisted them. The British National Party are proud of you and your efforts.

Next time we will win both of these seats. Our Activists do not stop. They regroup, make plans and continue their attacks until they overcome and win.

By the time of the next elections in these areas, the BNP Activists will have awoken even more of our fellow subjects to the true evils of the Tri-Axis of Evil parties and we WILL succeed next time.

If you think you're too small to make a difference,
you haven't been in bed with a mosquito.
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Anonymous said...

Green I now wonder how many BNP votes have gone missing, I wonder how many well placed counters there may have been.

Lets face it would the LIB/LAB/CON not make sure that the BNP did not cross the line in first place.

It's really funny how we missed out on both wards by just a small number.

Like you I big well done to the activists, and candidates, please regroup and get back out on the streets this weekend and expose what these people have just voted in again.


defender said...

A very good effort. I would like to thank those who voted BNP, indeed you have made a very significant statement.
GA I will spread the good news to those over at Guido, I am sure they would love to see the results.

Anonymous said...

Great results even grater to follow

Anonymous said...

Whichever way you look at it, the BNP are evidently the second party, however I for one would bet my last euro (oops pound) that some form of ballot rigging went on. The devils disciples within the LibLab=Con, although despising the cannon fodder British voter, would also be very aware that duping the masses is becoming increasingly difficult for them, hence the small margin "wins" that they make up for their candidates. Enough to keep them in power and just enough to keep the cash cows from waking up and shouting foul. How much longer they can keep this up I dont know.

Anonymous said...

With the loss of empty postal ballot papers in the past, ballot fraud where ethnic blocs are concerned, and I need not say any more on that matter, would it not be a good idea for United Nations observers oversee our elections as they do in corrupt third world countries.