Saturday, 6 December 2008

Moslem and Red outrage

A couple of things made me laugh this morning. No, not the arrest of the people who "allegedly" stole the BNP Membership list. That just made me jump with joy last night.

No what made me laugh first, was the above video from my good friend and kinsman 1kewldude3 who really knows how to wind a toy turnip up. Well done brother.

The next thing to make me laugh, was the following message left over on a red rat site shown above that had published the British National Party's Role of Honour.

"Unfortunately I have taken the list down to serious violent threats against me and my family by members/supporters of the BNP."

Damn Liar. The British National Party does not make threats. They are into action but not violent action. Any threats this coward received will be from the Searchlight/UAF scum playing their false flag game.

But what if he did receive threats? By publishing that list, he was clearly hoping that individuals named on the list would be targeted.

But to cry like a baby, when the ball he kicked bounces back in his face is a bit rich. He is just damn lucky that the BNP are not the type of people that the state controlled press portray us as.

No. This dirt bag took it down before the police came knocking and arrested him for breaking the law under Section 55 of the Data Protection Act. Too late buddy.

So thanks first to a patriot and secondly to a piece of red rubbish for making me laugh.


Anonymous said...

Here's another offensive object you can make with Lego:

Anonymous said...

Found the below over here, a good post that shows how deceitful our press are.

Why Cant They Use The Word "BLACK"

Yet again we see the betrayal of the British people with the media, either covering up or distorting the truth as to what is really happening on the streets of our once great nation.
Gang rape was something that never happened in Britain, but now due to multiculturalism, we are seeing this barbaric disgusting crime being carried out more and more on the streets of our country.
Up here in Aberdeen we have had a Somalian gang, gang a raping woman, although it was woefully played down in the Press, Glasgow has seen similar, and only this week a young school girl was almost abducted off of the streets by two Asian Men. God only knows what hell awaited her if she had not managed to break free. Could of it been another Kris Donald type attack, with rape thrown in for good measure.

Anyway I was looking at the Daily Mail, a paper that usually gives a more truthful account of what is happening on our streets, and even they find it hard to write the word BLACK. You see black gangs are going about south England raping woman as past of their sick gangsta gang initiation trials.

Article here

Violent, degrading group sex, if not gang rape, is often a rite of passage for members or 'soldiers' as they style themselves - such as losing your virginity or going to the pub would be for other young men.
The opposite sex is almost always treated as sexual prey.
It is the reason why a petty dispute between a 14-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy escalated into gang rape.
Nine boys took part in the attack. They are due to be sentenced at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Monday. Yesterday, a judge ruled that all but two of the nine could be identified.
What is becoming increasingly clear is that what happened is far from uncommon.
In Billericay, Essex, in January, a 16-year-old was gang-raped and had acid poured over her in an attempt to destroy evidence, detectives say.
The following month, a 17-year-old was subjected to a similar ordeal at a park in Croydon.

Around one in 15 of all rapes in London are gang rapes involving three or more attackers, according to latest Metropolitan Police statistics.
There were 126 in 2006, 91 in 2007 and 85 so far this year. But the force says 'these offences may be under-reported'. In other words, the phenomenon might be far more widespread

The majority of victims - 60 per cent - were white, while 28 per cent were black.
Scotland Yard identified certain characteristics among attackers. Around 40 per cent of suspects were described as Afro-Caribbean. A further 13 per cent were of Indian or Pakistani appearance.
Officers insist that this is not a race issue, simply a reflection that most gang rapes take place in the most deprived boroughs, which have disproportionately high ethnic populations.
Now The above paragraph really does show how much the authorities are prepared to make excuses and bury their heads in the sand.
I am no statistics expert, but what the above says to me is that most victims are white and the attackers Black or Asian (must mean Muslim) so why cant the press print the truth. Are we to shut up and let our daughters be rape victims, are we to let them be fodder for sick third world gangs, who are as the statistics show carrying out these crimes on a racial basis, but yet no mention of racist, or racism is mentioned, but then that's because the victims are predominately white so they don't count.

Of course we wont hear Searchlight, the Labour party or anyone else speaking out about this wonders of enrichment, instead they offer excuses about the how it must be due to them living in deprived areas.

I will leave them with one simple thought on this.

Most of the citizens lived in deprived areas after the first and second world wars, times were hard, their was next to no social, if you did not work you did not eat, that was times of real hardship.
Gang rapes were unheard of then. So lefties please tell me what is the difference, its not your wonderful multicultural project that's to blame is it. I wonder how the girls and their families who's lives have been devastated by these sickening crimes feel about enrichment.
Its time that the sick animals who carry out these crimes are sent to the gallows, or even better not allowed into our country in the first place.

The Green Arrow said...

Keith from Brum. Thank you. I got your comment the first time.

I am not in the habit of assisting the reds and so I choose not to.