Wednesday, 24 December 2008

How much of this was Our Money?

"Pakistan will benefit substantially
from the aid we are providing.

You are already outraged by the fact that Our Country is paying £480 million of our hard earned tax money to Pakistan in "aid" whilst we are up Shit Creek without a paddle. If not outraged, then you should be.

But this is not aid. It is Jizya. The tax levied on those not crazed enough to follow the teaching of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile.
  • It is an acceptance of our leaders acceptance of subjection and surrender to Islam.
  • It is blood money paid in order to buy of attacks on Our Country.
  • It is appeasement of the most shameful kind.
But you should be doubly outraged at what I reveal to you next. And I can only reveal it thanks to the Asian News. Not going to find this kind of information in our national propaganda sheets.

CONservative MEP Sajjad Karim is blowing his own trumpet over the part he played in getting the amount of Jizaya paid by the undemocratic European Union increased by a further 50 million euros this year, on top of the 500 million that Pakistan has already received.

Now I do not know what percentage of that 550 million came from Great Britain but you can bet that as a major contributor it was a substantial amount.

Karim is spot on when he goes on to say "Pakistan will benefit substantially from the aid we are providing." Meanwhile our elderly freeze or starve to death.

So when are you sheep people, who continue to vote for the Lib/Lab/con alliance going to wake up and realise that the only way to turn Our Country into what could be a paradise on Earth is by voting for the BNP and getting out of the EU altogether.

Talking about the barking mad baked beans. Some of you might like to reread this article which first brought this site to the attention of the death eaters and helped earn me my e-Fatwa.


Anonymous said...

Here's the picture you need GA

Anonymous said...

..... and here's an article to go with the picture.


Anonymous said...

More reason to wake up the Sheeple to the fact that they are only cash cows.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas GA,and to all your readers. And many congratulations on your e-fatwa, you must be doing something right to earn it.


Merry Christmas,GA ,Gods blessing upon the English people.

Anonymous said...

Could Hain have withstood a Grand Jury investigation?
As previous experience could have predicted, the Crown Prosecution Service has dropped its 11-month investigation into donations to Peter Hain’s deputy leadership campaign. Thus Hain joins a growing list of politicians who acknowledge having failed to follow ‘the rules’ (or what ordinary folk call ‘the law’) but have yet to see the inside of a courtroom. These investigations in the past have ended on various grounds, sometimes due to lack of evidence, other times on the grounds that prosecution is not ‘in the public interest’.
(Softly Softly catch the Monkey)