Saturday, 27 December 2008

Spot the Brit

Those of you with a few hours to kill over the weekend, may wish to peruse the pictures in this story at today's MailOnline and see how many (or indeed few) indigenous Britons you can see amongst the heaving throng in out capitals premiere shopping street.

It certainly seems that, despite the Credit Crunch, there are still a lot of people with money to spend, however, on the evidence of the various photographs in this article, it might be legitimate to ask exactly who it is that has the money, and exactly how they got it.


A Thurrock Patriot said...

And there's me thinking it was the immigration centre in Corydon not London's Oxford Street.

JPT said...

Oh my God - they're all fucking cockle pickers!
I thought I spotted a Brit but on closer inspection decided he was Polish.

Anonymous said...

They would not accept my comment, wonder why Kinsman?


Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning. The very same thought struck me last night as I watched the oscene scramble of the mob for "bargains" . But lets not blame them, they are only doing the bidding of Gay Gordon and his spendthrift idiots who govern us and exhort us all to spend, spend, spend even if we have no money. Go on , buy it, tomorrow never comes. But it does as the pools winner from decades ago who coined the Spend, Spend phi;osophy found out when she eventually ended up peniless. Christmas?? Scrooge had it right before he got frightened by the ghosts. Bah. Humbug. What a bloody farce and a gigantic waste of money. I was better off than todays kids and I had next to bugger all for Christmas, except the happy family I grew up in. When I saw the mobs running and pushing their way into stores I felt like , well , I wont go into any further detail and spoil appetites for any left over turkeys. The turkeys may all be slaughtered but the non feathered variety disgust me as they barge their way to spend their money. I wont say spend their cash- most will put it on to one of their many credit cards. Fools.

Anonymous said...

Its the same mob of enrichers from earlier stories, rushed in to fool people into thinking the whole world is out shopping, and that they too should join the "frenzy".
The truth is that no one with a brain cell is shopping for "bargains", and the retail debt scam is going into meltdown.
Keep your money in your pockets folks, and your hand on your money, because hard times are coming.

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

Same in Aberdeen Green, The wife went (for the first time ever) to the "Next" Sale she was first in the queue with my daughter and eldest son. Just before the doors opened the white faces were outnumbered with about 1 in 10 white.
The foreign faces were mainly Muslims and Africans.
As my wife was their first what was noticeable was the arrogant and bad mannered attitude of the Muslim and African, meant they tried to barge to the front of the queue and refused to get in the queue when people complained.
The Polish in the queue (who has boosted white numbers, were well mannered and polite, and like us British waited in the queue until it was their due turn to enter the shop.
The Polish were even heard muttering about the disgraceful "pack instincts of our new third world guests.
Folks this is Aberdeen, and even up here in the North of Scotland we are losing our city.
I must ask our councillors and politicians and various establishment lackeys who are looking in on this, how much are we supposed to take, how far, and for how long are we to stand aside and watch our children’s future being dragged down the tubes.

Every town and city in Britain is getting turned into an African and Muslim shithole, this is not an exaggeration this is the truth and it’s happening now.
Already Aberdeen has had its first taste of Muslim drug running, hidden behind fast food shops, already we have the young Muslim men cruising up and down our city centre, trying to entice our young girls into their spruced up BMW’s .

I am as a ex squaddie and father supposed to watch my city, my home get turned into the rat hole that now goes by the name of Luton, Am I supposed to be happy with the, future that’s coming.

New Year, I can’t wait, because this is the year we must all battle like our forefathers did, to save our nation. The fight is well and truly on,. The fight for our children’s safety and future.

Anonymous said...

Seduced (or bullied) by the wife we went bargain hunting on Boxing Day and were completely overwhelmed by the large groups of immigrants walking around our local shopping centre. Even the wife, who is of the Corrie/Emmerdale mentality, was knocked out by the massive increase in foreigners this year, and judging by the looks of the usually passive locals, so were they. Quite intimidating to be totally outnumbered by goups of young black eyed men of every variety in your own home town...guess thats the joy of voting Labour!. And did we get any bargains?, of course not, those shopkeepers are well aware that those same large groups of foreigners have large giro cheques provided by us cashcows to spend. Quite sad to see old whitey counting his pennies while a free for all of happy spending was going on by some parts of Mc Broons imported population.

Anonymous said...

Half of them are Japanese. Who the majority stay as students, spend a hell of a lot of money and historically are a good natured family people who do not riot when you draw a cartoon of Buddha.
I'd rather London's immigrants be replaced with the japanese if given the choice as crime would fall over night, the city would be booming with money and we wouldn't have to listen to the likes of Hamza et al.
On another point, the Japanese historically do not settle in the UK for good, nor do they receive welfare and free housing from UK mugs like me and you.
We'd prefer to populate London with Muslims from Pakistan and serial murdering Chechyans and Eastern European prostitutes. (well maybe not like me or you but you get my point).