Saturday, 6 December 2008

The CPS and Peter Hain

"Don't worry Peter. The CPS will sort it for you."

The British National Party recently reported that the Crown Prosecution Service, also known as the Clown Prosecution Service, was Institutionally Anti-White. And they are, as usual, correct.

But that is hardly surprising, the CPS are proud to announce that amoungst their staff, they employ almost 15% from what they call the "ethnic minorities" and what you and I would call colonisers. Not for them the best man for the job. It is all about quotas - providing that quota does not include a white male.

In fact so good are the CPS at promoting Diversity and Equality, they have won the Improvement Award at the annual tax payer funded jolly called the Civil Service Diversity Awards ceremony. These people throw a free party for anything.
The CPS has consulted on and published a number of policies relating to diversity and equality, such as on the Single Equality Scheme, Racist and Religious Crime, Violence against Women, Domestic Violence, Rape, Disability Hate Crime, Homophobic and Transphobic Crime and Crimes against Older People. All are available on the CPS website.
Busy little bees aren't they? So wrapped up in selling out Our People and Our Country are they, they have no inclination to prosecute the real criminals in our society.

Criminals like Peter Hain MP, who as just, as expected, avoided prosecution after being investigated by his friends in the CPS for failing to declare more than £100,000 in secret donations in his failed bid to become Deputy Leader of the sinking ship called the Labour Party.

Read the weasel words here, released by the CPS as to why they have decided not to charge the Orange Hain.
"The evidence in this case shows that Mr Hain's campaign was run through an organisation named 'Hain4Labour' which was made up of members of the Labour Party. That organisation had its own bank account and the funds for Mr Hain's campaign were solicited for that account and cheques donated were made out to that account. Those were all characteristics of a 'members association' as defined in the Act. Mr Hain was not a signatory to that account and did not direct where funds should be spent.

"In light of this evidence, I have concluded that Mr Hain was not the 'regulated donee' and nor was he the person responsible for dealing with donations to the association under the terms of the PPERA."

"As to who should have been responsible for reporting these regulated donations, it is not possible to prove from the evidence available that any other individuals involved with Mr Hain's campaign fell into the category of being either the regulated donee or the person responsible for dealing with donations. Accordingly I have advised the police to take no further action."
So a crime is committed. They know the people involved and still the CPS do nothing. But are we surprised? Of course not. The CPS are just another branch of the same rotting tree of the state. They were only obeying secret orders.

What is the betting that Hain, like the other creature and crook Mandelson will soon be back gobbling up a double helping at the public trough. Not so fast Peter. Leave some room for Blunkett.


Anonymous said...

Have they considered investigating violent crimes against Badgers and Hedgehogs? What about the sexual exploitation and marginalization of female trout?

How about a white paper( sorry about that) a inclusive paper, on the racial rights of white Rhino's in our Zoos.

Perhaps they can investigate overt religious crimes committed against Stonehenge Pagans and Morman peddlers.

Failing that why not buddle the whole effing lot of the politically correct lunatics and set them adrift in a violent NO GO area of any of our major cities and maybe then they can get themselves culturally enriched...............Idiots

Anonymous said...

CPS stands for Criminal protection service

Anonymous said...

Didn't they find a fake of that famous painting years ago, where the faker had called it "When did you see your father last"

The Green Arrow said...

Anon 10:55

It is a nice painting. I have been a fan of it ever since I read about the amount of detail contained for those who look.

Almost every part of it adds together to give the complete story with regards to the boy being asked when he last saw his father.

Anonymous said...

Here's something to add to their diversity list - a policy relating to paedophilic pimping by predatory followers of a psychopathic child-rapist.

Mike. said...

It's a great painting, believed to have been at one time the most recognized and reproduced (in whole or in part) British picture (chocolate boxes, biscuit tins etc.)

And just to be pedantic, it's called 'And when did you last see you father', by William Frederick Yeames, and hangs in the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool.

Regs, Mike.