Thursday, 27 September 2007

Through the CPS Looking Glass

The true face of the Clown Prosecution Service

Just a quick post to highlight two news stories that show the topsy turvy world we have been forced to dwell in these days by the mad marxists we have allowed to gain control over Our Country and us, the people.

If we are to have Law, then that Law must be consistent for all. But in these mad times the law is what they the rulers say the law is for each case.

In the first story here, a boy of 14 who shot a schoolgirl in the face from just six feet, which almost cost the victim the sight in her right eye is to escape prosecution. Why? Because the Crown Prosecution Service say he was too young to appreciate the dangers of firing the gun at the other child. What complete and utter rubbish.

In the second story here(must read), another boy who was half beaten to death with an iron bar by one of the enrichers to our society is to be charged with inciting racial hatred for telling his attacker to 'go back to her own country'. But this time the age of the boy is 10.

The politi-police said "There have been allegations that he used racist language and it is necessary for us to investigate the claims".

His attacker? What do you think?

If you are not responsible at 14 for deliberately shooting someone, then how can you be responsible for saying something at the age of 10? Besides since when was "go back to your country" racist?

You want justice? You want sanity restored to Our Country then look around you and for once take your blinkers off. When you see the truth you will realise why time is running out and why you should be supporting the British National Party.


Aberdeen Patriot said...

Brill take on two stories that Highlight what a mess our country is in. I am glad the good people of Luton are starting to fight for the right to have a decnt education for their children. How they can learn in classes where half the pupils do not speak English is beyond me. This is their life that is being buggered up by the Marxists. I hope all of the parents their shout loud "Get out of my country"

Celtic Morning said...

Just another example of the sickness in our society which gives superior rights to anyone over the true British people. It can only end in one of two ways. Either those people wake up now, do something positive for a change and vote in the party committed to putting them first or, some way down the line, the task becomes much harder with much heartache as, at the last resort, those very same people take back that which is rightfully theirs and which was taken from them by traitors, without their consent. Which is it to be?

Anonymous said...

well, its all part of the 'secret plan' of Nues Lie-Bore Zanu-Pf Partie to b*gger everything up. Question:- Is it delibeate vindictivnesson their part, or jsut good old fashioned incompetence. things certainly have got worse law & orderwise since B'Liar, Gollum Broone and his Neo-Prot-Control-Freaks got into Orifice!! Booger the lot of them