Monday, 17 September 2007

These men

This man died to sent us a message from His Father. Our Father, who gave us the freewill to choose between right and wrong, good and evil and the right of either heeding or ignoring the message.

These men and millions like them, sacrificed their lives and their future so we could retain the freedom to hear the message or turn away from it.

These men wish to destroy all history and knowledge of the message and man who brought it so they may have dominion over us, the people.

These are the men who will never be able to hear the message and are the tools of those who would destroy the message and the memory of the man who died to bring it to us.

And these are just some of the real men and women who will fight to the bitter end to keep the memory of the messenger alive and the freedom for you to either listen to to it or turn away.


A Knight of St. Michael said...

I wonder how many of the muslims in the picture using the nazi salute are doctors? It seems that the 45 British doctors recently busted are not the only doctors fighting jihad.
Check out my blog this morning about a Detroit, Michigan, USA, doctor busted carrying an assault rifle in a park filled with playing children.
He was busted by a 'tipster'.
Not everyone is turning a blind eye to the problem.
Best to you.

Celtic Morning said...

Religious maniacs come in all sorts,shapes,sizes and religions.Bush is one of the "born again", his poodle Yo Blair is one of the mesianic messengers and both are,in their own way,just as dangerous as the swarthy beardies of the deserts. Most of Britain no longer believes in any super natural God,angels,messengers,prophets, saints and such like and only use church or chapel for marriages and burials and some form of comfort when tragedy enters their lives.This latter is soon forgotten when the trauma passes and if the "word of the Lord" was ever really known to them it is soon forgotton. My view of the major religions is that they are all just so much baloney. All originated in the lands of the deserts,all born from the nutters who inhabited those waste lands two thousand years ago and all now, looked at coldly and logically, unacceptable to any scientific test or factual analyses.We see how mentally unstable and ignorant the people of the biblical lands are today- what must they have been like two thousand years ago? Flying angels with wings on their backs, devils with horns on their heads, a winged horse carrying Mo the perv up to heaven,water changed into wine, Christ walking on water, raising the dead, curing the sick with a few well chosen words, Jonah and the Whale, the list of fairy tales is endless- and, lets face it, ridiculous.Where are the miracles today? Where is "the messiah"? When is he coming to save the sinners? Religion was a convenient tool for keeping the uneducated in their places for centuries with tales of hell fire and everlasting torment but in todays society, increasingly, it just wont wash. Only bearded dopes, still living in the dark ages,now accept such nonsense.

The Green Arrow said...

Hi Celtic, always good to read your take on things you old cynic you.

You are right in many of the comments you made in your post, especially about using religion to control the people. But there is another side.

It is the commonsense morality of Christianity that is the key for happy lives in a civilised society. Much better a world living by those standards then those of the Dead Paedophile. What say you?

Besides you can see the resurrection in the birth of a child or even the dawn of a new day.

We will have to go have a couple of beers one day and put the world to rights.

The Green Arrow said...


Good link and information that should be spread about a bit.

Thank you.

Celtic Morning said...

GA. My old father always said that if the world lived according to the teachings of this man Jesus Christ then it would be a much better place and I reckon he was right.But,like me,he was an unbeliever in spite of my mothers best efforts. And he also had a knowedge of the bible which would probably put to shame most of todays men of the cloth.You either have faith or you dont.But agree with you, the Christian message, wether based on fantasy or not, is one of peace and forgiveness and a wonderful template to live by.

Anonymous said...

Celtic Morning, I recommend you read some fairy tales sometime soon. Something by Hans Christian Andersen, perhaps. And then I hope you'll realise that by calling The Misadventures of Mo and Chums 'fairy tales', you're deeply insulting all fairy tales and their writers.

GA, I think the ancient Egyptians had something like resurrection their mythos, and I'm fairly certain you could extend the same thing to the Greeks and Persephone, and the Egyptians and the sunrise. But resurrection in the birth of a child? How are you arriving at that conclusion, I wonder?

The Green Arrow said...

Hello Mr Smith. I wondered what you would make of

I accept the resurrection in your sense of understanding but also to me I see that underlined in the birth of a child who represents a new life and symbolic of the true resurrection. I find it difficult to express my thoughts on this clearly for which I apologise.
Perhaps we will discuss it over a beer one day. Until then it helps me. Just as the dawn does.

Anonymous said...

Granted, the birth of a child represents (indeed, is) new life, but the crux of resurrection is that it is the coming to life again of that which was alive and then died. Hence my puzzlement over your mention of birth in this respect.

I look forward to discussing this with you over a beer some day, though what that would do for or to the clarity of your expressions and thought is anyone's guess! Hopefully someday we shall find out.