Thursday, 6 September 2007

The Nelson Mandela Petition

Freedom, Nelson Mandela style for a White Farmer.

Downing Street has responded to a petition that I signed about the resiting of the statue erected to commemorate the baby murdering bastard terrorist called Mandela.

Their response reveals their real feelings towards free speech and organised democracy.

We received a petition asking:

"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Relocate the Nelson Mandela statue to where it belongs."

Details of petition:

"South Africa... Stautes in London should be reserved for British heroes and heroines."

This petition was accepted in good faith and in the interests of promoting political engagement through the petitions site. We have accepted many thousands of petitions on a range of topics which take issue with government policy and have no problems in engaging in mature political debate. Since the acceptance, however, it has come to our attention that a number of groups are linking to this petition on the web and promoting it in a provocative way.

We view this as wholly against the spirit of the ePetitions project in that it is being used to generate division rather than debate. We have therefore taken the rare step of taking the petition down and we will not respond to the issue beyond this email.

To answer the original question raised, there are many statues in London which celebrate international and commonwealth figures. London is an international city and one of the greatest and most diverse cities in the world. The UK government is proud to have the statue of Nelson Mandela in Parliament square. It stands across from Winston Churchill, who led us in the defeat of fascism, and near to Abraham Lincoln, the great emancipator. Nelson Mandela is recognised around the world as a great liberator of people.

The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone said at the unveiling of the statue: 'Allowing his statue to be placed in a prominent position in one of the world's most famous squares, facing the British Parliament, underlines Mandela's special relationship with Britain and London through the long years of struggle against apartheid, and reflects his significance as a world statesman.'

The Prime Minister, Gordon Brown said on the day of the unveiling: '...from this day forward, this statue will stand here, in sight of this ancient forum of democracy, to commemorate and celebrate for the ages triumph in the greatest of causes and the most inspiring and greatest leader of our generation - and one of the most courageous and best-loved men of all time.

And let us salute today not just the greatness of Nelson Mandela but the goodness of the man too, of a life where as the poet said, "he rose above the greatest without arrogance and he stooped to help the weakest without condescension".

This statue is a beacon of hope that sends round the world the most powerful of messages that "no injustice can last forever".'

To read the Prime Minister's full speech at the unveiling of the Nelson Mandela statue visit:

Fine you yellow pieces of scum. Do not communicate with the British People. You never have so why start now? Well one day the people will make you listen and rest assured the memory of the British National Party is greater than that of time itself.

If you have had doubts about the removal of freedom of speech in our colonised country, you know now. Only the BNP will bring back real freedom.

But the unelected traitor Brown was right about one thing. No injustice can last forever and one day the metal muck that mocks democracy shall be melted down.


Anonymous said...

"no injustice can last forever".

Haunting words Mr Brown, One day, I reckon, you will wish you never uttered them.


Anonymous said...

.... and we will not respond to the issue beyond this email.

Oh really. We will see about that ...

Ok everyone, and i mean **EVERYONE** this is what you do now.

Climb onto '' or whatever the hell it is called. Find out what MP's say about the e-petition site. Find out what YOUR MP thinks.

Then Go to ''

Put your name and address in the boxes and find your MP

Then ask them what they think.

Lay it on with a trowel, but make it look like you're outraged at what you see as a u-turn on the labour citizens juries and big government of the talents and all that crap.

BUT here's the killer.

I am NOT going to give you a boilerplate letter to fill in.

Because MP's ignore them.

So no two letters can be the same.

Get to it. And you won't even need a stamp.

BFB said...

The Marxist/Orwellian dictum: "Left wing good, Right wing bad" is no better expressed than in this example of anti-free speech fascism.

As far as I'm concerned, everyone who even 'votes' Labour is a legitimate target when the civil war comes.

And it is coming!