Thursday, 13 September 2007

The European Gendarmerie Force

The EGF - Visiting your town soon

The superb UKTabloid has picked up on an issue I wrote way back in June about the formation of a new Eurabian Gestapo called the European Gendarmerie Force (EGF).

In it, I reported that the newly formed black uniformed storm troopers of EGF, made up of men from France, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal and Spain would soon be operating in Our Country and used to disperse possible riots by the True Brits. After all you would not want PC Plod knocking his own kith and kin about would you? Better to have Johnny Foreigner kick them.

So what is special about this force? Well I suppose the best way to describe it as being like the old Nazi SS units. A military force separate from both the army and the police but with legal powers above both. Best visit the EGF faq section for more information.

In accordance with the mandate of each operation, the EGF can perform a broad spectrum of activities related to its own police capability, such as:
  • performing security and public order missions;
  • monitoring of and advice for local police in their day-to-day work, including criminal investigation work;
  • conducting public surveillance, border policing and general intelligence;
  • performing criminal investigation work, covering detection of offences, tracing of offenders and their transfer to the appropriate judicial authorities;
  • protecting people and property and keeping order in the event of public disturbances;
  • training of police officers as regards international standards;
  • training of instructors, particularly through co-operation programmes.
So there we have their objectives - bar one. The main objective. Suppression of Free Speech.

Well it seems that they have completed their training at their base in Vicenza, Italy and are champing at the bit to justify their existence by kicking some of their fellow citizens in the La La nazi land called Eurabia.

The High level Interdepartmental Committee (CIMIN) had its first 2007 meeting at The Hague on March, 8, in which several aspects regarding the possibility of an EGF engagement in a mission were discussed and approved . In addition, CIMIN decided to grant Poland the status of Partner to the European Gendarmerie Force, and therefore to allow the Polish Military Gendarmerie to detach a Liaison Officer to the EGF Permanent Headquarters in Vicenza ....
And I have a funny feeling it might be Poland about to get the order of the boot. The new nazi force needs to be blooded and best if it is done in some eastern european country that is used to being kicked about. We must wait and see.

So if you were wondering what to do on Saturday 27th of October, why not join the other people who care about their children's future and go to the:-

You can read the details here.


Anonymous said...

Pay attention to what GA has to say, and do something about it. Or pay with pain.

There is a grumbling discontent amongst the people of this country as to how we are being trampled on. It's reaching boiling point, the powers that be have blocked the presure valve............

Pay with pain...........

Time to start over, get back to source.

The only way out is in.


johnofgwent said...

You missed something critical.

In this aim you highlighted "advice for"

>> monitoring of and advice for local police in their day-to-day work, including criminal investigation work;

You should have higlighted "monitoring of"

Why would we want a eurabian military force "monitoring" Sergeant Dixon of Dock Green ?

Answer is WE don't.

Because be honest with me we're all pretty happy about what the "copper on the beat" does aren't we ? OK if you're reading this wearing a striped jersey, mask and carrying a bag labelled SWAG then maybe you aren't but for the rest of us it's chief constables of gwent that take early retirement 30 minutes before their corruption trial, and chief constables of north wales who use severed heads of motorists for 'road safety' campaigns while their daughters are not done for driving at 50 in a 30 area because it 'wouldnt be in the public interest' that are the REAL problem.

So who wants George Dixon 'MONITORED'

The Green Arrow said...

Your right JOG. Truth is I noticed after I posted it but was just too lazy to change it.

Thank you for reminding me of my duty LOL. So off down the van for the weekend then old friend?