Monday, 24 September 2007

Catholic students forced to wear the Islamic veil

The only veil a True British girl should ever have to wear

A Catholic student at a public school came home wearing a veil saying:

“Teachers pressured me into conforming now people see me on the streets and think that I have converted to Islam”.

The father of the young girl said that his daughters were now scared, despite his attempts to calm their fears by saying that they should see the veil as a simple fashion accessory. However the whole family now feel they are living in an environment that is hostile to their religion.

OK. So this event happened in Indonesia. You know, the Country that says that it is a secular society with freedom of choice for all religions. Providing they are all called Islam that is.

Let this be a pointer to what WILL happen in Our Country once these creatures of the dark gain political control through breeding and uncontrolled immigration. They will use what we cherish to destroy us. Democracy. One man. One Vote. Once.

Following the move to regional autonomy, 22 regencies and municipalities in Indonesia have adopted laws inspired by Sharia: some have criminalized behaviour forbidden by Islamic law, such as adultery, prostitution, gambling, alcoholism and they restrict women’s freedom. Over 55 members of parliament sought to highlight the non-constitutional aspects of this problem last year, but the Minister for the Interior placed all responsibilities at the door of regional governors. In the country the strong intellectual influence of Muslim religious leaders are concentrated on trying to contains fanaticism and Islamic extremism.

Well we keep on banging on about the future and the rivers of blood that will rage through Our Streets unless we confront this evil cult now. But do the sheep listen? No. But you do. Your not a sheep. Your a True Brit. Do me a favour would you? Try and wake up a sheep or two.

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SIOE demo planned in London...a chance to air your views!