Monday, 17 September 2007

Nato still killing Serbian children

Bombed in our name.

Eight years after Serbia was bombed into surrendering its independence in order to protect the lives of its civilian population. Their people, including children are still dieing because of the shameful actions carried out by our own RAF. True, the RAF were only obeying orders. But they were shameful orders, given by evil politicians who will one day be brought to justice. The crews who carried out the attacks will have to live with their consciouses.

Despite repeated requests from the Serbians to the USA, UK and Holland, it is only now that these three countries have agreed to tell the Serbians where thousands of aging explosives were dropped on their land.

There are an estimated 20,000 undetonated and undetected cluster bombs still lying about waiting to kill in both Serbia and Kosovo. The Serbian land that even now, the West is preparing to hand over to the muslim colonisers.

The United States, UK and Holland dropped the bombs with the lie that they were putting an end to the oppression of the muslims in Serbia. The truth as we all know now was to destroy an independent and Nationalist Country that stood in their way of creating a new Eurabia.

If you want to see the future for our country then look at the events in Serbia and Kosovo and learn the lessons now. If you do not then one day to we will be forced to fight in the streets and perhaps even be bombed by NATO into giving up our land to the Islamic Invaders.

If you wish to see and read what Tony Blair done in your name then go here.


Ronbo said...

Yes, the Clinton Leftard Democrat Administration was responsible for the bombing CHRISTIAN Serbia, because, as is well known, the Leftards detest Christianity and Western Civilization and have a de facto alliance with Dark Ages Islam.

Islam cannot be crushed until the West first destroys all Leftist political parties, in particular Labour in Britain and the Democrats in America...The road to Mecca and victory in this Third World War runs thru London and Washington, D.C.

"The only good Leftard is a dead Leftard," says Sergeant Ronbo

Ronbo said...

BTW, Green Arrow -- Did you see or read anything about the Leftard anti-war demonstrations Saturday in Washington, D.C.?

They were opposed by group called GOE (Gathering Of Eagles) a patriotic group of mostly veterans who were able to muster 3 to 4 thousand counter protestors to the approximately 8,000 Leftard demonstrators....

This pro-American crowd yelled at their fellow Americans a word that hasn't been used much since our civil war of 1861 to 1865 -- The word was "TRAITOR!"

Article and pictures here

Maybe another civil war will actually break out on this side of the pond. I'm one whose all for it! We need martial law and the iron fist to remove the Leftards from all positions of authority in this country.

Cheers, Ronbo

The Green Arrow said...

No Ronbo I did not. Been a bit busy but have noted your site and links and intend to be a regular visitor.

Good Luck

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot said...

I have friends in Kraljevo and Zenice with whom I got involved in the Stop Nato campaign back in 98 when the annexation of much Yugoslavia by Nato backed muslim forces was underway.

Their country is still under brutal occupation and people are still dying but it's old news now and no one cares to hear about it so it's a dead subject as far as the media is concerned. But, please do not forget our racial kin fighting for their survival in their own land. A fate which awaits all of us in the not to distant future.