Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Solidarity showing its teeth

For those people stuck in unpatriotic trade unions that they are ashamed of but are not sure who they could have to represent them in a crisis, then they need look no further than Solidarity.

Solidarity is the new patriotic trade union that really does represent British Workers. Not pay lip service and cry crocodile tears, whilst British Jobs are being moved overseas like the current trade union dinosaurs.

And if you wonder would Solidarity really defend you then read the details here of how Patrick Harrington, the General Secretary of Solidarity and members of this independent trade union, along with supporters of the campaign group Civil Liberty and the BNP, have been acting in support of Mr Mark Walker(pictured), a former serviceman and currently a teacher at a County Durham school who has been suspended from his work because of his political affiliations.

Mark, managed to obtain a commendable 513 votes when he stood as a British National Party candidate for Sedgefield Borough Council in May and like all ex-serviceman is really valued within the BNP.

When asked, the BNP spokesman, Dr Phil Edwards said: "The reason he's had this action against him was because he allegedly looked at the BNP website on the school's computer.

"It is disgraceful that anyone should be suspended for looking at the website of a perfectly legal political party.

"We are certain this action would not have been taken against someone who had looked at the websites of the Commission for Racial Equality or the Green Party.

Sue Byrne, the school's head teacher, said that the claims of political persecution were untrue.

"We are happy to state categorically that Mr Walker has not been suspended because of any political affiliations he may hold. Any suggestion that this is the case is wholly false."

And if you belief that you will belief anything.

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Anonymous said...

Sue Byrne is running scared. She knows that she should not have asked questions about Mark's political views at official investigatory meetings. She has realised that her earlier position is unsustainable and so is trying to deny she ever said anything of the sort!

Solidarity is prepared to challenge political discrimination as she has found out!