Friday, 14 September 2007

The BNP Website and the Telegraph

So we have all seen the article in the Telegraph about how the British National Party's website is the most visited website of any UK political party but there is still some meat in the story that seems to have gone unnoticed.

The study of over eight million internet accounts found that people who struggle to hold down a rewarding or well paying job, and rely on state benefits and the council for their accommodation were most likely to visit the site.
Do they not wonder that perhaps some of these strugglers are people who have lost their jobs because of cheap labour imported to replace them as workers. Are the jobs no longer so rewarding because of fear of losing the job to the newcomers?
Young and well educated city dwellers are also over-represented amongst visitors to the BNP's homepage.
These would be people like I.T. professionals who have seen their colleagues jobs outsourced to companies in India and now fear for their own positions. When these kind of people start to support and help organise the BNP, then that Party is on its way to victory.

Robin Goad, Research Director at Hitwise, said: "Visits to a political party's website are not the same thing as votes in an election and this is borne out by the fact that the BNP has occupied its position as the most visited political party website for two years, but hasn't managed to translate this into electoral success".

This is a clear case of a man deliberately closing his eyes to the truth. It takes a long, long time for love and loyalty to a political party, that your family has supported for generations to die because of that parties betrayal. And when trust is lost in something you believe in, it is not easy to quickly switch to another party. Just as it is not easy to start another relationship after a broken marriage or relationship that may have struggled on for years. It takes time.
"One explanation for the site's popularity may be that people are using it as an 'alternative' news source."For example, less than 10pc of people visit a news site after viewing, whereas the figure is over twice this (21pc) for the politics category as a whole".
Well he finally seems to have got something right. I no longer visit the BBC website, or watch their news any longer. There is no point. They no longer report the truth. I am not even sure they ever did.

The people see the truth about them and wonder why it is not reported in the MSM. Then they visit sites such as the BNP and the truth is there. Why go anywhere else? And bit by bit they start to realise that the BNP is not like other parties. They see from its policies and by meeting their activists, that they are the same as them. People who care about a future for their children and themselves. Eventually they support and then join the BNP.

Wriggling around to find something positive to conceal the truth, Robin Goad goes on to comfort himself with:

"In addition, younger and well educated people are more likely to visit Politics websites than the online population as a whole, so their interest in the site may well to be driven by curiosity rather than support for the BNP's policies."

Unable to admit that the British National Party appeals to all walks of live because of its patriotism and commonsense policies he denies the truth and tries to say 2+2 = 3. But the people know the truth. They know the answer is 4 and they also know where to go to find it. Right here.

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Anonymous said...

What is it about us as a nation, although many have fast woken up, and most are singing from the same songsheet ie: we are very concerned about the path the country is taking, we still hesitate to openly support the BNP-no doubt due to fear of losing our jobs. But surely this must make everyone realise just how totalitarian the country has become?, does it not strike parallels with our history lessons at school when we were taught that under the Nazi's the citizens were too scared to voice any objection in case of punishment? (and even more so under the Communists, though of course this was always quietly forgotten). It sure as hell scares me how hardline the country has become, and it was all done right under our noses and we never noticed. I'm sure someone once said its the people who are to blame for allowing dictatorships to happen.